Records re John and Martha Smith of Mecklenburg Co., Va., etc., collected by JoLee Gregory Spears, Raleigh, NC 1763 DB 9:343 5 Dec. 1763, rec. 8 Dec. 1763 Robert Cary of Chesterfield Co. to Ziner Gregory of Lunenburg, 18 Lunenburg on a branch of little Bluestone...100 a., Darby line on Beldy?? Morries line...Co. of Lun. & parish of St. James. Wit: David Christopher, John Hayes, David Constable, John Smith. Rec. 8 Dec. (This was also St. James Parish.) Ziner deeded this land to her son William Gregory in Mecklenburg Co. Witnesses seem more significant when recorded a different day, but since 8 sometimes looks like a 5, will assume different days is correct. Notes: James Stembridge was taxable with David Christopher in St. James Parish 1764. One John Hayes was f'in-law of Winkfield Hayes m. to dau. of William Vaughan of Buffalo Cr. John Smith was a name involved with James & Andrew Gregory; the John Smith (wife Martha) 1792 will Meck. Co. named among others: (relationship not stated) William Christopher & his four daus, Frances, Lina, Elizabeth and Martha; son Daniel Smith & friend Andrew Gregory execs. Note: Deeds of St. James Parish from March 1765 are recorded in Mecklenburg Co. 1764 Tithables St. James Parish, Lunenburg Co. John Smith Andrew Gregory James Gregory 7 tithes, 400 acres 1764-65 - Mecklenburg & Charlotte cut from Lunenburg Lunenburg Co., VA DB 11:98 14 Aug. 1767, rec. 12 Nov. 1767 John Smith of Meck. to Andrew Gregory of same Co.; 50 pd; on branches of Meherrin R.; 370 a. (being part of a larger quantity formerly granted by patent to Hampton Wade and since by deed to said Smith; Stembridges line, Sammonds corner, Robertsons line, Johnsons line, Ellis? line, Slaughters. Wit: Mack Goode Jnr, John Stembridge, Joseph Gregory. A memorandum to this deed was wit by: Mack Goode Jnr., John Stembrige, John Gregory. (Since wits. of both were same except the Gregory makes one wonder if one or the other was an error in transcription.) [Need deed of Hampton Wade to John Smith/jgs] Lunenburg Co., VA DB 12:271 7 Apr 1773 John Stembridge of Lun. Co. to James Gregory of same; 30 pd; 100 a.; N. side Juniper Cr.; David Hols? line, William Buches (Bush?), Bryan Lester, Blagraves. Wit: John Sammon, William Jordan, John Slaughter. Rec. 8 Apr. 1773. 1779 (Note: James Gregory m. Patsy/Martha d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Smith of Lunenburg) Lunenburg Co., VA DB 13:206 22 Feb. 1779. Andrew Gregory of Meck. Co. to Thomas Graves; 30 pd; Juniper Cr. adj Samuel Jordan, Edward Slaughter, Joseph Johnson, by larger tract of Andrew Gregory. Wit: Stephen Neal, John Buirs? Rec: 11 Mar 1779. 1780 Lunenburg Co., VA DB 13:344,577 Andrew Gregory of co. of Meck. to Richard Dunston of co. of Lun. 270 a. adj. Christopher Robertson, Makin (Martin?? maybe?) Elliott, Wm Bole, Stephen Wood, Thomas Graves. Wonder if same as Martin Elliott who m. d/o Adam Finch. === 1761 1 Dec. William Harris of Lunenburg Co. to John Smith of Amelia Co. 500 a. both sides middle fork of Bluestone Creek.Wit: Abram Crowder; Peter (P) Hamlin; Benjamin Ragsdale; rec: 1 Dec. 1761; Frances wife of William Harris rel dower.(Land in St. James Parish, became Mecklenburg) 1766 William Hunt & Mary his wife of Meck. Co. to Abraham Crowder of Amelia , 236 a. on both sides Bluestone Cr. adj. Elam, Moore, Newsum & Hudson. Wit: James Hall, John Smith, Martha (X) Smith. [Meck. DB1:396] 1771 8 Jul., John Smith of Co. of Meck. to Andrew Gregory of same, 60 pd, 244 a.; W side of Kettle Creek, the same being part of the tract of land that said Smith purchased of Stephen Evans Junr bounded by lines of Daniel Coleman, James Hall & the sd Kettle Creek. Ack. by John Smith 8 July 1777.[Meck. DB 3:177,178] === Meck. Co., Va. WB 3:142 Will of John Smith 3 Sep. 1792; 10 Dec. 1792 Wife: Martha Smith Chil: Robert Smith, Daniel Smith, Thomas Smith, James Smith, Sarah Smith, Susanna Smith, Archer Smith. William Christopher and his four daus, Frances, Lina, Elizabeth & Martha-relation not stated. Exec: Son Daniel Smith and friend Andrew Gregory. Wit: Joseph Quinichett, William G. Baptist, Moses Overton & Richard Jeffries. Codicil: Bequeathed slave to son Archer Smith; wit: William G. Baptist, Moses Overton and William Christopher. Amelia Co., Va. findings: Amelia DB 4:281,283 16 Mar. 1752; 26 Mar. 1752 William Craley of Amelia to: John Smith of co afsd 60 pd; 800 a. bounded as followeth: (in Amelia) beg at a faced? corner on Hamlins line, thence west (degrees) ... along Bowling line to Thomas Hoods corner ... Francis Tucker line to William Colemans line ... John Heastins corner hickory ... Sig: William Crawley Wit: Benjamin Bowles, John Appling, Robert (+) Tucker === Amelia DB 6:48,49 26 Mar. 1757 John Smith & Martha his wife of Amelia to: William Hood of sd co. [see will of William Hood below] 35 pd; 150 a. Namoseen Cr. at mouth of Miry Br., white oak in Bollings line ... Sig: John Smith; Martha Smith Wit: Matt Wells, Ben Bowles; John Hood === Amelia DB 6:50,51 26 Mar. 1757; 26 Mar. 1757 John Smith & Martha his wife of Amelia to Matthew Tucker Junr of sd co. 6 pd, 6 shll; 75 acres Tucker's br in Thomas (word omitted) thence down sd br. to Peter Coleman's line ... sd line to Matthew Tuckers Junr corner thence along sd line to Thomas Hood's line thence to beg. Sig: John Smith; Martha Smith Wit: Mattw Wills, Ben. Bowles, John Hood === The Smith below should be John & Martha of Mecklenburg Co., Va. 1768 - Amelia Co., Va. 283 p. 35 ROBERT TUCKER (JR?) of Raleigh Parish; will 8 Dec. 1768; 25 May 1769. Wit: James Old, Jesse Coleman, Richard Weeks Ex: son William Tucker, son-in-law John Smith. Sec: John Clay, Edward Tanner. Names: wife Frances Tucker (plant. I now live on) Son: Godfrey Tucker Son: William Tucker, plant. he now lives on adj. William Coleman & John Smith. Son: Robert Tucker, land adj. Robert Tucker & Daniel Tucker Son: Daniel Tucker, land mentioned; adj. Sansons Br.; Negro boy Joseph. Dau: Martha Smith, Negro boy Sam & other necessaries now in her possession. Dau: Frances Crowder, Negro girl Chloe ... Dau: Rachel Old, Negro girl Eli ... Amelia Co., Va. 349 WILLIAM HOOD (X) of Raleigh Parish. Will d. Dec. 19, 1774, pro. (no date given) [prov. 23 Mar. 1780] Names: Son Abraham Hood, 132 a. adj. his plant. Son Robert Hood, 75 a. plant. he now lives on. Son Tucker Hood, 75 a. plant. I now live on. Dau. Prudence Vaughan, 1 box iron & 2 heaters. Dau. Mary Hood. bed & furn. livestock in her possession. [Where was she?] Wife, (no name given) rem. est. for life or widowhood, & at her decease to be equally div. bet. all my children. Est. not to be appraised. Ex: Son Robert Hood & Tucker Hood. Wit: Absolom Tucker, Thomas (X) Tucker, Henry (X) Tucker, T. B. Peachy. We are thinking this Prudence Vaughan may have been the wife of Samuel Vaughan, son of William Vaughan of Buffalo Creek, Mecklenburg Co., Va. Samuel and Prudence moved to Ky./jgs An interesting thing - the day I went to Amelia C.H., I had a mental list of things to check. One was to check out John Smith to see if there was any evidence of a Gregory hanging around. Another was to check the Hood records to see if I could tell which Vaughan was connected in any way with William Hood's family. I found neither, but was flabbergasted to find that John Smith sold part of his land to William Hood!

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