Meck. OB 9:14  John Gregory plt ag Richard Marable by direction of the Plt it is ordered that
this suit be discontinued and that the plaintiff pay unto the defendant his costs  8 Feb. 1796.
Meck. OB 9:380  Polly Hayes orphan of Winfield Hayes dec'd with the approbation of the
court made choice of Stephen Pettypool for her guardian and therefore the said Stephen
together with Ambrose Gregory his security entered into and acknowledged the bond in the
[amt?] of $2,000 for securing the said orphans estate & indemnifying the court.  15 Nov.
OB 9:457 Ordered that John Gregory pay unto Benjamin Gregory $1.59 for 3 days attendance
as witness for the said John at the suit of Scarborough Penticost.  NEED DATE
Meck. OB 11:317  James Gregory gdn of Sarah Gregory orphan of William Gregory dec'd -
Court 13 Sep. 1802.
Meck. OB 16:101  20 Jan. 1812  On the motion of Elizabeth Gregory who made oath
according to law & with Richard Apperson & John Speed her securities entered into & ack.
a bond in the penalty of $30.000 continued as the law directs certificate is granted her for
obtaining letters of adm. of the estate of Roger Gregory dec'd in due form  20 Jan 1812.
Meck. OB 17:2  Julia Gregory orphan of John Gregory dec'd made choice of Charles T. Carter
as her gdn who together with Charles Carter & Barnet Gregory his secs...  July Court 1813.
Meck. OB 17:21  21 Aug. 1813  ordered that the overseers of the poor bind Uel Gregory
orphan of Uriah Gregory & [L?]arry Moss orphan of John Moss to Wilkins Royster accord.
to law.
Meck. OB 17:46  18 Oct. 1813  Elijah Gregory gdn of Lattney Gregory & Sarah Gregory
orphans of James Gregory dec'd.  Daniel S. Gregory gdn. of Andrew & Polly Gregory orphans
of James Gregory dec'd.

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