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1786 Will of Mathew Marable Will Book 2; p. 169-173 Mecklenburg Co, Virginia
Submitted May 31, 2002 by Sue Ellen Marable

"In the name of God Amen. I Matthew Marable of the county of Mecklenburg
and state of Virginia, being through the abundant mercy and goodness of God of sound
and perfect memory and understanding, constitute and make this my last will and
Testament, and desire it may be received by all as such.
Imprimis—I most humbly bequeath my soul to God my maker. Beseeching his
most gracious Acceptance of it, through the all suffiecient merits and dedications of my
most compassionate redeemer Jesus Christ, who gave himself to ba an attonement for my
sins, and is able to save tto the Uttermost all that come unto God by him, seeing I ever
liveth to make a just Intersession for them, I trust he will not reject me, a returning,
penitent, sinner when I come to him for mercy.
In this hope and confidence, I render my soul up with comfort, beseeching the
blessed and glorious Trinity, one god most holy, most merciful and gracious, to prepare
me for the time of my desolution, and then to take me to himself, into that peace and rest,
and Incomparable felicity, which he has prepared for all that love and fear his Holy name
Amen—Blessed be God.
I give my body to the Earth from whence it came, in full assurance
of its reserection from thence at the last day; as for my burial, I desire it may be descent
and plain at the direction of my beloved wife and my Executors whom I doubt not will
manage it with all requisite prudence and discretion.
I give and bequeath to my son Mathew and to his heirs forever all my money which he
carried away with him which I believe was to the amount of one Thousand pounds—
Item; I give and bequeath to David Stokes my son-in-law and his Heirs forever two
hundred acres of land in Mecklenburg County and is the same which I bought of Thomas
Neal; and so much of my land adjoining to the last mentioned tract which I bought of my
Brother John Marable, as is contained between the said Neals upper line and the first
branch above running into Finny Wood Creek, bounded by the said branch as it turns out
to my back line of the said tract which I had of my said Brother supposing the same to be
two hundred acres; I also give and bequeath to the said David Stokes seven Negroes (to
wit) Gidd Casar; Brittain, Jane, and Barbary, and Hannah (Cesars wife and child called
Alfred son of Jane; the first five has been delivered to him before my death; the slaves
last mentioned to be delivered the first news day after my decease, to hold to him and his
Heirs forever. I also give and bequeath to the said Stokes my studd Horse bay Collons
and a black mare named Robertson which have been also delivered—all of which I value
to one Thousand Pounds the portion I ever intended for my Daughter when she married.
Item: I give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth and her Heirs forever seven hundred
acres of Land (to wit, three hundred acres that residue of the land which I bought of my
Brother John as aforesaid which I value at forty shillings an acre; and four hundred acres
which I bought of Branch Tanner adjoining upon the north side of the last mentioned
three hundred acres, and lying on both sides oof the Carpenters branch; both tracts in the
County of Mecklenburg. I also give and bequeath to my Daughter Elizabeth and her
Heirs forever one thousand acres of land in the said County of Mecklenburg which I also
bought of Branch Tanner of the value of four pounds an acre distinct and separate from
any of the above mentioned tracts but uoining the land I bought of Tanner. I also give
and bequeath to my said Daughter Elizabeth a new single chair which is now at
Petersburg unfinished but which I desire may be finished at the charge of my Estate
before it is delivered to her. Also my old grey mare and harnesses. I also give and
bequeath to my said Daughter and her Heirs one Negroe Girl named Sarah and two
hundred pounds Cash. It is my will and desire that my Esecutors choose a place for her
residence during her minority and particularly at Mrs. Murrays in Mecklenburg if it can
be conveniently affected—
Item; I give and bequeath to my sons Richard and his heirs forever four hundred and
twenty five acres of Land which I had of my father, and known by the name of Fowlers—
Also I give and bequeath to my said son Richard and his heirs forever another tract of
land containing four hundred acres which I had also of my father and called the Pine
Woods. I also give and bequeath to the said Richard my son and his heirs forever a new
survey in my own name of three hundred and forty five and a half acres adjoining the
north line of my aforesaid tract called Pine Woods. The three aforesaid tracts lying in the
County of Mecklenburg.
Item; I give and bequeath to my son Champion and his heirs forever all of the lands
which I have in the County of Charlotte, (to wit) The tract which I bought of William
Read containing Eight hundred acres, more or less—I also bequeath to the said Champion
my son another tract of land in the said County of Charlotte containing one hundred acres
which I bought of William Willis to him and his heirs forever. I also give and bequeath
to my son Champion and his heirs forever another tract of land in the count of Charlotte
containing two hundred acres and which I bought of William Willis.
Item: I give and bequeath to my son John and his Heirs forever the land I bought of
Richard Kennon containing one thousand acres more or less lying in the County of
Mecklenburg-- And as a "judgement" (?) is now depending in the General Court
concerning the title to the said land and a doubt has arisen whether Kennon was capable
of making me a good title to the aforesaid tract, therefore my further desire and orders
are; that in case the said Kennon should be found incapable of making a right to the said
land, that then a suit or suits shall be brought for a recovery of the money back which I
have paid him and for such damages as my Estate may have sustained by means of the
nonperformance of his Covenant; all which monies so recovered back and damages upon
the Breach of Contract, I give and bequeath to my said son John and his Heirs forever.
It is my will and desire that my sons John, Richard and Champion shall not take
possession or be entitled to the profits of their lands above desired to them until they
respectively arrive to the age of twenty one years and as they severally arrive to the age
of twenty one years I desire that my Executor shall give them possession of their lands.
But not to render the profits of the said lands to them which shall be raised from my death
to those respective periods.
It is also my will and desire that my Daughter Elizabeth shall be entitled to the lands
above desired her until she arrives to the age of Eighteen years or marriage..
Item; It is my will and desire that my wife Mary should reside on the plantation whereon
I now live during her natural life. In witness whereof I hereunto set my hand & seal this
twelfth day of the March 1786.
In presence of Paul Carrington, Jr.
James Mayne
William Burn
Edward (Xmark) Hogains Mathew Marable LS

I Mathew Marable being of sound and perfect mind and memory do continue (?) to make
and publish this my last will and testament in manner following (to wit, It is my will and
desire that instead or in (___) of Dower, My Dear Wife shall occupy and possess the
Plantation whereon I now live—during her Natural life with all the advantages and
"____" as she would be entitled to were she to hold it by Tenancy in " Favo—"
Item: It is my will and desire that my wife should have and possess during her natural
life one third of my Negroes not before bequeathed. Also one third of my stockes of
horses, hogs, neat Cattle to her own proper use and behoof. It is also my sill and desire
that my wife should retain to her own proper use all my household furniture of every kind
and nature whatsoever. It is further my will and desire that all the rest and residue of my
Negroes and Personal Estate shall be sold by my Executors upon twelve months credit,
and the money arising therefrom to be applied to the purpose hereafter mentioned (to wit)
First all my Just Debts I desire may be discharged as soon as convenience will permit;
and after they are discharged I desire that my money which arises from the sale of all my
personal Estate of every nature and kind whatsoever shall be put out on loans upon
interest with such security as my Executors may direct. It is also my desire that my
Executors commence suits sfor the recovery of all debts due to me and the money
recovered be put to its interest on loans at the discretion of my Executors. BUT I cannot
forbear expressing my particular desire that my son Richard should be Educated to be an
Attorney, and my son Champion as soon as his strength will permit to be bound to a
Carpenter until he arrives to the age of twenty one years. It is also my will and desire that
the money which shall remain after all charges and incumbrances are discharged in the
hands of myn Executors whall be divided equally amongst all my children except my
daughter Mary Meriweather Stokes and George Marable. I nominate and appoint Paul
Carrington of the County of Charlotte and Paul Carrington Junior, Thompson Fowlkes,
Edward Almond, Thomas Shore and Christopher McConnico Executors of this my last
will and Testament.

In presence of
James Mayne
Wm. Burn Matthew Marable LS

p..175 At a court held for Mecklenburg County the 12th day of June 1786
This will and the codicil annexed were proved by the Oaths of James Mayne and Edward
Hogan. Witnesses thereto and Ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Thompson,
Fowlkes and Christopher McConnico two of the executors therein named who made Oath
thereto and together with Henry Speed, David Stokes, William Hunley, William
Tobertson, and William GlanvilleBaptist their securities ordered into and acknowledged
their bond in the penalty of twenty five thousand pounds Conditioned as the Law directs
Certificate was granted them for obtaining approval thereof in due form Liberty being
reserved for the other executors therin named to join in the probate when they shall think
Test John Brown,"( )"

Marable Deeds and other records

Notes from Lunenburg County and Mecklenburg County Virginia

Submitted May 31, 2002 by Sue Ellen Marable

Matthew Marable

Patent Book 32 p. 522-525
490 acres on lower side of Layton's Creek

380 acres on both sides of King's Road

400 acres on both sides of the long fork of Layton's Creek, adjoining his own line.

430 acres on both sides of the long fork of Layton's Creek

335 acres on Layton's Creek, adjoining Weatherford, Freeman et als.

William Marable (Matthew's father)

Patent Book 28 p. 84-85 6/25/1747
425 acres on the ridge between Bluestone Creek and the Meherrin River

Patent Book 33 p. 555
425 acres on the branches of Bluestone & Finneywood Creeks

Patent Book 41 p. 16
100 acres on North side of Roanoke River 3/3/1759

71 acres at the head of Thomason's Branch 8/1/1772

1748 3 Titheables residents of that part of Lunenburg Co., which became
Mecklenburg Co. in 1765.

Deed Book 3 p. 343 5 Feb., 1754
William Marable to Mathew Marable in consideration of …..5 shillings"
484 acres on a branch of Bluestone Creek, part of William Marable's Finneywood tract of land.

1800: Firm of "Cargill and Marable"

Tithes of 1752 William
1764 William "6" 485 acres.

1799 Sir Peyton Skipwith granted 1,026 acres on Bluestone Creek

Deed Book 6 p. 483
William Marable to John Marable for (considerations….. & ) {his son, Mathew's
brother} 200 Pounds Sterling
620 acres bounded as described in deed recorded 7 August, 1759 from Mathew to William Marable signed William Marable, Jr. 5 Oct. 1761

Deed Book 1, p. 201 Mecklenburg County 9 June, 1766
John Marable of Mecklenburg Co., to Daniel Jones of Amelia County…..50 Pounds for 101 acres on Finneywood Creek

Deed Book 1, p. 442 Mecklenburg County 13 July, 1767
John Marable to Thomas Neal 7 pounds
20 acres on Finneywood Creek, being part of a tract of land granted to William
Marable 10 Sept., 1755

Deed Book 1 p. 86 Mecklenburg Co. 12 June, 1765
Thomas Moore, Sr. to Mathew Marable of Charlotte County for 50 Pounds
15 acres adjoining Pink, Hawkins, Hubray Cook
Mary Moore, Thos. Wife released dower rights.

Deed Book 1 p. 525 Mecklenburg Co. 14 Dec., 1767
Mathew Marable, Gent. Of Charlotte County to
Philip Mayo, Gent. Of Henrico Co. for 1500 Pounds Sterling
1526 acres on North side of Roanoke River being same land conveyed by deed from George Jefferson dated 3 Sept., 1766 (recorded above)

Deed Book 4 p. 390 5 April, 1757
Mathew Marable of Lunenburg Co. , Merchant to
Hugh Miller & Co. Prince George Co., Merchants
Mortgage for 698 Pounds 12 shillings 8 pence for four tract 7 slaves:
on 484 acres on Bluestone Creek, part of 850 acres granted to William Marable on 25 June, 1747 and by him granted to said Mathew Marrable 6 Feb., 1754:
400 and 430 acres on both sides of Long Branch of Layton's Creek; said w tracts granted to Mathew Marrable by 2 patents 8 May, 1755:
380 acres on both sides of King's Road; granted to said Mathew Marrable 8 May, 1755;
24 slaves and their increase: Dick; Old Jamie; Young Jamie; Phil; Gid; Cato; Jack;
Beck; Ben; Billy; Race; Phillis; Sarah; Orelia; Eggy; Israel; Will; Peter; Young
Betty; Milly; Sue; Amy; Daniel; & Sue.
Mortgage due with interest on 25 Dec., 1757
Witnesses: L. Claiborne, Jr.
James Anderson
Richard Taylor
John Baird 5 Oct., 1756

Deed Book 1, p. 63 10 June, 1765
Mathew Marable of Charlotte Co., to Richard Apperson of Mecklenburg Co.
21 Pounds 10 shillings
100 acres
refers to deed recorded in Lunenburg Co. from John Adams to Edward Enroughty

Deed Book 1 p. 307 8 Dec., 1766
George Jefferson of Mecklenburg Co. to Mathew Marable of Charlotte
1600 Pounds
1526 acres beginning at the mouth of Allen's Creek on the Roanoke River…..
1142 acres by will of his father and remainder purchased by said Jefferson….
Witnesses: Robert Burton
Bennett Goode
Henry Deloney
William Howard
Stephen Mallett 3 Sept., 1766

(tract sold to Philip Mayo {as above} 1526 acres n. side of Roanoke for 1500
Pounds. 14 Dec., 1767)

Deed Book 4 Mecklenburg Co. 4 Sept., 1757
William Marable to Mathew Marable (5 shillings)
1870 acres on branches of Finneywood and Bluestone Creeks----consisting of 3 tracts of land included in a patent of 10 Sept., 1755
830 acres granted William 25 June, 1747
620 acres granted to John Ezell 20 Sept., 1748
400 acres never granted before

Charlotte County Virginia
Mathew's patent: 1755 #32 p. 523
Justice in 1765.
"Wylie House' is located on part of this land …..(as above…)
sold twoce before Thos. Bouldin, Jr. purchased & built a tavern on site of present
house…..then a store 1799 Wylie bought & house built 1830…s. side of State Route 607 .2 miles west of intersection of U.S. Route 15 & 360…..
Finneywood on Bluestone Creek on Road from Charlotte Courthouse to Boydton.

255 acres in Charlotte by deed from Ashworth sold to Mathew Marable in 1764 for 28 Pounds 10 shillings
sold in 1771

Deed Book 3 p. 573 Charlotte Co.
Mathew Marable of Mecklenburg Co. to Samuel Smith and John Young, Gents…. Of Granville Co., North Carolina
By his deed of June 7, 1773 conveyed to Adam Finch 800 acres in Charlotte Co.
"Mary Marable, wife of said Mathew cannot conveniently travel to our county court to make acknowledgement of the deed. You are therefore authorized to go to Mary to receive her acknowledgement." Dec. 2, 1773
Thomas Read

388 acres of patent of 1755 was sold by Silvanus Stokes of Charlotte (Mathew's eldest daughter Mary Meriweather Marable married David Stokes…..) to
Daniel Cargill of Charlotte Co. for 125 Pounds on King's Road Aug. 3, 1772

June 7, 1773 from Mathew Marable to Adam Finch for 350 Pounds Land patented by Matthew on Sept. 6, 1764 and bounded by Munford, Cargill's Creek; Harris; Hogan's Creek, Byrd, Shaver's Branch…..
400 acres part of patent to John Cargill and 400 acres never granted June 7, 1773

Other Lunenburg Co. Deeds

1793-94 George Marable & wife Sarah
1796 Joseph Billups & wife Ann John Billups & Richard Billup (John Marable, son of Mathew, married Lucy Reade Billups & all moved to Ga…..)
1797 300 acres to John Marable from Elizabeth & Drury Major (kinsmen)
816 acres to Jackson…

On deed to Jones of Halifax Co., of 3 Aug. 1761 390 acres
Rebecca Marable wife of William releases dower rights.

From A list of Tithes for 1776 John Marable pays 4 Tithes for Christopher

John Marable 444 acres in Lunenburg 1790
Hartwell Marable 211 acres 1811

Matthew Marable was Burgess for Lunenburg 1754—1761 successor of William
(then Burgess for Mecklenburg until 1774)
County Court 1752 and from 1759—1762 then
Justice 1752—1762

Vestryman 1757--1759

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