Mecklenburg Co., VA Will of Thomas Nethery - 1798

    Submitted by: Patricia Henderson-London  9 Mar 1999

                Will of Thomas Nethery

In the name of God Amen I Thomas Nethery of the County of
Mecklenburg aged Seventy eight Being weak and low but of
sound mind and Sences Calling to mind that it is appointed for
all men once to die do make and ordain this to be my last will
and testament in manner and form following that is to say,
first It is my will and desire that none of the children which
I had by my two first wives come in for any part of my estate
which I die possessed of either real or personal or of any kind
what soever as I give them severally as they come of age or
left me Such part of my property as was fully equal to their
share and as I could afford except my son James to whom I give
the young sorrel mare he paying three pounds to be considered
as his full share of my estate and all that I intend to give
him Secondly I lend my wife all my estate which I bold at my
death to wit my lands stocks of every kind and household furni-
ture to be by her held and as far as possible keep together to
enable her to bring up and educate my four younger children
which I have by her But if my wife marries then she is only
to have the use of a third part Such estate for life Thirdly,
it is my will that the estate both real and personal which I
die possessed of be equally divided between my said four chil-
dren when they come of age or marry Securing to my wife a life
Estate in her thirds if She be alive and should either of these
four children die in their Infancy then their part or parts to
be equally divided Between the living ones of these four Last-
ly I appoint my wife executrix to this my will and request She
may not be called upon to give Security as the children are her
own and I have no doubt but She will do her duty by them

IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have set my hand and Seal this 24th
January 1798

Read in his presence and Delivered by him to be his last will & Testament & was
Signed Sealed & Delivered as Such in presence of us --------------------

    Lewis Burwell       his
    Thomas ZAMCE    Thomas  ;< Nethery
    William Keeton      mark

At a Court held for Mecklenburg County the llth day of June 1798.
This will was proved by the oaths of Lewis Burwell and William Keeton witnesses
thereto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Nancy Bethery the executrix
therein named who made oath thereto and entered into and acknowledged her bond in
the penalty of one thousand dollars conditioned as the law directs Certificate was
granted her for obtaining aprobate of the said will in due form

William Baskerville Ct.  CJK.