Jackson Family

Submitted 13 Nov 1999 by Boone White 

Mark Lambert Jackson was born in Mecklenburg Co. VA about 
1760 . His mother was Jemima Jackson. His father was John 
Lambert. John Lambert was married to someone named 
Elizabeth at the time. They were charged with adultery by the 
court in Mecklenburg VA on 9 May 1774. Order Book 2, page 274. 
They did not appear at the next court session and were found 
guilty as charged and fined 1000 lbs of tobacco each to be paid 
to " St. James Parish where this offense was committed,"   for 
the benefit of the poor.
     Mark Lambert Jackson was married (1st) to Drucilla Rainey on 
8 Nov 1784. Frances Rainey was security. Evidently Drucilla died, 
and Mark Lambert Jackson married (2nd) Leannah Basey Webb 
on 3 July 1787, John Webb security. Then his parents, Jemima 
Jackson and John Lambert were married 2 Aug 1785 with Joseph 
Lambert security.
     When Mark Lambert Jackson was 14 years old,  John Lambert 
deeded 500 acres of land to him. The transaction was signed off 
on by his wife Elizabeth.  She must have been a very 
understanding person. This record from Mecklenburg Co. court 
     The following children were born of the 1st marriage with 
1. Sarah or Sally Jackson about 1785, m. Thomas Beasley
2. Elizabeth Ann Jackson about `785 m. Stephen Stringfellow, 
Henry Wilson and Robert Jones.
3. Mary Wyatt Jackson b. 1794, m. James Hargrove
4. Susannah Jackson b. 1788, m. Lemuel Manire
5  John Jackson b. about 1790, m. Emma Davidson, Susan 
Campbell, and Rebecca Lytle
6. Nancy Jackson b. abt. 1790, m. W. Green Fuzell

The children of the 2nd marriage to Leannah Basye Webb are as 
1. Susannah Ann Elizabeth Jackson , b. Aug 4, 1798, m. Lemuel 
2. Nancy Wyatt Jackson, b. Sept 20, 1800, m. Robert Jackson
3. Mark Lambert Jr. Jackson b. 1803, m. Nancy Elizabeth ??
4. David Jackson b. 1805, m. Jemima Hardison
5. Permelia Anna Jackson b. 1809, m. Robert Wright
6. Gilliam "Elder" Jackson b. April 25, 1811, m. Mary J. "Polly" 
7. Daniel Jackson b. Feb 2, 1814, m. Sarah Jane Kittrell
8. Andrew Jackson b. April 25, 1818 (in Williamson Co. TN)m. 
Nancy W. Hays
9. Manerva Mark Jackson b. Feb 2, 1819 (in Williamson Co. TN. 
m. David Kilcrease Hays
10/ Martha M. Jackson b. abt 1820 (in Maury Co. TN) m. James 
Madison Wilson
11. William Jackson b. 1`824 (in Maury Co. TN) m. Eliza T. Martin
12 Samuel Jackson b. about 1825. (probably in Maury Co. TN)
All of the above children, except as noted born in Mecklenburg 
Co. VA.
There are more than 100 grandchildren. Mark Lambert Jackson 
died 1823, and his will is recorded in Maury Co. TN. (I have a 
copy of it and the court actions mentioned above) I am seeking 
any information on these Lambert and Jackson families  hoping 
to establish who their parents were. There is another Mark 
Jackson who lived in Mecklenburg VA and who moved to Maury 
Co. TN where he died, who is different from this Mark Lambert 
Jackson. I have considerable information on this Mark Jackson 
family and an Ambrose Jackson family from Mecklenburg Co., 
which appeared in a 10 part article in the late 1980s in the 
Virginia Genealogical Quarterly.