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New Kent Co., Virginia Pensions


(File No. S. 18, 205; certificate No. 23,709.) March 17, 1834 Edward Slater made affidavit before New Kent Co. Court that he was then 75 years of age and a resident of that county. He said he first enlisted in the Rev. as a militiaman under Capt. Baker in the Regt. of Colo. Richmond Allen, and was sent to Williamsburg where he remained about 6 weeks. Later he was sent to Half-way House in Eliz. City Co., Va., under Capt. George Ball of New Kent Co., and in about 10 days was marched to Staunton, Va., under Capt. Baker where he served about 8 mos. and was discharged. He was born in New Kent Co., in 1759.

James Clopton, a clergyman, John Breeding, James Williams and Judge Wm. H. Macon all of New Kent Co., testified to the character and varacity of Slater and stated they firmly believed he had served in the War.

The presiding Judges were: W. H. Macon, R. Graves, B. Crump, J. S. Taylor and T. H. Terrell. Jno. D. Christian was Co. Clerk.



(File no. S. 37,702; certificate No. ) July 9, 1818, Ansalem Bailey makes affidavit before the presiding judges of the court of New Kent county, stating that he is 58 yrs, old and has been living in Hanover Co., Va., for the past three years, but prior to that he had always lived in new Kent Co., therefore, it was as a resident of New Kent Co., that he enlisted in the Rev. War as a private in the Infantry Co., of Capt. Abner Crump of New Kent Co., in Col.. George Gibson's Regt. of Va. Line, for 3 yrs. service. He served his full term and was discharged at Philadelphia, Pa. He was in the battles of Monmouth, Stoney Point, Fowler's Hook and White Marsh where he was taken prisoner with several other Americans. Mostly through his planning they made their escape and joined their Gen. (Muhlenburg) at Valley Forge. He received a wound in the calf of the leg at Monmouth. He was also at Yorktown during the siege by the united armies of France and America.

The signatures of the judges who presided at New Kent Co., Court that day appear on this paper and are: John H. Christian, John L. Poindexter, Jno.S.Webb and Wm. Douglass.

A pension of $96. a year was granted Mch. 22, 1819, but was stopped under Act of May 1820.

In June 1820 this soldier made a new application for pension; again appeared in the Court of New Kent County and affirmed that his service had been in the Continental Line. At this date he was 62 yrs. of age and said he had a wife, Susannah Bailey aged 28 yrs., and 3 children viz: Rebecca aged 6, Martha aged 4 and Ansalem aged 1 yrs. and a free boy aged 16, Bailey stated at this appearance that he enlisted Nov. 21, 1776 and served until Dec. 22, 1779.

Mathew Higgins and Parks Martin, freeholders of the said county were directed to appraise Bailey's property, which was as follows: 1 grey mare at $10, bay colt $25, 1 heifer $5, cow and calf $15, 13 hogs of different sizes $20, 1 cart and plough $10; total $95.75.

The judges of New Kent Court signing at this date were: Robert Graves, Robert Christian, Jno. H. Christian and John L. Poindexter.

The pension was restored.

In 1830 Ansalem Bailey again applied for a pension stating that he had lost his certificate. This application was drawn in Hanover Co., Va. before Judge Ed. B. Crenshaw. Bailey then said he was 70 years old and had a wife and 7 small children.

The affidavit of Peter Francisco of Buckingham Co., Va, (then Sergt. at Arms of the House of Delegates) states that he and Ansalem Bailey were comrades at Stoney Point, Monmouth and Mud Island and that Bailey was a good and brave soldier.

The affidavit of Capt. Peter Foster also is attached, and states that he and Bailey were together in several engagements and that he well knew they were serving in the Continental Line. This paper also was drawn before Judge E. B. Crenshaw of Hanover Co., Va.

The affidavit of J. Marshall states that he is sure Bailey served in the war although they were not together in the army.

Capt. A. V. Crump signed a voucher stating Ansalem Bailey was in his Co., of 1st, Va. Regt.; enlisted 21 Nov. 1776 and served until 22 Dec. 1889.

Rev. John B. Clopton and Carrell Fleming Chappell testified that Bailey then lived in their neighborhood and was truthful.

A letter filed with these papers and dated 1. 12, 1830 and signed by J. H. Eaton (Secy. of War) says: An Act passed Oct. 1777 by the State of Virginia discloses that "Col. George Gibson's Regt. shall be placed on Continental establishment in lieu of the 9th Regt. which was captured at Germantown.

Wm. H. Richardson, a notary public of City of Richmond, Va., certified a paper for Ansalem Bailey and it was witnessed by J. W. Pleasants, May 20, 1830.



(File No. S. 39, 319; certificate no. 4732.) May 15, 1818, when he was 55 years of age John Brown, 2nd, of New Kent County, Va., made affidavit in open court that he enlisted in James City Co., Va., in May 1778 as a private in Colo. Porterfield's regt., and served to the end of the war. He was in the battle when Gates was defeated, and received his discharge at Little York, Va.

The signatures of the presiding Judges of New Kent County Court appear on this paper and are: Robert Warren, Robert Graves, Seaton W. Crump, Wm Douglas and Beverly Crump. Bartholomew Dandridge signed as Clerk of Ct.

The pension of $8 per month was granted Oct. 21, 1818 commencing May 15, 1818. This was dropped Nov. 26, 1819 upon information that Colo. Porterfield's was a State Regt. and not Continental.

March 15, 1808 John Brown, 2nd had received a Military Bounty Land Warrant for 200 acres as private in Continental Line. This was signed by Wm. Price, Reg. of Land Office.

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