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How many times have we sat in front of a microfilm reader, taking notes from original records that don't directly pertain to our objectives. They are just too fascinating to pass up. The same goes for courthouse searching jotting away from the big books. The unpolished notes barely get to disk, and we wonder from time to time if there is something on there that is the very link someone needs? So, here is one of my old disks, labeled "Old Mecklenburg Stuff." Some of it has been converted from Kaypro II CP/M Perfect Writer to Word Star CP//M. Then from CP/M to Word Star DOS. Then from Word Star to Word Perfect 4.0, then to 5.0 and now to 6.1. That they have survived to tell the tale, is more than a miracle. If I took the time to polish them, they would never get to this page. So, I offer them "as is" and guarantee nothing! Except something possibly to recheck, if anything relates to your lines.

There is not much you can do, except run a search for your surname of interest, and then keep in mind the various spellings.

Feel free to send your like notes to include--notes that, because of brevity or such, are not suitable for the Archives. Of course, we are speaking of notes from original records or from copies of them, not from published resources.

We will try this for awhile and see if others can add to it. Just my own research in Mecklenburg has not been broad enough to be of interest to the public as a whole. Thanks. Let me hear from you on this. JoLee Spears

List of Contents:

  • Names and places from Minutes of Meherrin Baptist Church 1771-1844

  • Notes from Miscellaneous Deeds -
  • This and That:

  • Doris Reese Ryan's Notes: New Added July 24, 1998
  • Carol A. Morrison's Notes:
  • More to come!

    Will of James Wilkins 11 Jul 1781; 8 Oct 1781 Meck WB1:384 Names: Wife: Arabella Wilkins Children: Charles Wilkins; Martha Wilkins; Sukey (Susanna) Vaughan; Mary Wilkins, Milly Newton Granddaughter Sarah Vaughan Exec: Son Charles Wilkins Wit: Thomas Field, John Puryear, William Hundley. === Inv. of Estate of Reuben Morgan dec'd under "Memorandum of accounts November 12, 1776" Thomas Gregory === Meck. Will of William Gregory 6 Mar. 1784; 12 Sep 1785 Meck. Co., Va. WB 2:129 Names: Wife: Ann Gregory Children: Anne Gregory Elizabeth Gregory Sarah Gregory Susanna Gregory Executors: Wife Ann and her father William Nash Wit: John Hudson, George Hudson, Franky Hudson Note: Deeds show Ziner Gregory was mother of William Gregory; his father not known. === Will of Sylvanus Walker 31 Dec. 1785, 12 Jun. 1786 Mecklenburg Co., VA. WB 2:175 Wife: Susannah Walker Children - Benjamin Walker, Ann Smithson, Elizabeth Rudd, Paulina Smith, Molly Andrews, William Walker, Tandy Walker, Aurelius Walker, George Hightower Walker, Robert Walker s/o Tandy Walker. Exec: Wife Susannah, Elisha Arnold & Samuel Marshall Wit: Charles Kirks, Iceboat Smith & Sally Arnold. === Meck. DB 7:300 shows Barnett Cox was disabled in the service of the US by a wound which occasioned amputation of one of his legs. Sig: by Gov of Va. Edmund Randolph 20 Aug 1788. === Meck. Will of John Jones Senr; WB 3:85; 27 Sep 1791; 9 Jan 1792 Names: Children: James Jones Benjamin Jones John Jones Ann Blanks Philadelphia Yancey Amelia Vaughan Frances Wilkins Granddaughters: Sarah Griffin Frances Griffin Grandsons: Joseph Blanks John Blanks Executors: Sons Benjamin and James Jones and Joseph Blanks. Wit: John Wilburn; Peter Overby; Machadiah Overby. Page 175 of same source (WB 4:1) Adm. account and report of John Jones deceased reveals the following spouses: Robert Yancey husb. of Philadelphia Yancey; Charles Wilkins husb. of Frances Wilkins; John Vaughan husb. of Amelia Vaughan; Joseph Blanks Senr husb. of Anne Blanks. (Rec. 11 Sep 1797) === Meck. Will of John Smith 3 Sep. 1792; 10 Dec. 1792 Wife: Martha Smith Chil: Robert Smith, Daniel Smith, Thomas Smith, James Smith, Sarah Smith, Susanna Smith, Archer Smith William Christopher and his four daus, Frances, Lina, Elizabeth & Martha-relation not stated. Exec: Son Daniel Smith and friend Andrew Gregory Wit: Joseph Quinichett, William G. Baptist, Moses Overton & Richard Jeffries. Cod: Beq. slave to son Archer Smith which was omitted in will. (See WB 15:219 for will of son Thomas Smith) === Meck. OB 8:215 9 Dec. 1793 A deed of gift from John Cox to Temperance Vaughan was prov. by oaths of Godfrey Crowder, Samuel Cox & Nicholas Mealer === Meck. OB 8:306 The last will & Test. of John Cox dec'd was proved by the oaths of Will Ellis, Thomas Ellis & David Stokes junior === Meck. OB 8:306 Ordered that Joseph Gregory, John Gregory, Edward Jones & Thomas Dance or any 3 of them being sworn do appraise in current money the slaves, if any, & personal estate of John Cox dec'd & return the appraisement to the court. === Meck. OB 8:472 Ind. of bargain & sale bet John Cox & Lucrecia his wife to Samuel Young Senr (the session before 10 Aug 1795) === Meck. OB 10:500 14 Sep. 1795 Ordered that John Gregory be appointed surveyor of the road from the Courthouse to Cox's bridge. === Meck. OB 9:457 Court 16 May 1798 Ord. that John Gregory pay unto Benjamin Gregory $1.59 for 3 days attendance as wit. for the sd John. === Meck. WB 4:224 Court 8 Sep. 1800 Adm. of John Cox dec'd, Debit Peter Bailey to the estate of John Cox dec'd, Bluestone, per bonds delivered unto sd Bailey, Security for Samuel Cox exex. for collection &c [in part] Sep. 21 1797 10 shill. "for sending after Harden Gregory & Jonathan Cox." June 8, 1797 Paid Henry Speed for Harden Gregory and William Hogan per orders from Hogan & Gregory. Per receipt from Speed 62.11.7 === Meck. OB 11:317 Court 13 Sep. 1802 James Gregory gdn of Sarah Gregory orphan of William Gregory dec'd. === WB 5:344 for James Gregory dec'd s/o Andrew Gregory WB 6:338 Appraisement [not copied] WB 7:4 Acct Curr. for est of James Gregory dec'd in account with Robert S. Gregory admr. The account begins in 1806. Two accounts paid by the est were Apr 7 to cash paid to Francis Moody per receipt 11pd6sh March 14, 1807 to cash paid to William & Bennett Marshall per receipt 7pd6sh6p "Comment: There were other debit and credit payments in the account. This account was not recorded until 1810.) === WB 10:126 17 Aug 1824/15 Nov 1824 Will of Frances my living children Elijah Gregory, Sally, John, Robert, Thomas, Phebe, Silas M. Gregory one shilling each. Rest of my est. to be equally div. bet. my two sons John and Silas M. Gregory. Ex: John Finch. Wit: John G. Coleman, D. B. Coleman. Sig: Frances Gregory. [Note: wid. of Andrew Gregory] === WB 12:25,26 1829-1832 Mecklenburg Co., Va. Reel 27 AMBROSE VAUGHAN Charles Baskerville admr of Ambrose Vaughan dec'd acct current 1825 In account with the estate of Ambrose Vaughan Nov 23 for Amount of Robert Hamilton &C for sale (Items re tobacco --whatever I meant by that) p. 26 Bal. brot. down & due the estate of Ambrose Vaughan 1707.68 Credits 1827 Feby 15 Charles & George D. Baskerville Oct 1 same 1826 Cash paid Robertson Cheatham Feb 14 cash pd Robert Vaughan June 21 cash pd Joseph Gregory 13.75 1828 Mar. 21 Cash paid Doct William W. Fennell 1826 Nov. 23 Cash paid Cole G. Green 11.00 1828 Mar 15 Cash paid Capt _____? Moor?for? Jno Johnson 1827 Mar 1 Cash paid Williamson P. Roberts for amt due Sally Sandy & now his wife 1826 Nov 23 acc paid William Davis 1828 Nov 23 acc paid Thomas H?uggett 1828 Oct 10 cash paid Jno Singleton Total 397.39 === Meck. Co., Va. WB 15:189-195 Acct Sales made by R. H. Walker admr of Thomas Vaughan at Allens Creek on the 1 Dec 1804 at the Ferry? on the 7 Decr 1804 and at the House 12 Decr 1804 as follows: (Partial List) Accts: Hall Hudson; Samuel Bland; Mark Alexander; Bartlett Cox; Phillip Johnson; Wm Nowel; John Goode C.; Richard Kennon; Mrs M. A. Vaughan; R. H. Walker; Richard Hudson; Hume R. Field; Jene?? Avery; Jos Townes; Saml Puryear; Jesse Brown; James Maclin; Thos Brame; Littleberry Winn; (skip); p. 194 John Wilson gdn Tho Williams chil.; (skip) Recorded 16 Mar 1840 === Meck. Co., Va. WB 15:219 7 May 1812; 18 May 1840 In the name of God amen - I Thomas Smith of the county of Mecklenburg & state of Virginia of sound mind & memory do make this last will testament Viz - I lend to my brother in law John Couch and his wife Susannah Couch all my estate real & personal their natural life & after their decease I give & bequeath the same all my estate real & personal to their son John Couch & his heirs forever. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my name 7th day of May A.D. 1812. Sig: Thomas Smith Wit: Wm. J. Pattillo Martha M. Pattillo At a court held for the county of Mecklenburg at the courthouse thereof on the 18th day of May 1840 The foregoing last will & testament was produced in court and proved by the oath of Martha M. Pattillo of the subscribing witnesses thereto and William J. Pattillo the other subscribing witness now being dead John F. Finch & W. ? Wall being sworn (copy bad at bottom, they verified sig of William J. Pattillo). === The below will is of a dau. of James Gregory of Juniper Creek, Lunenburg Co., Va. Meck Co., Va. WB 15:422 6 Jan 1839; 20 Dec. 1841 Elizabeth Gregory of Mecklenburg and state of Virginia being sound of mind and memory thanks to be to Almighty God for the same and Knowing it is appointed for all mankind to die and now considering the uncertainty of life do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following (Viz) 1st I recommend my soul unto God who gave it me, and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in decent manner. 2nd that after paying my funeral charges and all my just debts if any, there be 3rd I give unto my sister Sarah Richardson and to my Sister Mary Gregory after my death all my estate, both real and personal to be equally divided between them, to them and their heirs forever. 4th & lastly I appoint my friend and Brother in law Robert Richardson executor to this my last will and revoking all other wills made by me. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty sixth day of January 1839. Sig: Elizabeth (+) Gregory Wit: Harwood B. Tucker; Peter Burton; William Richardson. Meck Court 20 Dec. 1841 prov. by Harwood B. Tucker and Peter Burton. === Meck. Co., Va. WB 15:456 Inv. est of Henry Green decd 8 Sep 1841, made by Mary (X) Green & R. Y. Overby; recorded 19 Sep 1842. No names except at end: 1 Bond on William Vaughan due the 2nd day of May 1823. 1 Bond on William & Obediah Vaughan paid as security by the account due the 16 Nov. 1835. 1 Bond on R. Y. Overbey due the 1st March ---? and dated the 6 May 1840?

    April 16, 1989 Most allied families below (Hood, Tucker, Coleman, Crowder, Smith, Clay, Ragsdale & others) were earlier on (or near) Namozine Creek, Amelia Co., Va., adj. or near the part of Pr. George that became Dinwiddie in 1752. These records are put together to see if associations were more than incidental. It seems possible that some young adults associated with William Vaughan of Buffalo Creek, Mecklenburg Co., Va., were trying their skills at trade and merchandizing in bustling Dinwiddie and Petersburg, settling a bit later in Mecklenburg than William Vaughan himself. Whether this means Vaughan & the Gregorys came to Mecklenburg directly from the portion of Pr. George that became Dinwiddie (Amelia Co. being incidental), or vice versa or neither, is not known. It coincidental that almost all of these families, and Richard Gregory, used the name Godfrey. Amelia Co. records offer nothing on any of the Gregorys: Richard Gregory, Ambrose Gregory, Joseph Gregory, Andrew Gregory or James Gregory. One Joseph Gregory appears on the 1765 Amelia Co. Tithables at Elias Wills, who was of King & Queen Co. & later of Fluvanna Co., his will indicates no relationship to Joseph Gregory. Aug. 1756 William Vaughan pat. 400 a. on Buffalo Creek adj Henry Green, Lunenburg Co., Va., part that became St. James Parish & Mecklenburg Co in 1765. Oct. 1760 Lunenburg Co., Va. (part that became Meck.) Abraham Crowder & Frances his wife of Amelia Co. to Richard Gregory of Amelia 300 a. on Allens Cr. adj. Bilbo & Stith. Wit: Joseph Ragsdale, Edward Bevill, Elisha Brooks; Lun. DB 6:250 See Aug. 1761. Note: See also Dec. 1761 John Smith. Frances (wife of Abraham Crowder) and Martha (wife of John Smith) were daus named in Amelia Co. will 1768 of Robert Tucker, which will named: wife Frances Tucker; son Godfrey Tucker; son William Tucker (land adj. William Coleman & John Smith); son Robert Tucker; son Daniel Tucker; dau. Martha Smith; dau Frances Crowder; dau. Rachel Old. Note: Possibly members of the William Coleman family also moved to Mecklenburg. This family also used the name "Godfrey." Amelia Co., Va. will dated 12 Oct 1767/28 Apr 1768 named: wife Frances; son Abraham Coleman; son Jeremiah Coleman (William Hood's line); Godfrey Coleman; Burrell Coleman; Archer Coleman; William Coleman; Jesse Coleman; "each of my daughters" (no names given). Aug. 1761, rec. 6 Oct. 1761 Lunenburg Co., Va. (part that became Meck.) Richard Gregory of Dinwiddie Co. to Edward Beville of Lunenburg Co., 300 a. adj. Freeman, Bilbo & Stith, part of 870 a. formerly granted to John Ruffin. Wit: George Fowler, W. Murphy, Richard (X) Wood. (Sig) Richard Gregory. Lun. DB 6:452. On same date (both rec. 4 Nov.) Abraham Crowder of Amelia sold 100 a. to Joseph Freeman of Lunenburg, southside Allens Cr adj. Bilbo & Gregory. Dec. 1761 Dec. William Harris of Lunenburg Co. to John Smith of Amelia Co...200 pd...500 a. both sides middle fork of Bluestone Creek. /s/ William Harris. Wit: Abram Crowder; Peter (P) Hamlin; Benjamin Ragsdale; rec: 1 Dec. 1761; Frances wife of William Harris rel dower. Note: This John Smith settled on Bluestone Creek, Mecklenburg Co., where he reared his family. He died there 1792 (will). Crowder data of Mrs. Robert P. Moore indicates Abraham Crowder (Jr) also moved to Mecklenburg Co., Va. & d. Rutherford Co., NC 1800-1810, and probably was f/o Godfrey Crowder who appeared in records of Mecklenburg. 1764 Tithables List #1 taken by Edmund Taylor in St. James Parish, Lunenburg Co., VA, in part that became Mecklenburg in 1765: William Vaughan is listed with 5 tithables including James Vaughan and John Vaughan & 400 a. (Tithes included boys 18-21.) Missing from the list is Samuel Vaughan, believed to have been eldest son of William Vaughan. Missing as tithables on this list are: Richard Gregory (m. by 1785 to a d/o William Vaughan); Ambrose Gregory & Joseph Gregory: sons of Mildredge, wife of William Vaughan in 1785 will. 1764 Tithables List of Richard Witton, St. James Parish: John Smith 7 tithables including Andrew Gregory & James Gregory, 404 acres. (See 1761 John Smith.) Sep. 1765, Meck. Co., Va., William Hancock to Hampton Wade of Halifax Co. 247 a. in Meck. & Halifax on both sides Aarons (otherwise Tewayhomony) Cr. adj. John Griffin. Wit: Thomas Wiles, Richd Griffin Junr, Ralph Griffin, Richd (X) Wood; rec. 14 Oct 1765. Note: Richard (X) Wood wit. both the 1761 deed (Allens Cr) of Richard Gregory of Dinwiddie Co. and this deed on Aarons Cr., and 1767 a deed of Robert Seat to James Cheser on Buffalo Cr. Note: Richard Griffin Junr was surveyor of road in Halifax Co. 1764 from Spiro's Cr to Aaron's Cr, which tithables included Richard Gregory, other Griffins, etc. Note: 6 Nov. 1775 Zachariah Overby eldest son of Ludwell Overby dec'd at present of co. of Mecklenburg sold to Roger Atkinson of co. of Dinwiddie, for 44 pd, 320 a. in co. of Meck on both sides of Tewahomony Creek (Aarons) adj Hancock's corner...John Griffin's line. Sig: Zachariah Overby. Wit: Peyton Skipwith, William (W) Gill, Hugh Miller. Oct. 1765, Meck. Co., Va., William Vaughan deeded to John Vaughan, no wife mentioned. 1767 (or 1768) From Chiarito Vestry Book of Antrim Parish, Halifax Co., Va., processioning of lands (obviously near Arrons Cr) included land of Pinson, Griffins, Richard Jones, Godfrey Isbell, Peter Overbee (Jr. & Sr.), Pettypools, Loftis, Hackney. Not processioned by reason of no one to attend was land of Theophilus Feild, Roger Atkinson; "Richard Gregory the Same." It is known (by Mecklenburg deeds) that Theophilus Feild was a merchant of Pr. George Co. and that Roger Atkinson was a merchant of Dinwiddie Co. (formed 1752 fr Pr George). Possibly Richard Gregory was also living in Dinwiddie. Unexplained: why Gregory had the tract for 6 years before he pur. it in Aug 1770. from Richard Griffin, 200 a. Note: Ambrose Gregory wit. the 1770 Halifax deed (the 1st known record of Ambrose Gregory); this was 8 years before record of "Milley" (dower release), or Mildredge, as wife of William Vaughan of Buffalo Creek. Ambrose pur. the tract from Richard Gregory in 1779. Sep. 1773, Meck. Co., Va. Samuel Vaughan was land line in deed of John Vaughan to Thomas Earl.[DB 4:152,153] (First record I have of Samuel in Mecklenburg Co. (Pers. prop. tax lists after 1764 need to be checked to see when he arrived there.) Dec. 1774, Amelia Co., Va., Prudence Vaughan, dau. named in will of William Hood (prov. Mar. 1780). Other chilren: Abraham Hood; Robert Hood; Tucker Hood; Mary Hood. "Prudence" incidentally was name of wife of Samuel Vaughan of Mecklenburg (d. KY). June 1777 (dated & rec.9 June) Richard Gregory pur. fr Richard Ragsdale of Meck. 200 a. Middle Frk of Bluestone Cr. adj. Crowder, Burton, Tanner, Hubbard & Cheatham. [Meck.DB 5:61] Note: Godfrey Gregory (s/o Richard Gregory) is said to have been born 23 June 1777, Petersburg, Va. Dinwiddie Co., which is about 90-100 miles from the location of the land in the deed. Note: Four mos. later, Oct 1777, Richard Gregory and Zachariah Overby of Mecklenburg Co. to Adam Finch, the Bluestone tract "of land we now live on." Note: Benjamin Ragsdale (f/o Richard Ragsdale) d. 1770-1772 Mecklenburg Co. It is known part of Benjamin's land joined the Charlotte Co. line. The Ragsdale property was not in the Buffalo Cr.--Aaron Cr. area, but at the Charlotte Co. line & near Bluestone Cr settlers: John Smith, Crowders, Tanners, Clays, Andrew Gregory, etc. The will of Benjamin Ragsdale named: wife (not by name); children: Daniel Ragsdale, Rachel Moore, John Ragsdale, Mary Rowland, Richard Ragsdale, Peter Ragsdale, Thomas Ragsdale, Winifred Ragsdale, Godfrey Ragsdale, Jesse Ragsdale, William Ragsdale, Benjamin Ragsdale. Some have suggested the Godfrey name, among seemingly allied families, possibly comes down from the Ragsdale name. An earlier Godfrey Ragsdale "of Henrico Co." pur in Pr. George Aug 1725 335 a. on both sides of Oquit's Br, adj. Mr. John Bannister on Hatcher's Run & Francis West. (I cannot put my hands on it, but believe I have seen a Pr. Geo. deed of this Godfrey Ragsdale to Benjamin Ragsdale.) Possibly he was the same as Godfrey Ragsdale who d. Lunenburg Co. 1751, but was situated on Bluestone Cr. that became Mecklenburg. This Godfrey Ragsdale named no wife & no children; but: brothers Joseph Ragsdale, Richard Witton [note-a sheriff when Meck formed, wife Frances]; nephews: Peter Ragsdale s/o Joseph; Drury Ragsdale s/o bro. Drury; James Ragsdale s/o bro. Drury. Mar. 1778, Meck. Co., Va., "Milley Vaughan" relinq. dower rights to land William Vaughan deeded to [son] Peter Vaughan. This seems to be the 1st record that William Vaughan was married to Mildredge (--) Gregory-Vaughan.


    Re Children of John Couch who remarried to Susanna Smith Oct 1799.
    1820 Census John Couch:
        Males:                        Females:
        1 b. 1775 or before (45+)          1 b. 1775 or before (45+) (Susanna Smith)
        1 b. 1795-1804                     2 b. 1776-1794
           (John S. Couch b. 1805)              (Julia b. 1790 &
                                           2 b. 1795-1804
    Note: Letty b. 1776-1794 b. before the 1799 remarriage was already m. to Robert S.
    The son John S. Couch was b. after the 1799 remarriage.
    Daughters Julia and ? were b. before the 1799 remarriage.
    The youngest two daughters could have been born before or after the 1799 remarriage, or
        one before and one after.
    It appears that by 1830, Mecklenburg Co., Va., all of the daughters of John Couch had
    married or moved out of the home and his young married son (John S.) and wife and infant
    daughter were in the home.
    The youngest 2 of the 1820 daughters would have been ages 46-55 (or 56) in 1850.
    My book:
    Endnote #17:  Mecklenburg Co., Va. Will Book 9, p. 453.  Aside from Letty and Julia
    Couch, it was not determined which children of John Couch were born before his 2nd
    marriage to Susanna Smith.  The illegibility of film of the 1850 Census of Mecklenburg left
    the ages of the unmarried female Couch daughters inconclusive.  It did appear that Elizabeth
    Couch listed with Silas M. Gregory and Ellen Couch listed with Robert S. Gregory were in
    their 40's, in which case they would not be of the seemingly same children named in the
    1796 Orange Co., N.C. will of Mary Patterson, who devised to the surviving children of
    John Couch and Betsey his wife deceased: Mary Couch, Letitia Couch, July Couch, Elenor
    Couch and Elizabeth Couch, all under 18 years of age. [Orange Co., N.C. Will Book C, p.
        It still seems strange to me that all of the children named in the will of John Couch in
        Mecklenburg Co., Va. are in the same order and like names of those named in the will
        of Mary Patterson, except the two who were married: Letty (who was b. of John Couch's
        earlier marriage to ?, and John S. Couch who was b. of the 2nd marriage.
    I have a copy of the original (undated) will of Mary Patterson, recorded May 1796. 
    Executors were Robt. Campbell, Roger Daniel and John Couch.  John Couch qualified as
    Exor. and the other two testified.
    Among Orange Co., NC Estate papers of John T. Patterson 1783 is a small piece of paper
    with the signature of apparently this particular John Couch (should it ever be needed):
    "Twelve months after date We or either of us promise to pay or cause to be paid unto John
    G. Rencher admr Bona Definiti of the estate of Jno Patterson, or his assigns the just sum of
    Twenty two pounds Ten Shillings for value recd as witness our hands & seals this 1?st day
    of Jan. 1790."
        Sig: Mary (X) Patterson and John Couch.  Teste: William Rhodes?
    (To save me, I cannot relate any of this to the Couches who settled in Mecklenburg Co., Va.,
    except the names of the children of John Couch and Betsy dec'd.  Neither can I figure how
    Mary Patterson fit in with John Couch of Orange nor his wife Betsy.)
    Other Orange Co.:
    Will of John Tarpley Patterson 10 Feb. 1781, rec. by oaths of Joseph Barbee & Jno
    Patterson on Nov. 1781; names:
        Wife Sarah Patterson
        Son Mann Patterson
        Only daughter Milly Patterson
        Son  Pagg (or Page?) Patterson
    Exec: Beloved wife and my only & beloved brother Mark Patterson.
           Sig: Jno T. Patterson
    Wit: Jos Barbee, John Patterson, Baxter Boling
    Will of Nathaniel Patterson 1789 difficult to read.
    Estate file of William Patterson 1796 paper shows Mary Patterson (no mark) was widow of
    William Patterson dec'd.
    Orange Co. Wills (originals)
    Will of John Patterson Senior; 10 July 1790; rec p. 128 or 178; no date.
        Wife Margaret
        Two sons: Davis & Ham?
        Daughter Jean
        Son William, tract sd William now lives on.
        Son James, plantation he now lives on.
        Son David
        Son John
        Daughter Margaret
        Daughter Mary Patterson
        Daughter Agnes
    Exec: Wife Margaret & son David
        Though I didn't write out all of the legacies, seems I would surely have noted anything
        that might have help solve my puzzle, such as whether son John was dec'd, etc.
    I checked for "Couch" original wills.  I made note that there were only 2 and they were too
    late for this purpose.  Couch original Estate Papers has paper of one Elijah Couch (maybe
    the one mentioned in Couch article in my book):
        Elijah Couch
           John D. Lipscomb Endorsee, plaintiff ag John A. Cole & Polly Couch as executrix of
           Elijah Couch.  Judgement docketed 3 Nov. 1869 & sum of 555.05.  There was a
           paper dated 1857 with signature of Elijah Couch, and a paper showing Polly Couch
           signed with mark.
    The recorded will of Elijah Couch is on film, Orange Co., NC 
            Will Book G:449
        Elijah Couch of co. of Orange; 9 July 1864; Aug Term 1864
        Wife Polly
        Ten chil:
           David H.? Couch
           Chesley P. Couch
           Thomas J. Couch
           Mary H. Couch
           Nancy J. Couch
         Louisa E. Couch
         Louise? C. Couch
           Syntha E. Couch (Syntha was the name of the Couch, d/o Thomas Couch, who m.
            Roderick R. Gregory of my line)
           Norwood E. Couch
           Susan G. Couch
    Wit: William W._____? & William C. Granard
        Seems to be too many unmarried females for this Elijah Couch to be old enough for one
        who m. in Halifax Co., VA. 1813 to Mary Clark.
    I have lost my very old Orange Co. Couch deed notes.  As well as I recall, there were Johns
    & Thomases, but did not seem to be the same I was trying to pinpoint.
    I cannot tell you why I (from time to time) get hung up on the Couch name.
    I, six or seven years ago, met a Mr. Couch in Raleigh who stemmed from Chapel Hill
    (Orange Co.).  I have a note that he referred me to Mrs. Robert L. Terrell, Woodbury Rd.,
    Durham, NC, but I never pursued it.
    I don't have time for library searching right now, but my mind frequently roams to the stacks
    of papers that I have overflowing everywhere.


    Meck. DB 2:76,77 10 June 1768
    Grantor: William Evans of Amelia County
    Grantee: Henry Williams of Mecklenburg
    Cons: 25 pd
    Acres: 200
    In co. of Meck. on south side of Meherrin
    River beginning at Henry Williams corner
    Hickory on the River at the mouth of a small
    branch thence up sd branch to a white oak on
    the same
         N 79 W 70 p. to a beach on Washing Run
         S 5 E 72 p. to a red oak in Evans's old
    line, thence along same
         S 87 E 30 p. to Tanners corner pointers,
    thence along his line
         N 73 E 170 p. to a Hickory in sd Williams
    line, thence along same
         N 9 E 140 p. to the beg.
              Sig: William Evans
       (The above appears to be a part of the 
    420-acre tract Joseph Gregory pur. fr. Henry
    Williams 1772 - DB 3:370-374.  The Gregory
    deed refers to "new lines" [measurements
    insufficient to draw a plat]; "beg. at a 
    maple on the south side Moherayon River at the
    mouth of a small branch"; "Washing Run";
    "Evans old line"; "Tanners line" . . .) 
    "Washing Run" appears on old map, very near
    Charlotte line, branching southwest from South
    Meherrin River.
    Lun DB 13:550;551
    Rec 9 Oct 1783 Bond
    John Evans of co. of Amelia bound unto
    Benjamin Evans of Co. of Lunenburg in one
    thousand pounds Vir. Currency
    Dated 19 Mar 1783
    John Evans doth allow the said Benjamin Evans
    to take all the land in Lunenburg County on
    the South Meherrin River that remains unsold
    by their late father William Evans and that
    the sd Benjamin Evans to cross the sd Meherrin
    into Mecklenburg County and make up his
    complimens to the quantity of six hundred
    acres including the quantity that he has in
    Lunenburg and what remains of the old patent
    in Mecklenburg Co. is the amount of six
    hundred acres and the said John Evans his
    heirs and assigns further agrees never
    hereafter to lay any claim right or title to
    the said land.  Sig: 
    Meck. DB 7:304,305 8 Sep. 1788
    Grantor: John Evans of county of Amelia
    Grantee: Mack Goode & John Snead of Co. of
    Cons: 15 pd
    Acres: 30
    Situate & lying & being in the co. of Meck. on
    the west side of the south fork of Meherrin
    River . . . "(being part of a large tract
    formerly the property of William Evans dec'd)"
    . . . Benjamin Evans line to Joseph Gregory's
    corner, thence along his line to a small
    branch, thence down the same as it meanders to
    the aforesaid River & thence up same as it
    meanders to the beg.
                        Sig: John Evans
    On list of tithables taken by Richard Witton,
    Gente, in St. James Parish, Lunenburg County,
    for the year 1764
    Evans, Morris       1 - acres
      "    Robert       1 - 425 acres
    Evans, Stephen, Senr. 
         William Evans
         Warner Tucker  8 - 2208 acres
    Evans, Stephen, Junr 1 - 1241 acres
      "    Thomas        2

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