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"Marriage Records, 1765-1810, Mecklenburg Co., Va."

Mecklenburg Co. Courthouse, Boydton, Va.

WALLER Marriage Abstracts

1.  Elisha CLARK & Nancy WALLER.  mb Jan. 2, 1810.  Surety John Waller.

2.  Daniel HAZLEWOOD & Lucy WALLER, mb Aug. 2, 1803.  Surety John

Waller. Minister Wm. Creath.

3.  Henry WILSON & Caty WALLER.  mb June 25, 1790. Surety Daniel




Mecklenburg Co., Va., Death Records, 1853-96,

Va. State Archives, Richmond, Va.,

Searched & Abstracted Oct. 1989, drr

1.  Wm. WINN, 13 Apr. 1855, 22 yrs. old.  Typhoid fever.

Parents, Wm. & Nancy Winn.  Born in Meck., farmer, single.

Person giving info E. REEN or REES, friend.

2.  Wm. REESE, 1 June 1856.  Died Meck Co., Dropsy.

13 yrs. old. Parent, Jn. Reese.  Person giving info

Freeman WYNN.

NOTE1863 & 1869 were missing.

1880 - No. 2 Dist., J.B. Ivy, Comm. of Revenue.

3.  Thos. WINN, 27 Apr., Meck. Co. .  Age 70.; Parents

Freeman & ______WINN.  Born Meck.  Occupation, none;

married.  J.H. WINN, son, gave info.

1881 - No. 2 Dist., J.B. Ivy, Comm. of Revenue.

4.  Thos WINN, April,  died Meck Co., cold, 70.  Born

Lunenburg Co.  Married.  Giving info, James A. WINN,



5.  WINN, B.T., 4 March, in Meck. Co., Cause Unknown.

54 yrs. old.  Parents, Win WINN;  occupation, farmer.

V.O. WINN, spouse.  Info. J.O. WINN, son.

1888, Dist. 1, Leander Read list

6.  WINN, James O., 4 March in Meck.  Congestive chill.

31 yrs. old.  Parents B.T. & V.O. WINN.  Born in

Meck. Farmer.  Married M.A. WINN.  W.M. WINN, brother,

gave info.

1893, Dist. 1, Leander Read list

7.  James L. WINN, 14 Mar. in Meck.  Dysentery.  74 yrs.

old. Parents, W.H. & Henrietta WINN.  Born Meck.

Farmer.  Married H.A.WINN.  Info H.A. WINN, wife.

Mecklenburg Co., Va., Deeds

Mecklenburg Courthouse,

Boydton, Va.

Abstracted Oct. 1989 drr


Deed Bk. 5, 1777-1779

pg. 47, John Winn to John Stone, 12 May 1777.

Deed Bk. 7.

John Wynn, exec of estate of Wm. Vaughan, 13 Oct. 1788.

Deed Bk. 9, pg. 326Littleberry Winn of Lunenburg Co.,

Va., sold to Wm. Pettus, adm. of Thomas Pettus.

Deed Bk. 10, pb. 164Peter Wynn & wife Mary of Brunswick

Co., & Peter Wynn, the younger, of Mecklenburg Co.

Parents gave to Peter for $1, 500 acres.14 Oct. 1799.

pg. 41927 Nov. 1800Littleberry Winn & wife Mary of

Mecklenburg Co. to Thomas Vaughan of Mecklenburg.

pg. 45427 Nov. 1800Littleberry Winn & wife Mary

sold to Thomas Vaughan 183 acres.

Bk. 14, pt. 1, pg 26712 Apr. 1810Mary Winn, widow of

Little B. Winn, of Mecklenburg Co., sold to Armistead

Burwell in pursuance of Littleberry's will & for $1307

a tract on S side of Roanoke River on the bank of

Island Creek in George Tarry's line...her proportion

of the landed estate of Wm. Maynard, deceased...

(NOTE In a book on the early settlement of Meck. Co., Katherine Elliott

said the first court held for the new Lunenburg Co. was at Burwell's

Quarters (now in Chase City, Meck. Co.) and at the house of Sheriff

Thomas Bouldin in what is now Charlotte Co.)

Bk. 15, pg. 2952 May 1812James Winn of Mecklenburg

to Thomas Taylor and George Powel and to Richard C.

Gregory(?) furniture, etc.


Mecklenburg Co. Courthouse

Boydton, Va.

"Will Book Index S-Z"  abstracts

1.  Horatio Winn, estate admr. bd. 1861., Bk 20, Pg. 282.

2.  Freeman Winn, est. appraisal, 1864, bk 20, pg. 623.

3.  Freeman "     "    acct. sales, 1864, bk. 20, pg. 624.

4.  Freeman "     acct. 1865, bk 21, pg 163.

5.  Thomas Winn, est. appr. 1888, bk 25, pg. 466.

6.  Thomas Winn,  est. acct. sales, 1888, bk 25, pg. 467.

7.  Thomas Winn, appr. dtr. 19 Nov. 1887; property sale,

23 Dec. 1887.


Bk 20, pg. 282  Horatio Winn exors. Thomas Winn & Robert M.


Bond acknowledged & recorded 16 Dec. 1861.

Bk 20, pg. 623  Freeman Winn Inventory.  Purchasers

Lucy (Lucie) Winn; E.A. Drumwright; Thomas Winn; L._ Reese; Wm. Winn;

S.J. (?) Reese; Thomas Winn; Wm. Minor; E.M.

Pettildo(?).  Recorded 18 Jan. 1864.

Bk 21, pg. 89Nancy Reese estate.  Sale of tobacco & payment of bills.

Sale of slaves.  Suit, Jas.(?) Reese vs. Reese's adms.

Distributees   1/6 each ($43.84)

Edmund Reese; Mary A. Reese; Mathew A. Reese; Howell

Mallett and Emma, his wife; WM. WINN & ELLEN, his wife;

James Reese & Margaret, his wife; Maratha Reese for

Edmund Reese.

Bk 21, pg 163 Freeman Winn.  Est. items sold & bills

paid "in cash in Confederate currency"

Paid to  Spencer Reese; Elizabeth Reese; Thomas Winn;

Wm. Winn; John Thompson, Sheriff for coffin.