Submitted by John M. Poythress          15 Aug 2003         

Bill of Sale Merideth Poythress to William Cleaton dated 1 March

1786:      (transcribed from photostat of original record by Maynard Poythress 2 December 1993




*Merideth spelled with the "i" first instead of the "e" first as later.


*unless Merideth had inherited someone's household goods, it can be

  suggested that  he is selling his household goods to his father-in-law

  William Cleaton preparatory to moving to Georgia.


*had Edith Cleaton Poythress (married 1781) died?  Nothing in this document suggests yes or no even though she is not mentioned.


*it appears to be reasonable for Merideth to want to sell his household goods

  for liquidity and simply buy more in Georgia.  Five Hundred & Fifty weight

  of tobacco would likely have been in negotiable warehouse receipts.



*is Merideth liquidating because of financial difficulties?  The case can't be

  made off this document.


*"friendly transaction"?  Likely.  Especially since Merideth would have

  needed these items between 1 Mar and 10 July (date recorded, for which

  Merideth was present).  Probably reasonable to speculate that William

  Cleaton didn't take delivery of the goods until 10 July.


*document offers a good hypothesis for date Merideth left Virginia for



*document interesting for insight into what would have been likely contents

  of a rural household in Virginia in 1786.








Poythress                                                    ( 1 March 1786)




Know all men by these presents that I Merideth Poythress of the County of

Mecklenburg have Bargained and sold unto William Cleaton of the same county two feather beds and furniture one Iron Pott one Dutch Oven one Iron skillet one half Dozen house chairs one chest one Sow and six piggs one

heifer yearling one Woolings wheel and Cards one flax wheel one Table two

pewter dishes five plates two basins three punch Boles half Dozen knives

and forks one looking Glass one Mare filley one water pale one washing tub

two Small Axces Two plow hoes three weeding hoes one coffee pot two small ____ one Grid Iron one cheese Toster one Rost Meet Spit two flatt

irons one pair of fire tongs one Shovel one hoecake one half Dozen Spoons

two small casks one Churn one furkin* one Candle Stand one reel two geese

forteen pottrey one canteen two Sugar boxes two flags** three bottles one

raw cow hide one _____ and all the Rest of my Goods and Chattels for the sum of five hundred and fifty weight of Inspected Petersburg Tobacco and

thirteen pounds Eighteen shillings and the tax of three hundreds and seventy five Acres of Land of two years paid in hand.  I, the said Merideth Poythress

do warrant these said articles to him the said Cleaton from persons whatsoever as witnessed by my hand and seal.


Signed Sealed and Delivered                       Merideth Poythress (LS)

in presence of

Isham Eppes

Alexander  hisXmark Pointer                       March 1st day, 1786

Henry Wartman


At court held for Mecklenburg County the 10th day of July 1786.

This Bill sale was acknowledged by Merideth Poythress ______ and

ordered to be recorded.

                                                          John Brown __  ___


*firken=small pail for clabber, butter, etc.

**Flagons ?