Martha (Hix) Phillips Will

Submitted by David Clark Dorsey

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Will of Martha Phillips
May 11, 1843;Proved April 15 1844, Mecklenburg Co, VA WB#16, p.35,36,37
{not final proof}
The last will & Testament of Martha Phillips County of Mecklenburg
& State of Virginia to wit May the 11th 1843.  I Martha Phillips being
of sound mind but weak in body doth will and bequeath my property
in the following manner.  Item the first It is wish that all my Just
debts be paid.  Item the 2nd.  I give unto my grandson Thomas D. Phillips
Son of Martin Phillips, all of my household & kitchen furniture all of my
Stock of all kind all my plantation tools of all kind & all the 
proceeds of my crop whether in hand on hand at my deceased and 
I do hereby appoint him my sole executor of my estate
Signed, Sealed & witnessed in the                   her
Presence of                                            Martha   X   Phillips  {Seal}
Boswell S. Crute                                              mark
Willis R.  Crute
Dabney Farrar
Mecklenburg Co, VA WB#16, p.36
At a court held for Mecklenburg County at the courthouse thereof
On the 15th April 1844 the foregoing last will and Testament of
Martha Phillips decd was this day produced in court and proved by
the oaths of Dabney Farrar and Boswell S. Crute  Subscribing witnesses
thereto and ordered to be recorded  And on the motion of Thomas D.
Phillips, the executor therein named who made oath thereto and together
with Dabney Farrar and Isaiah Jackson his securities enter into
are acknowledged their bond in the penalty of $1000 conditioned 
according to said certificate is granted him for obtaining probal of
said will in due form.
                                           Teste.  R B Baptist cc

Inventory and Appraisement of Martha Phillips Estate   
Recorded June 17 1844                        Mecklenburg Co, VA,  WB 16 p. 57       
{not final proof}
                          May 22nd 1844
Appraisement of property belonging to estate of Martha
Phillips Decd.

3 Leavel hoe Ploughs



3 H________ 



3 Grub & 3 hilling hoes 



1 weeding hoes



4 axes & 1 howet 



4 Dagons



1 Clark hoe



2 Sells fileing geed  



2 pr.    weages



2 cow & calf   



1  do        do



1 yoke oxen 



1 horse   



2 sows 27 pigs



11 Hogs



3000 lbs. Oats 



2 stacks fodder 



35 barrels corn  



    ____cel crockery ware 



Knives & forks    



11 chairs



2 chests 



1 cup board & draws 



3 bed & furniture












Agreeable to the above order we the ______ssioners have proceeded to
appraise the Estate of Martha Phillips deceased
                                                                          Venable Crute 
                                                                          Dabney Farrar
                                                                         Saml Farrar
At a Court held for Mecklenburg County at the Court House there of
On the 17th day of June 1844 The foregoing inventory and appraise –
 ment of the estate of Martha Phillips decd was this day returned into 
Court and ordered to be recorded.
                                                        Teste.         RB Baptist CC
Transcriber's Abstract and notes:
     There are numerous Martha Phillips. This Martha (widow of 
Dabney Phillips Sr., will proved 1806) is identified thru “Thomas D. son
of Martin”. This Martha's maiden name is most likely Martha Hix, not to
be confused with her daughter in law, Martha (Hutcheson) Phillips,
wife of decedent's son Dabney Phillips Jr.(and daughter of Charles
Hutcheson, see his will of 1807) Martha Hutcheson Phillips (see 1850
will of Martha Simmons) married secondly Joseph Simmons in 1816,
while Martha Hix Phillips remained widowed. These two Martha s have
been confused in many publications
Martha Phillips     - decedent ( most likely d/o Amos and Sarah Bugg Hix)
Martin Phillips      - son
Thomas D. Phillips  - Grandson
Willis R. V. Crute  - deacon of Ebenezer Baptist Church in 1840(age 65 
on 1850 census, Women Physician)
Boswell S. Crute    (age 39 on 1850 census, a schoolmaster) s/o 
Willis R.V. Crute?
Venable Crute       (age 50 on 1850 census, Farmer)
Isaiah Jackson      (age 61 on 1850 census, Farmer)
Dabney Farrar      died July  1,1849 age 58 (may be nephew and 
possible son of Elizabeth (d/o Martin Phillips) & Samuel Farrar)