Will and Estate Records of Matthew Jackson 1808/1809

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Mecklenburg Co., VA will of Matthew Jackson

This research was by Craig Kilby in April, 2001

Mecklenburg County, VA
Wills in Superior Court Book, pp. 1-2
dated 11 June 1808.  Exhibited by February 1809

In the name of God Amen.  I Matthew Jackson of Mecklenburg County being weak in 
body though of perfect and sound memory do make ordain constitute and appoint 
this my last will and testament in manner and form following first knowing the 
certainty of death and that it [is] apointed for all men once to die I recommend 
my body to the earth from which it [was] taken.  

Item.  I lend unto Lucretia Meldrum two negros Polly and Cowey and at her death 
or marriage I give and bequeath the said negroes Polly and Cowey to Claricy I. 
Meldrum to remain hers and her heirs forever.

Item.  I also lend unto the said Lucretia Meldrum during [her] life or widowhood 
150 acres of land to be taken off of the lands I now live on Beginning at the 
bar branch and from thence to the uppeer line adjoining John Allen and at her 
death or marriage, I give and bequeath the said lands to her daughter Claricy I. 

Item.  I also direct that the said Lucretia Meldrum is to live in the house I 
now live in until my sons Cavel, Francis, Burwell, Bins, Nathaniel & Beckley 
bearing an equal proportion shall build the said Lucretia Meldrum a dwelling 
house on the above mentioned land sixteen feet square in a workman like manner 
which if either of the above mentioned shall fail to bear their proportionate 
part of building the said house my will is they shall receive no part or shear 
of my estate.

Item.  I also lend unto the said Lucretia Meldrum the bed I now lie on, one 
choice cow and calf, one choice sow and pigs also one iron pot and Dutch oven, 
one hundred wieght of Port, five barrels of corn and five bushels of wheat is to 
be given to the said Lucretia Medlrum at the time she moves from the place I now 
live one womans saddle also one walnut desk also the above bed is to have the 
furniture belonging to the same all which at her death or marriage I give and 
bequeath to her daughter Claricy I. Medlrum to remain hers and her heirs 

Item.  My will is that Nancy Thompson shall have no more of my estate but what 
she has now in [her] possession.

Item.  My will is that my daughter Talathicuma shall have no more of my estate 
but what she has now in [her] possession.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my son Mabry Jackson after receiving an equal part 
with the rest of my sons one negro named Simon.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my son Beckly after receiving and equal part with 
the rest of my Sons one negro named Edmund.

Item.  I give and bequeath to my Sons Cavil, Francis, Burrel, Bins and 
Nathaniel, Beckly and Mabra after paying all my just debts all the rest of my 
estate consisting of negros, horses, cattle, hogs, sheep with the crop of every 
kind and every other untensil belonging to the same with all moneys due me with 
all my Lands except that which I have already bequeathed and the negros given to 
my sons Beckly and Mabra all the rest of my estate is to  be sold on a credit of 
twelve months and the money arising therefrom to be equally divided between my 
sons Cavil, Francis, Burwell, Bins, Nathaniel, Beckly and Mabry.

Lastly I apoint my sons Francis Jackson and Burwell Jackson executors of this my 
last will & testament.  In witness my hand and seal 11th day of June 1808.

Signed by signature, Matthew Jackson

Witnessed by:
Churchwell Curtis, Jr.
John T. Allen

NOTES:  This will not proved in county court.  It is recorded in Superior Court 
Wills, and was apparently contested.  The appraisal of the slaves is recorded 
after this (p. 3), dated 27 December 1810 “per order of the Superior Court”, and 
returned to Mecklenburg Superior Court on 16 April 1813.  An account of the 
sales of the slaves is recorded on p. 4, signed by Francis Jackson, executor of 
Matthew Jackson, deceased, returned to Superior Court on 1 August 1811.

Inventory of the balance of the estate is dated 28 February 1809, made by John 
T. Allen and Charles Colly, and returned to court 8 January 1810.  It is 
recorded in Will Book 6, p. 288.  

Accounts of estate Feb. 1809 - January 1811 presented by Cavil Jackson, 
administrator, recorded in Will Book 6, p. 73

Account of sales of balance of estate is dated March 1809,  presented by Cavil 
Jackson, administrator, recorded in Will Book 7, pp. 178-186.

This research was by Craig Kilby in April, 2001

Account of Administration of Estate of Matthew Jackson
from February 1809 through January 1811
Mecklenburg County, VA Will Book 6, p. 73
Presented by Cavil Jackson, administrator

Includes amounts paid to the following people:


Zack Shackelford
Henry Wilson, cryer
Zack Curtis, clerk
Beckley [Jackson?]
Tobacco Notes
Daniel Tucker
Thomas Coleman
Henry Wilson, cryer


William Coleman
Nathaniel Jackson
Thomas Coleman
James Wilson
John Hill, surveying
for brandy for when surveying
J. R. Lucas (sp?)
William Brown
James Hazelwood
John J. Moore
Beckley Jackson
Expenses to Richmond on account of tobacco
Expenses at hire of negroes


G. Green per account

Commissions on £881.10 for transacting the business as Administrator

Balance due the estate:   £812.19.10

This research was by Craig Kilby in April, 2001

WILL BOOK 7, pp. 178-186

This lengthy account of sales was presented to the court by Cavil Jackson, 
administrator of Matthew 
Jackson, on 17 January 1812.  Each buyer is listed separately with a list of 
items he/she purchased or, in 
the case of negros, hired.  At the end are two interesting items which will be 
presented here first, then 
followed by the list of purchasers.  

p. 185, following total amount of all sales which was £1211.4.1 1/4:

"Specific bequests made by the Testator to Lucretia Meldrum now in hand:
One bed and furniture
One cow and calf
one Iron pot and Dutch Oven
One woman's saddle
one walnut desk
One hog taken by said Meldrum in lieu of a choice sow and pigs since dead."

p. 185.  Following the above, "Debits due to the Testator by Bonds taken in his 
life time":

Cavil Jackson, £25.00.0
Ditto, 17.00.0
Ditto, 80.09.7
Nathaniel Jackson with collateral, 80.00.0
Thomas Jones with conditions, 15.00.0
Charles Turner, 30.00.0
Burwell Jackson, 107.10.0
Ditto, 107.10.0
Ditto, 1.04.0
Nathaniel Jackson, 1.14.9
Charles Turner, 1.19.0
Barrington Avory, 54.19.7 [nephew by marriage]
Thomas Jones, 62.0.0

Total = £584.06.11

Purchasers at Estate Sale of Matthew Jackson, March 1809

1.     Beckley Jackson
     Rent that part of the planation to mill road, £15.0.6
     Hire negro man Dick, £12.0.6
     Hire negro man Sam, £12.0.6
     Hire negro boy Elleck
     Hire negro woman Dolly
     5 2nd choice sheep
     Other items
     Total = £114.19.2

2.     Benjamin Evans
     Hire negro man Cowe
     2 sides leather
     Total = £11.12.00

3.     Cavil Jackson
     Hire negro boy Joe
     Rent of Wheat patch
     Rent of orchard adjoining Rylands
     Rent of orchard at old place
     Other items
     Total = £44.14. 3 1/4

4.     Edward Lett
     one black horse, £20.00.00

5.     Francis Jackson
     Hire negro woman Keziah
     Other items
     Total = £38.4.3

6.     George Edwards
     Misc. items totalling £9.6.0

7.     Hudgons Burton, £12.3.2

8.     Jabez Northington, £10.7.0

9.     James Wilson
     Hire negro Susan
     Other items
     Total, £19.17.3

10.     Matthew Agbawin, £14.1.3 1/2

11.     Macans Hurt, £3.15.0

12.     Nathaniel Jackson
     Hire negro woman Dilcy
     Other items
     Total = £41.7.10 1/2

13.     Jeremiah Bishop
     Hire negro woman, £8.2.0

14.     Reubin Vaughan, Jr.
     a white heifer and 1 Friday mare, £19.2.6

15.     Thomas Coleman
     a colt, £8.14.0

16.     Thomas Brown, misc., £5.9.6

17.     Thomas Daws, £1.8.1 1/2

18.     Thomas Jones
     one old fiddle, one pair money scales & misc, £6.5.5

19.     John Thompson, Jr., 3 fat hogs, £3.17.6

20.     James Eubank, misc., £0.3.1

21.     Wood Jones, £8.17.3

22.     Jesse Parrish, £3.7.0

23.     Jordan Hightower, a sifter

24.     William Hightower, a pot

25.     Zachariah Curtis, £4.15.2 1/2

26.     Zachariah Shackleford, barred of vinegar and basket of walnuts

27.     Benjamin Andrew, corn and potatoes

28.     Binns Jackson
     Hire negro girl Polly
     Misc.  Total = £34.6.8 1/2
29.     Benjamin L. Harrison, misc., £6.17.0

30.     Charles Hutcherson S. R., a water tub

31.     Dabney Phillips, garden peas, basket, a bag of onions

32.     Drury Gee, misc., £10.10.2

33.     Tedrick (Fedrick?) Watkins, 2 cows and w calfs

34.     William Hutcherson, rent wheat patch, other, £1.12.6

35.     Isaac Arnold
     hire negro  man Arthur
36.     John Harriss, calf and yearling

37.     John Ingram, cow and calf

38.     John Algood, corn and grindstone

39.     Mathew H. Davis, misc.

40.     Matthew Allen
     Rent rye field and wheat patch

41.     Francis Jackson
     Hire negro Dick and Sam, ten days
42.     Cavil Jackson
     hire negro Arthur and Simon, ten days

43.     John Allen
     hire Cowe ten days


Nathaniel Jackson, the plantation next to John Allen & upper wheat patch
and the old orchard, £5.6.3

Daniel Frashier, the field over the mill, orchard next to Ryland, £1.16.5

Peter T. Fagerson, the orchard where said Fagerson now lives, £0.13.10

Beckley Jackson, the plantation the rivers side of the mill road, £12.0.0


John Tucker, boy Joe
Hundley Ryland, negro man Arthur
Robert Love, 2 negroe men Dick and Sam
Beckley Jackson, negro man Simon
Nathaniel Jackson, negro woman Dilcy
Francis Jackson, negro woman Keziah and child, negro boy Elleck, girl Matilda
Cavil Jackson, woman Critt and boy, man Cowe
Dabney Phillips, woman Dolly
Zachariah Curtis, woman Polly


By amount of Sales, £459.5.10 1/4
By rent of land, £19.16.4
By hire of negroes, £147.15.0
By Bonds due estate, £584.6.11

TOTAL:  £1211.4.1 1/4

This research was by Craig Kilby in April, 2001

An Account of Sales of the Slaves and Lands belonging to
the Estate of Matthew Jackson, dec'd
Mecklenburg County, VA Superior Court Wills, p. 4

Presented on 27 December 1810, by Francis Jackson, executor of Matthew Jackson;
 returned to Superior Court and recorded on 1 August 1811.

One tract of land, 2.2 acres, to Cavil Jackson, £21.9.0
One tract of land 92 acres to Francis Jackson, £73.12.0
One tract of land 290 acres to Jonathan Booker, £319.0.9
One negro woman Dolly to Cavil Jackson, £41
One negro boy Joe to Capt. James Wilson, £76.1.0
One negro girl Matilda to Bins Jackson, £99
One negro boy Eleck to Richard Apperson, £79.11.0
One negro woman Disely to Richard Apperson, £107.12
Two negro men Dick & Sam, to Cavil Jackson, £365.2
One negro man Arthur to William Stone, £160.3
One negro woman Keziah and child to R. Apperson, £131
One tract of land 175 acres to Beckley Jackson, £141.16.5 1/2
Crit and Harbart to Jeremiah Bishop, £160.15
Saws and other materials of a cotton machine to Francis Jackson, £6.6

This research was by Craig Kilby in April, 2001

Appraisement of the Slaves and Cotton Machine Belonging to 
the Estate of Matthew Jackson, Deceased
Mecklenburg County, VA Superior Court Wills, p. 3
Prepared by John Hutcherson, S.C.; Francis Gregory, and
 James Wilson on 27 December 1810.  Returned to Superior Court
 and recorded on 6 April 1813

Negro man named Dick, £140
Negro man named Sam, £140
Negro man named Simon, £125
Negro man named Joe, £100
Negro man named Arthur, £140
Negro man named Cowey, £140
Negro woman named Dolly, £38
Negro woman named Dilcey, £100
Negro woman named Keziah, £85
Negro woman named Crit, £85
Negro woman named Polly, £112
Negro woman named Matilda, £81
Negro boy named Alexander, £65
Negro boy named Edmond, £65
Negro boy named Herbert, £65
Negro boy named Reuben, £28
Cotton machine, £6