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Will of Richard Jeffries

Submitted by Kathy Awbrey 25 Nov 2003

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Will of Richard Jeffries

In the name of God Amen, I Richard Jeffries of the county of Mecklenburg being weak in body but sound and perfect mind and memory blessed be almighty God for the same do make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit:

My will and desire is that William Jeffries shall have a complete title made him to the land on which he now lives in Halifax County on the Southwest side of the road leading to Halifax Old Court House by my executrix and executors here after named on the said William Jeffries' paying them twenty shillings per acre for the same and twelve pounds for the last years rent of said lands which said money to be received of the said Jeffries together with what is now due me, I wish applied to the payment of my just debts and if the aforesaid sums of money should not be sufficient for the payment of all of my just debts, it is my will and desire that my executors and executrix hereafter named shall sell such part of my estate as they may deem most proper for to discharge the residue thereof. It is also my will and desire that Yellow Silea with her present increase and will be loaned unto my children Benjamin W. Jeffries, Richard Jeffries, Nancy Garner, Paul Jeffries and Jane Jeffries until my youngest son Achilles J. Jeffries is seven years old. It is also my will and desire that my executor and executrix shall at their option hire out Sam and Ned and rent out all of my land in Halifax County for the purpose of discharging certain bonds due to Colonel John Clark of Halifax County or H------ if they deem it most proper sell a sufficient quality of said land to discharge said bonds. It is also my will and desire that my reversion in the Dower land allotted to Benjamin Whitehead's widow as also William Whitehead's interest in the same which I have purchased of him to be sold and the money applied to the payments of my just debts if necessary, otherwise to be applied to the schooling of my children. It is also my will and desire that such of my children as shall become of lawful age as marry before my son Achilles shall become seven years old shall receive from my estate on horse saddle and bridle and one feather bed and furniture each. It is also my will and desire that the residue be kept together undivided both real and personal until my said youngest son Achilles J. Jeffries is seven years old. It is also my will and desire that my six younger children Prudence, John, Edward, David, Murria, Kitty R. and Achilles J. Jeffries be supported and educated out of estate at the discretion of my executors and executrix until they are marry able or capable of business. It is also my will and desire that as soon as my aforesaid son Achilles J Jeffries shall arrive to the age of seven years old that my beloved wife Prudence Jeffries shall receive as her Dower the whole of the lands and tenements whereon I live together with Annica, Lucy and her choice of two of my other Negroes. Also all the Negroes I hold as her dower of Barnard Rusels Estate, all my household and kitchen furniture except such beds as may advance to my children aforesaid together with three head of horses, fifteen head of cattle, fifteen head of sheep and forty head of hogs, all of which Negroes, land and tenements, household and kitchen furniture and stock. I lend unto my beloved wife Prudence Jeffries for and during her natural life or widowhood. It is also my will and desire that my children Benjamin W. Jeffries and Nancy Garner shall account for such property as has been advanced to them or return it unto my estate for any equal division, the advancement made to my son Benjamin being on stud horse Chanticlier which I value at three hundred dollars. It is also my will and desire that any and all my children that may receive advancement from my estate before the period of my youngest son Achilles' becoming seven years old shall account for the same. At which time it is my will and desire that all my estate both real and personal be equally divided between all my children.

VIZ: Benjamin W. Jeffries, Richard S. Jeffries, Nancy Garner, Paul Jeffries, Jane Jeffries, Prudence Jeffries, John E. Jeffries, David Jeffries, Murria Jeffries, Kitty R. Jeffries, and Achilles S. Jeffries and lastly I do hereby appoint and ordain my beloved wife Prudence Jeffries and my son Richard S. Jeffries and Richard Russell executrix and executors to this my last will and testament hereby revoking all former wills by me made. In witness where of I have her unto set my hand and seal the first day of January in the year of our Lord on thousand and eight hundred and nine.

Richard Jeffries

(this section has Ink? spill on it but I can make out witness: Hillary Goode, John Baptist and Joseph ?

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