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Will of Benjamin Jones

Mecklenburg County, Virginia, Will Book 14 Page 354 Submitted 11-9-00 by Ron Jones In the name of God amen. I Benjamin Jones of Mecklenburg County do by these presents make my last Will & Testament in man- ner & form following - my will & desire is that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid and for the payment of the same my will and desire is that my Exor: hereafter named shall sell the said land lately surveyed by Stephen P.Pool - adjoining Augustus D. Wade, David Purkins & others containing fifty three acres and from the proceeds of the same to pay all my just debts & funeral expenses and the surplus if any to be equally divided among my children & their heirs forever -- I do appoint my son John Jones Exor: of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all others by me heretofore made. Witness my hand & seal this 15th day of March 1832. Witness. St: P.Pool Benjamin (his mark) Jones (LS) G. L. Wade. St: Worsham Page 355 Mecklenburg County February Court 1838 -- The foregoing last will & testament of Benjamin Jones decd: was this day produced in open court & proved by the oaths of St: P.Pool & L. G. Wade two subscribing witnesses thereto & ordered to be recorded -- Examd: teste Richard B. Baptist C.C. Note: Transcribed by Ron Jones 11/9/2000; "P.Pool" = Pettypool.