Will of James Wilkins 11 Jul 1781; 8 Oct 1781 Meck WB1:384 Names: Wife: Arabella Wilkins Children: Charles Wilkins; Martha Wilkins; Sukey (Susanna) Vaughan; Mary Wilkins, Milly Newton Granddaughter Sarah Vaughan Exec: Son Charles Wilkins Wit: Thomas Field, John Puryear, William Hundley. === Inv. of Estate of Reuben Morgan dec'd under "Memorandum of accounts November 12, 1776" Thomas Gregory === Meck. Will of William Gregory 6 Mar. 1784; 12 Sep 1785 Meck. Co., Va. WB 2:129 Names: Wife: Ann Gregory Children: Anne Gregory Elizabeth Gregory Sarah Gregory Susanna Gregory Executors: Wife Ann and her father William Nash Wit: John Hudson, George Hudson, Franky Hudson Note: Deeds show Ziner Gregory was mother of William Gregory; his father not known. === Will of Sylvanus Walker 31 Dec. 1785, 12 Jun. 1786 Mecklenburg Co., VA. WB 2:175 Wife: Susannah Walker Children - Benjamin Walker, Ann Smithson, Elizabeth Rudd, Paulina Smith, Molly Andrews, William Walker, Tandy Walker, Aurelius Walker, George Hightower Walker, Robert Walker s/o Tandy Walker. Exec: Wife Susannah, Elisha Arnold & Samuel Marshall Wit: Charles Kirks, Iceboat Smith & Sally Arnold. === Meck. DB 7:300 shows Barnett Cox was disabled in the service of the US by a wound which occasioned amputation of one of his legs. Sig: by Gov of Va. Edmund Randolph 20 Aug 1788. === Meck. Will of John Jones Senr; WB 3:85; 27 Sep 1791; 9 Jan 1792 Names: Children: James Jones Benjamin Jones John Jones Ann Blanks Philadelphia Yancey Amelia Vaughan Frances Wilkins Granddaughters: Sarah Griffin Frances Griffin Grandsons: Joseph Blanks John Blanks Executors: Sons Benjamin and James Jones and Joseph Blanks. Wit: John Wilburn; Peter Overby; Machadiah Overby. Page 175 of same source (WB 4:1) Adm. account and report of John Jones deceased reveals the following spouses: Robert Yancey husb. of Philadelphia Yancey; Charles Wilkins husb. of Frances Wilkins; John Vaughan husb. of Amelia Vaughan; Joseph Blanks Senr husb. of Anne Blanks. (Rec. 11 Sep 1797) === Meck. Will of John Smith 3 Sep. 1792; 10 Dec. 1792 Wife: Martha Smith Chil: Robert Smith, Daniel Smith, Thomas Smith, James Smith, Sarah Smith, Susanna Smith, Archer Smith William Christopher and his four daus, Frances, Lina, Elizabeth & Martha-relation not stated. Exec: Son Daniel Smith and friend Andrew Gregory Wit: Joseph Quinichett, William G. Baptist, Moses Overton & Richard Jeffries. Cod: Beq. slave to son Archer Smith which was omitted in will. (See WB 15:219 for will of son Thomas Smith) === Meck. OB 8:215 9 Dec. 1793 A deed of gift from John Cox to Temperance Vaughan was prov. by oaths of Godfrey Crowder, Samuel Cox & Nicholas Mealer === Meck. OB 8:306 The last will & Test. of John Cox dec'd was proved by the oaths of Will Ellis, Thomas Ellis & David Stokes junior === Meck. OB 8:306 Ordered that Joseph Gregory, John Gregory, Edward Jones & Thomas Dance or any 3 of them being sworn do appraise in current money the slaves, if any, & personal estate of John Cox dec'd & return the appraisement to the court. === Meck. OB 8:472 Ind. of bargain & sale bet John Cox & Lucrecia his wife to Samuel Young Senr (the session before 10 Aug 1795) === Meck. OB 10:500 14 Sep. 1795 Ordered that John Gregory be appointed surveyor of the road from the Courthouse to Cox's bridge. === Meck. OB 9:457 Court 16 May 1798 Ord. that John Gregory pay unto Benjamin Gregory $1.59 for 3 days attendance as wit. for the sd John. === Meck. WB 4:224 Court 8 Sep. 1800 Adm. of John Cox dec'd, Debit Peter Bailey to the estate of John Cox dec'd, Bluestone, per bonds delivered unto sd Bailey, Security for Samuel Cox exex. for collection &c [in part] Sep. 21 1797 10 shill. "for sending after Harden Gregory & Jonathan Cox." June 8, 1797 Paid Henry Speed for Harden Gregory and William Hogan per orders from Hogan & Gregory. Per receipt from Speed 62.11.7 === Meck. OB 11:317 Court 13 Sep. 1802 James Gregory gdn of Sarah Gregory orphan of William Gregory dec'd. === WB 5:344 for James Gregory dec'd s/o Andrew Gregory WB 6:338 Appraisement [not copied] WB 7:4 Acct Curr. for est of James Gregory dec'd in account with Robert S. Gregory admr. The account begins in 1806. Two accounts paid by the est were Apr 7 to cash paid to Francis Moody per receipt 11pd6sh March 14, 1807 to cash paid to William & Bennett Marshall per receipt 7pd6sh6p "Comment: There were other debit and credit payments in the account. This account was not recorded until 1810.) === 1824 === WB 10:126 17 Aug 1824/15 Nov 1824 Will of Frances my living children Elijah Gregory, Sally, John, Robert, Thomas, Phebe, Silas M. Gregory one shilling each. Rest of my est. to be equally div. bet. my two sons John and Silas M. Gregory. Ex: John Finch. Wit: John G. Coleman, D. B. Coleman. Sig: Frances Gregory. [Note: wid. of Andrew Gregory] === 1825 === WB 12:25,26 1829-1832 Mecklenburg Co., Va. Reel 27 AMBROSE VAUGHAN Charles Baskerville admr of Ambrose Vaughan dec'd acct current 1825 In account with the estate of Ambrose Vaughan Nov 23 for Amount of Robert Hamilton &C for sale (Items re tobacco --whatever I meant by that) p. 26 Bal. brot. down & due the estate of Ambrose Vaughan 1707.68 Credits 1827 Feby 15 Charles & George D. Baskerville Oct 1 same 1826 Cash paid Robertson Cheatham Feb 14 cash pd Robert Vaughan June 21 cash pd Joseph Gregory 13.75 1828 Mar. 21 Cash paid Doct William W. Fennell 1826 Nov. 23 Cash paid Cole G. Green 11.00 1828 Mar 15 Cash paid Capt _____? Moor?for? Jno Johnson 1827 Mar 1 Cash paid Williamson P. Roberts for amt due Sally Sandy & now his wife 1826 Nov 23 acc paid William Davis 1828 Nov 23 acc paid Thomas H?uggett 1828 Oct 10 cash paid Jno Singleton Total 397.39 === Meck. Co., Va. WB 15:189-195 Acct Sales made by R. H. Walker admr of Thomas Vaughan at Allens Creek on the 1 Dec 1804 at the Ferry? on the 7 Decr 1804 and at the House 12 Decr 1804 as follows: (Partial List) Accts: Hall Hudson; Samuel Bland; Mark Alexander; Bartlett Cox; Phillip Johnson; Wm Nowel; John Goode C.; Richard Kennon; Mrs M. A. Vaughan; R. H. Walker; Richard Hudson; Hume R. Field; Jene?? Avery; Jos Townes; Saml Puryear; Jesse Brown; James Maclin; Thos Brame; Littleberry Winn; (skip); p. 194 John Wilson gdn Tho Williams chil.; (skip) Recorded 16 Mar 1840 === Meck. Co., Va. WB 15:219 7 May 1812; 18 May 1840 In the name of God amen - I Thomas Smith of the county of Mecklenburg & state of Virginia of sound mind & memory do make this last will testament Viz - I lend to my brother in law John Couch and his wife Susannah Couch all my estate real & personal their natural life & after their decease I give & bequeath the same all my estate real & personal to their son John Couch & his heirs forever. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my name 7th day of May A.D. 1812. Sig: Thomas Smith Wit: Wm. J. Pattillo Martha M. Pattillo At a court held for the county of Mecklenburg at the courthouse thereof on the 18th day of May 1840 The foregoing last will & testament was produced in court and proved by the oath of Martha M. Pattillo of the subscribing witnesses thereto and William J. Pattillo the other subscribing witness now being dead John F. Finch & W. ? Wall being sworn (copy bad at bottom, they verified sig of William J. Pattillo). === The below will is of a dau. of James Gregory of Juniper Creek, Lunenburg Co., Va. Meck Co., Va. WB 15:422 6 Jan 1839; 20 Dec. 1841 Elizabeth Gregory of Mecklenburg and state of Virginia being sound of mind and memory thanks to be to Almighty God for the same and Knowing it is appointed for all mankind to die and now considering the uncertainty of life do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following (Viz) 1st I recommend my soul unto God who gave it me, and my body to the earth from whence it came to be buried in decent manner. 2nd that after paying my funeral charges and all my just debts if any, there be 3rd I give unto my sister Sarah Richardson and to my Sister Mary Gregory after my death all my estate, both real and personal to be equally divided between them, to them and their heirs forever. 4th & lastly I appoint my friend and Brother in law Robert Richardson executor to this my last will and revoking all other wills made by me. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twenty sixth day of January 1839. Sig: Elizabeth (+) Gregory Wit: Harwood B. Tucker; Peter Burton; William Richardson. Meck Court 20 Dec. 1841 prov. by Harwood B. Tucker and Peter Burton. === Meck. Co., Va. WB 15:456 Inv. est of Henry Green decd 8 Sep 1841, made by Mary (X) Green & R. Y. Overby; recorded 19 Sep 1842. No names except at end: 1 Bond on William Vaughan due the 2nd day of May 1823. 1 Bond on William & Obediah Vaughan paid as security by the account due the 16 Nov. 1835. 1 Bond on R. Y. Overbey due the 1st March ---? and dated the 6 May 1840? ===
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