Slaves Named in Bible of Bryant Lester

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Updated 21 Mar 2001
From the Bible of Bryant Lester. It was printed in 1817, so it has entries which pre-date it back to 1749. Last entry was 1856. There were several Bryant Lesters, and I believe this Bible to be from the marriage of Bryant Lester and Susan Hutcheson, the parents of Charlotte Merrit Lester.
They were married in 1805-Harry Johnson.

Submitted 19 Mar 2001 by Harry Johnson
The slaves named are: 

Molly was born sometime in the year 1821 

Charity was born in the year 1822 

Louis was born August 3, 1827 

Garg was born May 31, 1828 

Lucinda was born in the year 1829 

Greenhall was born Sept. 4, 1832 

Viny was born in the year 1834 

Marg Ann was born March 6, 1836 (which just happens to be Alamo Day -my note) 

Freeman was born August 13, 1840. 

These names are recorded on the flyleaf of the Bible