New Kent County, Virginia

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Photo courtesy of Pam Huffman

John Slater was a Vestryman in Blisland Parish in 1721 when he succeeded Capt. John Stanup, dec'd. In the course of time he was sheriff of the County and Churchwarden.

William Slater was clerk of the Lower Church and in 1782 William Slater was charged with 210 acres of land and John Slater with 160 acres in New Kent County.

In 1850 John Slater was a prosperous farmer and was living at Rickahock. He had married Fluvanna, his wife, and they had John S., a merchant; Virginia W.; Leonard A.; and Ellen B. Slater.

Dr. Leonard A. Slater, son of John Slater, was educated at Lynchburg College and was the valedictorian of his class. He studied medicine and was established at Slatersville, his home, after the war.
(Source: "Old New Kent County" by Malcolm H. Harris)

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