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Copy of the will of William D. Gregory of Mecklenburg Co., VA

filed in Granville Co., NC

Submitted by Betty P. Rose April 2006

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(Will dated Nov. 30, 1857 - Proved April 19, 1858) NC Dept. of Archives - CR 044-801.14 / Also Mecklenburg Co., VA WB19, p 311; Renunciation of Will by wife, Lucy C. Gregory: Oct. 18, 1858, WB 19, p 383 (Mecklenburg Co., VA) transcribed by Betty P. Rose

In the name of God: Amen. I, Wm. D. Gregory of the County of Mecklenburg in the State of Virginia, being at present very ill but of sound mind and memory and knowing the uncertainty of life have thought proper to make this my will-bequeathing my estate as follows:
Item 1st. It is my desire that all of my just debts should be paid.
Item 2nd. It is my will and desire and I hereby will and bequeath to my beloved wife Lucy C. Gregory during her widowhood, that is for the period of time after my death in which she remains single the whole of my Estate real and personal and of every description to hold for the use of herself and my children, and I hereby authorize her to give to each of my children as they may become of age such of my estate as she may think proper for their necessities, and I hereby authorize my said wife to sell such of my property as she may find it necessary to the interest and welfare of herself and my children to dispose of, the same however to be replaced by the purchase of other property.
Item 3. In the event that my said wife Lucy C. Gregory should marry again, it is then my will and desire after ______________the bequest in the next following item that my whole estate should be equally divided amongst my children.
Item 4. In the event that my said wife Lucy C. Gregory should marry again, I hereby give and bequeath to her for her sole use and benefit in fee simple the sum of One Thousand Dollars, provided that she should abide by the disposition herein made of my estate.
Item 5. I hereby appoint Nathaniel M. Norwood my Executor to carry out the foregoing disposition of my Estate. In testimony of the above my last will and testament I have hereunto affixed my hand and seal this the 30th day of November, 1857.
Acknowledged in the presence of W. D. Gregory (seal) we the subscribing witnesses J A Gregory C T Haskins O F Manson
Mecklenburg County Court, April 19th 1858 The foregoing last will and testament of W. D. Gregory dec. was this day produced in open Court, and proved by the oath of J.A. Gregory and C. T. Haskins two of the subscribing witnesses thereto, according to law, and was ordered to be recorded. And on the motion of Nathaniel M. Norwood the Executor therein named, who made oath thereto, and together with J. A. Gregory and John J. Barnes his securities, entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of Ten Thousand Dollars, with condition according to law, certificate is granted the said Norwood for obtaining a probat[sic] thereof in due form.
Teste: R. B. Baptist, Clk.
To the worshipful the County Court of Mecklenburg: I do hereby renounce the provision made for me by the will of my late husband, Wm D Gregory, and do claim my dower and distributable share of his estate. Lucy C. Gregory
Witnesses: N M Norwood C T Haskins Mecklenburg County Court October 18, 1858 The foregoing renunciation of Lucy C. Gregory was this day produced in open Court, and proved by the oath of the subscribing witnesses thereto, and was ordered to be recorded.   Teste: R. F. Clacj, Clk.
STATE OF VIRGINIA County of Mecklenburg
I, Robert F. Clack, Clerk of the County Court of Mecklenburg County, in the State of aforesaid, do hereby certify, that the foregoing is a true transcript of the last will and testament of William D. Gregory deceased; and the renunciation of Lucy C. Gregory thereto, with all things touching the same as fully and wholly as they now exist among the records of my Office.
In Testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of the said County Court at my office in Boydton, this fifth day of May in the year  Eighteen hundred and sixty. [note this is 1860]   R. F. Clack, Clerk

State of Virginia County of Mecklenburg I, William Townes the Presiding Justice of Mecklenburg County Court, in the State aforesaid, do hereby certify that Robert F. Clack who hath given the preceding certificate, is and was at the date thereof the Clerk of the said County Court, duly elected and qualified according to law, and that his said attestation is in due form.
Given under my hand this 5th day of May in the year Eighteen hundred and sixty. Wm Townes Pr.[presiding] Justice