Will of Richard Ellis Walker    1876/1881
Nov. 20,1876; Proved, Nov.21,1881: Mecklenburg Co. VA, WB #24 p.323,324
{not final proof}
Being this day in sound mind have seated myself for the purpose of making 
My will first I commit my soul and boddy to my heavenly father. 1st 
I desire that all my just debts should be paid.  

2nd that in addition to what 
Land I have given my son Thomas A. Walker that his wife and children 
Shall have the balance of my land on the west of the Clarksville road 
Where Peter Goode now lives.     

3rd I give to my daughter Martha D. Butler 
the tract of land which Thomas Bulter now resides containing 125 acres.     

I give to my daughter Ann P. Brame the tract of land on south east of roads 
leading to Clarksville containing 122 ½ acres together with seven ½ acres 
on both sides of the branch leading to James Cliborne line a part of the 
tract which William Gregory now resides.       

5th I give to my daughter 
{Jinnie E. Gregory} the balance of the tract on which the said W.  
Gregory now lives which will leave 130 acres making it equal with Ann 
P. Brame tract in quantity but the for said Jinnie E. Gregory shall pay 
over to Ann P. Brame one hundred dollars to make hers equal in 
value Ann P. Brame tract.        

6th I give the residue of my tract on 
which I now live to my daughters Mary W. Bulter, Roberta E.Jeter and 
Sophronia P. Walker giving Sephona P. Walker one hundred dollars 
avantage in division.       

7th Before any sale I wish Saphorana to 
Have fifty dollars worth of furniture together with bed and furniture 
and cow and calf article.        

8th, If after all my perishable property is 
sold it will not pay my debts then in that event each legatee shall 
pay their proportion of the balance due.  If however there should be 
any over it shall be equally divided among them all.  It is my desire 
that each of my sons in law shall administer on my estate or any 
number of them that they may desire or chose among them this 
my last will written by myself this 20th day of November one 
thousand eight hundred and seventy six. 
                                                  Rich' E. Walker
WB 24 p.324
Mecklenburg County Court November 21st 1881
The last will and testament of Richard E. Walker late of this 
county deceased was
this day presented to the court and there
being no subscribing witnesses to the said will
A. J. lehandder
and W.E. Homes were sworn and severally deposed that they are
well acquainted with
the handwriting of the said Richard E.
Walker dec', and
verily believe that the said will and the
signature thereto subscribed are wholly in the handwriting
of the said Richard E. Walker dec.
Whereupon the same is
ordered to be recorded as to the last will and testament of
E. Walker late of this county deceased. And on the
motion of Jno R. Jeter one of
The executors named in the said
will, who made oath as the law directs and
Entered into a
bond in the penalty of $2000 conditioned according to law with
J.W. Butler, R.H.Brame & W.H. Gregory his sureties therein 
justified their oaths as to their sufficiency and which
said bond being acknowledged
by the obligors thereto is
ordered to be recorded certificate is granted
the said
Jno R. Jeter for obtaining a probat of the said will and
testament of Richard E. Walker late of this county deceased
in due
form.  Liberty being reserved the other Exec.s therein
named to join in the
probat thereof when he shall think fit
                          teste  R. B. Hughes  CMC
R.E. Walker's Executor's Bond
Know all men by their presents, that we John R. Jeter, J.W. Butler,
R.H. Brame & W.H. Gregory are held and firmly bound unto the common-
wealth of Virginia in the sum of two thousand dollars, to pay which 
bond ourselves heirs etc jointly and severally, firmly by these
presents sealed
with our seals and dated this 21st day of November
1881.  And we whereby
waiver the benefit of the Homestead Exemption
as to this obligation.  The
condition of the above obligation is
such, that whereas the above bound
John R. Jeter has this day
qualified as Executor of the last will and testa
ment of Richard E.
Walker late of this county deceased.  Now if the said
John R. Jeter
shall faithfully discharge the duties of the said Executor
to law then the above obligation to be void otherwise to remain
in full force and virtue
                         Jno R. Jeter              Seal
                         J. W. Bulter             Seal
                         R.H. Brame             Seal
                         W. H. Gregory        Seal
Abstract and notes:
Thomas A. Walker    - son
Martha D. Butler    - daughter
Jinnie E. Gregory   - daughter
Mary W. Bulter      - daughter
Roberta E. Jeter    - daughter
Ann P. Brame        - daughter
Sophrona P. Walker  - daughter
Jno R. Jeter        - son in law, executor
J. W. Bulter       - son in law, executor
R.H. Brame         - son in law, executor  
W. H. Gregory      - son in law, executor
Thomas Bulter      
William Gregory          
W.E. Homes
James Cliborne     (Age 34 1850 Meck. Census)
Peter Goode          (Age 55 1850 Meck. Census)