Will of Richens Brame 
Signed March 27, 1789, Proved __________1789,      Mecklenburg Co.,VA   
WB 3 p 33
{Not final Proof, transcribed from photocopy of the original will}
In The Name of God Amen I Richens Brame of Mecklenburg County 
Being Very Low and weak of Body But of a sound and disposing mind and 
Memory Thanks be to Almighty God for the Same But knowing the uncertainty
of this Mortal Life do hereby make and ordain this my Last Will and 
Testament Revoking all other wills Imprimis I do recommend my soul 
to God from whom I received it Humbly Trusting in him for a free pardon 
of all my sins through Jesus Christ my Blessed Lord and Savior 
and as to what worldly Goods and Estate it hath pleased almighty God to 
bestow upon me I dispose of as followeth           it is my will and desire 
That my well beloved wife Susana Brame may have hold and enjoy 
the third part of my whole estate during her life and after her 
death it is my will and desire that the plantation whereon I now live 
and all the land there unto Belonging May be put up to the highest 
bider among three of my sons to wit James Brame John Brame and 
Samuel Brame they and they only and the highest bider of the three 
to heir and enjoy the said land and plantation it is also my will and 
desire that my grand children the heirs of my son Thomas Brame deceased 
May heir one fourth part of the money arising from my said land and 
plantation and that it be put out to intrust while they come to age 
To Receive it and then to be equaly divided I also give and bequeath to My 
daughter Caronhabbuck Frasher one half of my land I purchased of John 
Hill   to her and heirs forever.        I give and Bequeath to my son Richens 
Brame the other half of the afore said tract of land during his life 
and after his death to be heired by my grandson David Brame it is my 
will and desire that all the rest of my estate of all kinds may be equally 
divided among my children and my grand children the heirs of son Thomas 
Brame dec'd except Caronhabbuck Frasher (Fraizer) and it is my will and desire for 
her to have fifty pounds less than either of the above mentioned 
I leave and apoint my three sons James Brame John Brame and 
Samuel Brame Executors of this My Last Will and Testament in witness 
whereof I have hereunto set my hand and fixed my seal This twenty seventh day 
of March one Thousand Seven hundred and Eighty Nine
 Signed sealed and                                                               his
Acknowledged in presents [sic] of                             Richins  X     Brame  (Seal)
Thos  Norvell Jr                                                                                                  
Young Norvell
(one more witness? Martha Norvell?)
(Need to copy  WB 3 p. 32,33)
...and Martha Norvell the witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.  And 
on the motion of James Brame and John Brame two of the executors therein 
named, who made oath thereto, and together with Henry Speed, Thomas 
Norvell, and Benjamin Pulliam their securities entered into and acknowledged 
their bond in the penalty of two thousand pounds conditioned as the 
law directs Certificate was granted therein for obtaining aprobal of the said 
will in due form, liberty being reserved for the other executor therein named to 
join in the probal when he shall think fit
                                                                                Teste    John Brown 
Abstracts and Notes;
Richins Brame  - decedent (Richens misspelled)
Susanna Brame   - Wife
James Brame          son  - Executor
John Brame           son  - Executor
Samuel Brame         son  - Executor
Kerenhappuch Frasher  Daughter  -   (Fraizer misspelled)
Richins Brame        son
Thomas Brame         son (deceased) 
David Brame          Grandson 
Thomas Norvell        Witness - 
Young Norvell         Witness -
Martha Norvell        Witness -
Note:{Thomas Norvell, Young Norvell, Martha Norvell may be the children of 
Thomas and Anne Nightingale Young Norvell)
Benjamin Pulliam  - gave bond
John Hill   - bought land from
Henry Speed        - gave bond
 Note: probate may have been on March 4, 1791 or Dec. 14, 1789
Account of sales of personal estate of Richins Brame May 12, 1789 - 
returned to court 12 July 1789.            Account of sales of personal estate
4 March 1791 - Total 945p 15s 7p.
Recorded 10 December 1792.   Appraisal of personal estate of Richins Brame
made by James Ferrell, Richard Hutcheson and James Hamner.   Recorded
10 June 1793.  Look up John Hill Estate Sale for date  and of John Hubbard