White House I
White House Community
Mecklenburg Co., VA
Information on White House I more recent than this article can be found at Mecklenburg Historical Homes, etc.

        White House, as a community, appears on present-day maps, including US Geological Survey maps. It is located at the very north of the Nelson Quadrangle, as it connects with the Buffalo Springs Quadrangle.
        The community no doubt derived its name from the two houses, White House I and White House II, previously owned by the Overby family. These two houses are no longer standing.
        White House I, said to have been built by "Peter Overby son of Zach," survived until recent years when it was sold and dismantled, the pieces numbered to be moved and reassembled. All that remains at the site today is a low rock wall, maybe the remnants of a fence, just by the roadside on White House Road. It is near the intersection of State Rts 602 and 735. White House I passed to the ownership of Robert Yancy Overby, son of Peter Overby.
        White House II, demolished 1950-60, was built by Robert Yancey Overby ca 1836. It is said to have been about 100 yards from White House I.
        Nearby is the Overby Cemetery, 3/10 miles from the intersection of Rts 735 & 602, according to the Cemetery and Tombstone Records of Mecklenburg Co., VA, v2, Munsey Moore.
        Land records of Peter Overby usually show "Peter son of Zach" to distinguish him from others in the area of the Peter Overby name. These are seen later as just (Zach) in parentheses after his name; eventually the "Z" became his middle initial.

        Additional information is welcomed on White House Community and White Houses I & II.
        I have no information on the possible reconstruction of White House I.
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-JoLee Spears - 1999