Mecklenburg Co., VA Will of Polly Newton 1837/1838

Files of JoLee Spears from Faye Vaughan Ford

In the name of god amen. I Polly Newton of Mecklenburg County Virginia
do make my last will and testament: In the first place I wish my just
debts to be paid: One debt, one of a bond originally in Capt. Robert
Williamsons hands which has been lost, the amount of which is not
mentioned but James Bowen to whom the money is due having agreed to
take out of my estate after my death 75.00 in full satisfaction of said
debt. I hereby direct my executors to pay him that sum. 2ndly I give
to my grand-daughter Elizabeth Frances Vaughan and daughter of David
Vaughan one feather bed, bed stead and furniture which stands in the
last room behind the south door. 3rdly The balance of my estate I wish
to be divided into three equal parts except a list of articles which I
shall hereafter dispose of, one part I give to Nancy Bowen the wife of
James Bowen, one part to Polly Newton, the wife of James Newton the
other part I give to Daniel Elam in trust for the sole use and benefit
of my daughter Letty Vaughan, the wife of David Vaughan, as long as she
may live, and after her death I wish the same equally divided between
all the children of Letty Vaughan: I also give to the said Daniel Elam
in trust for the same purpose above stated the following property viz.
two feather beds, bedsteads and furniture, 3 chairs 1 table, 1 cow, 1
spinning wheel, 1 pair cords, 1 pail, 1 digger, 1 tub, 6 knives and
forks, 1 box of earthenware, 1 po(?), 1 oven; 6 chairs being the
articles bought by me at the sale of David Vaughan property made by
Anderson Overby Constable some time since, and which are now in Letty
Vaughan's possession as long as said Letty Vaughan shall live, and at
her death I desire that the aforesaid property shall be divided equally
between all the children of Letty Vaughan.
It is further my will that neither of my daughters Letty Vaughan, Nancy
Bowen and Polly Newton shall be required to account for any
advancements made them by me in my life time. In witness wherof I have
hereunto set my hand and seal this 22nd day May 1837.

Polly [her mark] Newton

David Shelton
James [his mark] Newton
Lucinda [her mark] Stewart

At a circuit superior court of law and chancery continued and held for
Mecklenburg County on the 22nd day of October 1838, The forgoing last
will and testament of Polly Newton deceased was proved according to law
by the oaths of David Shelton, James Newton and Lucinda Stewart
subscribing witnesses thereto and is ordered to be recorded. And on
the hon. of Anderson Overby who made oath thereto and together with
Erasmus Ninnon and Charles Yancy...