John T. Brame Will

Submitted by David Clark Dorsey

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Will of John T. Brame
March 28, 1888, Proved July, 12 1889 Mecklenburg Co., VA  WB 25, p. 555
{not final proof}
I, John T. Brame of the County of Mecklenburg and the State of Virginia, being
of sound mind and memory, do make this my last will and testament
in manner as follows. 1st, I give to my son Robert H. Brame two
hundred acres of land on the west side of my farm including the mansion
house and the other improvements on that part of the farm, also my table
furniture, my rocking chair and one large trunk to him and his heirs.
2nd, I give unto my son John Baker Brame the balance of my land
supposed to be one hundred acres more or less this land lies on the east 
side of my farm adjoining the lands of Couch and others, this land
I give to John Baker Brame and his heirs forever.  3rd, I give unto my
son Tignal Brame my beauro.  The balance of my estate I wish sold and my 
Debts paid the remainder to be divided between my three sons Robert H.
Brame, Tignal Brame and John Baker Brame.  Lastly I appoint my
son Robert H. Brame as my executor and ask the court to allow him to
qualify without giving security.  Witness my hand and seal this
the 28th day of March 1888.               John T. Brame {seal}
Jno R. Jeter
W.R. Gregory
Mecklenburg Co., VA  WB 25, p. 555
Mecklenburg County Court July 12th 1889.
The last will and Testament of John T. Brame late of this County decd. was this
day produced in court, and fully proved according to law by the oaths
of Jno R. Jeter and W. R. Gregory the subscribing witnesses thereto and was
thereupon ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of R.H. Brame 
the only executor named in the said will who made oath as the law
directs and entered into a bond in the penalty of $300.00 conditioned
according to laws but without security, the said will directing that none
be required, and which said bond being acknowledged by the obligors
thereto is ordered to be recorded, Certificate  is granted the said R. H.
Brame for obtaining a probat of the said will in due form.
                                             Teste   W. A. Jamieson, Clerk
Bond of R. H. Brame for the estate of J. T. Brame
July 12, 1889  Mecklenburg Co, VA  WB 25 p. 555
Know all men by these present that I, R. H. Brame Am held and firmly bound
unto the commonwealth of Virginia, in the sum of three hundred dollars to
pay which I bind  myself, heirs etc, jointly and generally, firmly by these present
sealed with my seal and dated this 12 day of July 1889, and I hereby
waive the benefit of my exemption as to this obligation, and I also waive
any claim or right to discharge any liability to the said commonwealth
arising under this bond or by virtue of the office, post or trust herein
after mentioned, with coupons detached from the bonds of the State
of Virginia.  The condition of the above obligation is such, that whereas the
above bound R H Brame has this day qualified as executor of the last Will
and Testament of John T. Brame late of this county decd. but without security
the said will requiring none of him. Now if the said R H Brame
shall faithfully discharge the duties of said Exec according to law, then the above
obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.
                                                                   R H Brame  (seal)
John T. Brame        - decedent
Robert H. Brame    - son   
John Baker Brame  - son
Tignal Brame          - son
John R. Jeter      - Witness 
W.R. Gregory    - Witness
Robert H. Brame    - son   ( H. Stands for Harper)
Beauro - desk?  ( Could this be the Desk with bookcase now (2004) in the 
possession of Harper?)