Register of St. Peter's Parish


Lydia daughter of James Blackwell and Lydia his wife baptized the 30 ______ 16__. Thomas the son of Edward Bell & Mary his wife baptized ye 5 day of September 16-. Mary daughter of Thomas Buttler & Mary his wife baptized ye 7 day of Novr: 16__. William the son of Will Bingham & Jane his wife baptized ye 28th day of ___, 16__. Will: ye sone of Will: Bigger was born ye 28th Janu: and baptized 24th of March, 16__. Betty a negroe girl of Mr: Will Beck borne ye 7th: day of Jany 16__. Thomas sone to Thomas Browne baptz. ye 27th day of November. 16_8. Edward son to John Bayly baptiz. ye 30 day of May, 16__. Mary daught to Charles Bostick baptizd the 24th day of June, ____. Edward[?], son to Robert Bompus baptizd 16th day of August, ____ ______, son to John Bayly baptizd ye 8th of June, ____. ______, daughter to James Blackwell baptizd ye 27th of Sept., ____. Richd.[?], son to Richard Brock baptizd ye 11th of Oct., ______. Francis son to Jno. Barnet bapt: ye 28 of June ____. Joseph son to Abraham Benn baptizd ye 18th of Oct., ______. John son of Charles Barker by Rebeck his wife baptizd __, ______, Jno. son of Jno. Brown and Eliz. his wife baptizd ye 10th of June, ____ Anne daughter of Jno. Baughan and Mary his wife born ______, and baptized the 10th day of July, ____. Anne daughter of Joseph Baughan bapt. _____. 2 Elizabeth daughter of John Barnes baptiz. 2_, ____. Judith daughter of Robt. Bumpus bapt. __, ____. Jane daughter of John Burnley bapt. __, ____. Katherine daughter of Richard Bullock bapt. __, ____. John son of Thomas Bassett bapt. the 5th of Feby., ____. John son of Henry Borne by Sarah his wife bapt. 19th Mar, ____. Ellener daughter Robert Brooks bapt. July __, ____. Nathan son of John Barnett bapt. 27, ____. Dorothy daughter of Edwd. Bullock bapt. __, ____. John son of James Blackwell bapt. __, ____. Sarah daughter of Robert Brooks bapt. 11, ____. Margery daughter of Benj. Bulkley bapt. __, ____. Sarah daughter of Henry Bourn bapt. __, ____. John son of Thomas Brook & his wife Margt. bapt. __, ____. Mary daughter of James Blackwell bapt. 24th De_, ____. Elizabeth daughter of Jno Baughan Junr bapt. May __, ____. Thomas son of Thomas Briggman bapt. the 3 Nov. __, ____. Mary daughter of Richard Brooker bapt. 1st D___, ____. John son of John Barnes bapt. the 29 , De__, ____. Elizabeth daughter of John Brown bapt. __, ____. Amadiah daughter of Christopher Binns bapt. 23 Feby, ____. ______ daughter of Henry Bone born 1st of March, ____. ______ daughter of David Bell born 2 Jany., ____. ______ daughter of John Burley bapt. ye 20 july, ____, ______ daughter of Robert Brooks bapt. 6 July, ____. ______ daughter of Robert Bumpus born 19 Oct, ____. ___tha daughter of __amll. Bugg bapt. ____. ______ Baughan son of Jno Baughan Jur. bapt. ____. ______ ________ Bullock bapt. __, ___ ____. ______ belonging to Mrs. Sarah Bray. Jacob born May __, 1697. Pegg born __ October, 1697. Hannah born July __, 1699. Rebecca daughter of Henry Brown bapt. the 28th Mar. 1702/3. Jane daughter of Henry Bow baptized the 4 of April, 1703. Anne daughter of Tho. Bassett bapt. the 20th of June, 1703. Joshua son of Geo. Brock baptized the 3rd of July, 1703. ______ son of Richard Brooker born 4 Feb'y, 1702/3. ______ of Jno Burnley bapt. ye 21 Nov., 1703. 3 ______ child belonging to Mrs. Alice Butts, __, December 1703. ______ of John Bowles Junr bapt. 13th Feb'y, 1703/4. ______ of Charles Barker bapt. 5 March 1703/4. ______ of David Bell bapt. ye 21 May, 1704. ______ of Edwd Bullock baptized ye 4 of June, 1704. ______ of Thos. Brigman bapt. ye 25 of Feb'y, 1704-5. ______ of Thos. Bassett baptized ye 1 of July, 1705. ______on A: B: child born ye 17 day of August, 1705[?]. ______ of Jno. Baughan born ye 5 of May 1706. ______ of Joseph Baughan born ye 17 day of Feb'y, 1702. ______ negro belonging to Mr. Wm Beck ______ day of August, 1704. ______ of Thomas Bassett born ye 10th of Xbr, 1696. ______ son of Thomas Bassett born ye 18th Feb'y, 1701. ______ daughter of Wm Bayzy bapt. ye 5 Feb'y, 1705. ______ Negro girl belonging to Mr. Butts born _____, 1705. ______ of James Bullock bapt 5 Jan'y, 1706-7. ______ of Jno Bibey bapt. ye 5 of Jan'y, 1706-7. ______ _____ter of Thomas Barnes bapt. April 2d, 1708. ______ Negro girl of Madm. Sarah Bray born ye 4th day of July, 1707. ______ daughter of Rich. Brooker bapt. July ye 25, 1708. ______ ___urn a bastard child born March ye 27th, 1708. ______ of Nathaniel Brothers and Mary his wife ______ ye 4th: 1706 and baptized Aug. ye 9th, 1708. ______ Henry Bardrick bapt. Sept. 5, I708. ______ of Jno Bacon born Aug. ye 14th, 1708. ______ son of Jno Bacon born 8ber ye 30th, 1709. ______ belonging to Jno Bacon born April __, 1708. _____topher Binns bapt. __ b___ No_ ye 21st, 1708.
Thomas Cotterill son of Richard and Mary his wife bapt. ye 11th day of April, 169_. Timothy ye son of Robert Chandler and Elizth. his wife, bapt. ye 17th day of Oct., 168_. John ye sone of Nicholas Cox and Mary his wife bapt. ye 31st day of Oct. natt: ye 11th of Oct. 168_. Susanah daughter to Stephen Crump bapt. ye 4th of September 168_. Robt sone of Robert Chandler bapt. ye 30th of May 168_. Elizabeth daughter to Richd Cumbo bapt. ye 17th of February, 168_. 4 Sara daugt to Richd Chastin bapt. ye 13th day of May, 168_. Angelica daughter to John Craford bapt. ye 21 of Nov., 1689. Elizabeth daughter to William Crump bapt. ye 24 day of Aprill, 1692[?]. Rachell daughter to George Cox bapt. ye 1st of June, 1690. Peter negroe belonging to David Craford borne ye 10th of Oct. 1688. Thomas sone of Thomas Cranshaw bapt. ye 25 of Decem. 169_. John son to Robert Chandler bapt. ye 11 of Jan'y, 169_. Barbara daugh. of Thomas Case and Mary his wife borne Dec. 9 169_ and baptized the 10 July 1698. James son of Edwd Chambers and Eliz. his wife bapt. 7 Aug. 169_. Henr son of Henr Childs baptized the 13th of Nov 169_. Elizabeth daughter of Henr Crumpton bapt. 2 October, 169_. Margarett daughter of Robt Cade bapt. Nov. ye 27, 169_. Hannah daut of Benj. Clark by Eliz: wife bapt. the 12 March 169_. Richard son of Edwd Bullock by Sarah bapt. the 16 Aprill 16__. William son of Benj. Clark by Mary bapt. the 25 June, 169_. William son of Robert Chandler bapt. the 26 June, 169_. Abraham son of Abra. Cox bapt. the 13 Dec., 169_. Mary daugh. of William Crump bapt. the 9 of June, 16__. Thomas son of Thos Case natt: the 16 Nov., 169_. Samuel son of Burnell Chapell bapt. the 4, ___ 16__. Matthew, son of Abraham Cook born the 27 June, ____. Mary daug. of Thos Case baptized the 18 Febr., ____. Joseph son of Robt Chandler baptiz the 11 Augt ____. Benjamin, son of Benjamin Clark baptiz the 29 Sept. ____. Stephen son of William Crump baptiz the 3 November, ____. Francis son of Thomas Cheney baptiz the 15 December, ____. Walter son of Henr Childes baptiz the 5 of January, ____. Susana daugt of Robt Crump baptiz the 23 March, ____. Hannah daught of Abraham Cook baptiz 21 Dec., ____. Jane dauter of Henr Crumpston bapt. the 15 Mar., ____. William son of Hugh Case bapt. the 24 ___, ____. James son of Henr Childes Gent bapt. the 4 ___, ____. 5 Bryan son of Wm Cooker, bapt. the 10 Oct., ____ Anne, daughter of Henr Crompton, bapt. 25 Dec., ____ Francis a negro boy belonging to Wm C____borne, born the 15 of August, 1703. Nane negro belonging to Wm Clopton _____ the 29 of Aprill, 1704. ______ Daughter of Robt Chandler baptized ________. Ba_t ye son of Wm Crump bapt. ye 12 May ____. Joseph son of Robt Crump bapt. 17 July, 1706. Negros belonging to David Clarkson: Peg born in 7ber, 1706 and Doll born June 28, 1708. Mary daughter of Wm Crump born April ye 30th and bapt. May ye 8, 1709. Gutrich son of Stephen Crump by Anne his wife born May ye 22, 1709. Phillis a negro girl belonging to Rich. Cotterel Junr born Feb'y ye 10, 1708/9. Charles son of Richard Crump born Feb'y 2 bapt. Feb'y ye 26, 1709. Susanna daught of Thomas Cotterel bapt. April ye 1st, 1710. Jno: a negro belonging to Mr Wm Clopton bapt. June ye 25th, 1710. Richard Cotterell son of Rich. Cotterell bapt. Dec. ye 17th, 1710. John son of David Clarkson baptized February ye __, 1710. Lucy daughter of Robt Crump bapt. Mar the 25th, 1711. Thomas son of Thomas Cotterell baptized April ye 22nd, 1711. Mary daughter of James Crump baptized May ye 13th, 1711. Judith daughter of James Christian baptized May ye 21st, 1711. Richard son of Richd Crump born 8ber ye 12th bapt. Nov. ye 11th, 1711. Agnes daughter of Stephen Crump bapt. 9ber ye 25, 1711. Sarah daughter of Arthur Crue born April ye 21st, 1712. Anne Daughter of Walter Clopton born July ye 3rd bapt. Aug. 3rd, 1712. Bathyah (Birtha) Daughter of Robt Clopton born Aug. ye 19th bapt. 7br. ye 28, 1712. 6 Gideon son of Mr. Wm Carr born January ye 1st & bapt. Feb'y ye 8th, 1712. Gilbert son of Tho. Cotterell Baptized March ye 5th, 1712. Agnes Daughter of James Crump Baptized May ye 10th, 1713. Anne daughter of Wm Crump born 7ber ye 8th & bapt. 8br. ye 4th, 1713. Charles son of Richd Cotterell Jr. baptized December ye 27th, 1713. Thomas & Sarah son & daughter of Steph. Crump born Feb'y ye 14th, 1713. Negros belonging to Major John Custis (viz): John a mulatto Born March ye 18th, 1709 Patty a negro Born March ye 18th, 1709. _obb a negro Born 7ber, 1713. Betty a negro born May __, 1712 . A_ness Daughter of Robt Cade Born March ye 24th bapt. April ye 25th, 1714. ___rge a negro belonging to Major Custis Born April ye 18th, 1714. ___bin a negro belonging to Mr. Wm Clopton Born June ye 6, 1706. ______ a negro belonging to ye sd Clopton Born May ye 8th, 1707. ______ a negro belonging to ye sd Clopton Born May ye 30th, 1713. ______ negro belonging, to Richd Cotterell Junr Born 7ber ye 15th, 1714. ______ Daughter of Robt Clopton and Sarah his wife Born July Baptised August ye 29th, 1714. ______ negro child belonging to ye sd Robt Clopton Born 7ber. ye 25th, 1714. ______ son of Walter Clopton Born ye 19th of 9ber & Baptised Dec. ye 19th, 1714. ______ of Tho: Cotterell Born December ye. 31st, 1714. ______ Daughter of Richd Crump by Fran. his wife Born Dec. 1714. ______ Daughter of David Clarkson Jnr. Baptised April ye 24th, 1715. ______ Stephen Crump Born ______, Baptised July ye 10th, 1715. 7 ______ negro belonging to Major John Custis Born 8ber ye 16th, 1715. ______ Girl belonging to Robert Clopton, __ember ye 12th: 1715.
Richard the sone of Francis Day and his wife baptised ye 9 day of May, 168_. Will. the son of Henry Dillan & Elinor his wife baptised ye 1st day of August, 168_. Geo. sone to Robert Douglas bap. ye 9 day of Aprill, 1682. Robert son to Robert Douglas bap. ye 15th of February, 1683. William sone to Robt Depress bap. ye 24th of October, 1689. Mary daug. to Robt Depress bapt, ye 9 of November, 1690. Margaret daugh. to Henry Dillan bapt. ye 15th of March, 1690/1. Rachel daugh. to Alice Doe bap. ye 15 of March, 1690/1. David son of David and Bethia Bell bap. the 10 July, 1698. Eliz. daugh. of John Denett & Eliz. his wife bap. 14 August, 1698. Sarah daugh. to Robt Deprest & Mary his wife bap. 4 Sept., 1698. Eliz. daugh. of Geo. Dabney bapt. ye 11th of Nov., 1698. welthan daugh. of James Dabney bapt. the 8 Jan 1698/9. Susannah daugh. of James Durrum by Eliz. his wife bap. 19 March, 1698/9. William son of Will: Doue baptized the 2 July, 1699. Eliz. Daugh. of Francis Day baptized the 20 Jan 1699. Elizabeth Daugh. of Robt Deprest baptized the 19 July, 1702. Perthenia Daugh. of John Dennett borne ye 27 Nov., 1696[?]. Eliza Daugh. of John Dennett borne ye 13 June, 1698. Thomas sone of John Dennett borne ye 11 of Feb 1699. John son of John Dennett born ye 21 of October, 1702. James son of James Durrum baptized ye 23 May, 1703. Mathew daugh. of Jeremiah Dumas bap. ye 10 October, 1703. William son of William Dollard bap. ye 19 March, 1703/4. Elizabeth Daugh. of James Doller bap. 19th 8br 1703. Mary Daughter of Henry Dicks Born the 5th November, 170_. Edward son of Francis Day & Elisabeth his wife Born 8br ye 1st, 1708. Francis son of Wm Dollard & Margaret his wife Baptised March 13th, 1708/9. 8 Henry son of Henry Dikes Baptised February ye 25th, 1710/11[?]. James son of James Dollard Baptised April ye 15th, 171_. Grace Daughter of John Davis Baptised June ye 3rd, 17__. Elisabeth Daughter of Daniel Design by Mary his wife Baptised 8br ye 26th, ____. Elisabeth Daughter of Francis Day Baptised March 22, ____. Francis son of Fra. Day by Elizabeth his wife Born ye 20th of Feb'y, 1714/15. John son of Henry Dike Born March ye 26th, 1716.
Brought from B
Uriah and Hester son and Daughter of Edwd and Rachel Bettes Bapt. Aug'st 14th, 1709. Jane Daughter of George Baizey Bapt August ye 24th, 1709. Hannah a negro girl of Mrs. Alice Butts Born April ye 22nd, 1709. Hagar a negro girl of Madm. Sarah Brays Born Jan'ry ye 1st, 1709. Elisabeth Daughter of Henry Bardrick Baptised 8br ye 29th, 1710. Anselm son of Jno Bailey Jur. Baptised April ye 8th, 1711. Peter son of Richd Brooker Baptsd April ye 8th, 1711. Jane Daughter of Thomas Bassett Bapt. April ye 29th, 1711. Peter a negro boy belonging to Madm Sarah Bray Born May ye 3rd, 1711. Simon a negro boy belonging to Mrs Alice Butts 7br 16th, 1711. Francis son of Nathaniel Brothers Born February ye 16th, 1711. Gedion son of Edward Bettes Baptised August ye 3rd, 1711. Anne Daughter of Wm. Bourn Jur. Baptised March ye 1st, 1712. Rebecca Daughter of Tho. Barns Baptised March ye 1st, 1712. Constantine son of Henry Bardrick Baptised March 15th, 1712. John son of Jno Bacon by Susanna his wife Born May ye 14th, 1711. Hagar a negro belonging to ye sd Bacon Born June ye 14th, 1711. Sarah Daughter of Jno Bacon by Susanna his wife Born Dec. 28th, 1712. Kit a negro boy belonging to ye sd Bacon Born June 13th, 1713. 9 Venus negro girl belonging to Mr. Tho. Butts Born in July, 1713. Tabith Daughter of Jno Bailey by Mary his wife, Bap. August 2nd, 1713. Antapass Daughter of Richard Brooker Baptised Decemr ye 13th, 1713. Ceasar a negro belonging to Dr. Burbidge Born July, 1713. Paul a negro belonging to Madam Sarah Bray Born April 20th, 1713. Francis Daughter of Wm Bourn Jr. Baptised Aug. 8th, 1714. Peter son of Thomas Butts Gent. by Catherine his wife Born 7br ye 1st, baptd. 8br 3d 1714. Dick a negro belonging to ye sd Butts Born March ye 1st, 1714. Fany a negro belonging to ditto Born ye 24th of April, 1715. Ursula Daughter of Tho. Bassett Born 7br ye 15th, 1715. Lucy Daughter of Thomas Bailey Born August ye 28th, 1715. Daniel a negro boy belonging to Wm Bassett Esq. Born May 18th 1716. John son of Samm. Bugg Born ye 5th of May, 1715. John son of Robt Burbidge by Mary his wife Born Aug. ye 26, 1714.
Francis son of Jno Epecen bap. ye 17th of Aprill, 168_. John son of Sisilla Ellison bapt ye 17th Day of February, 168_. Jane Daughter of Hugh Escott bapt ye 29 day of June, 169_. Mary Daught of Thomas Elliott bapt. ye 23 of Novemb, 169_. An Daugt to Hugh Escott born ye 17th of Oct., 168_. Mary Daugt to Hugh Escott born ye 29 of Jan., 168_. Jno. son of Thomas Elmor & Mary his wife bapt ye 10 July, 1698. Will son of Peter Elmor & Rebecka his wife bapt ye 10 July, 1698. Mary Daugt of Jno Evans and Mary his wife bapt 28 August, 1698. Pall son of Jno Eperson baptised the 25 Febr, 1699/1700. Peter son of Peter Elmore by Rebecca his wife bapt. the 9th of June, 1700. 10 John son of Will. England bapt the 29 Septr, 1700. Tho. son of Tho. Elmore bapt the 29 Mar., 1702. Harris son of Peter Elmore Born the 5 July, 1702. Elizabeth Dautr. of Wm England bapt. ye 22 Nov., 1702. Mary Dautr. of Richd Evans baptised ye 28 March, 1702/3. John son of Wm Eppeson baptised the 19 Sept., 1703. Mary Daut. of Tho. Elmore bapt. ye 20 Augt, 170_. Elizabeth Daut. of Peter Elmore bapt. ye 17 Sept., 1704. Bathiah Daught of Peter Elmore bapt. 11 of May, 1707. Elisabeth Daughter of Jno Epperson bapt June ye 13th, 1708.. William son of Thomas & Elisabeth Epperson Bapt. ye 20th of June, 1708. Mary Daughter of Peter Elmore Born 8br ye 17th, 1715.
Brought from A
Joseph and Benjamin sons of Robt Allen Born April ye 12th, 1711. Francis Daughter of Jno Apperson born December ye 3rd, 1706. Elisabeth Daughter of Jno Apperson Born April ye 27th, 1708. Anne Daughter of Jno Apperson Born March ye 19th, 1710/11. James son of James Alford Born February ye 7th: Xnd April 12th, 1713. Henry son of Wm Apperson Born March ye 29th, 1713. Samuel son of Wm Allin Baptised September ye 20th, 1713. Judith Daughter of Francis Amoss Baptized January ye 24th, 1713. John son of Jno Apperson Jur Born Feb. ye 4th Xnd Mar. 21st, 1713. Drury son of Robert Allen Born April ye 6th: Xnd May ye 2nd, 1714. Nanny a negro belonging to Mr. Richd Allin Born 7br, 1711. Ned a negro belonging to ye sd Allin Born June ye 20th, 1713. Richard a negro belonging to Jno Aldredge Born in September, 1713. Higins son of John Axford Baptised 7br ye 19th, 1714. Phil a molatto belonging to Mr. Richd Allin Born Aug. ye 15th, 1698. Jamy a molatto belonging to Ditto Born October ye 3rd 1704. Jack a negro belonging to Ditto Born April ye __, 1704. Warren son of James Alford Baptised August ye 28th, 1715. 11 Elisabeth Daughter of Wm Apperson Born ye 17th of 7br, 1715. Mary Daughter of Joseph & Anne Ashling Born Jan'y ye 12th, 1715. Mary Daughter of Jno Apperson Junr. Born February 26th, 1715. Frances Daughter of Tho. Apperson Born ____: Baptised April 1st, 1716. Sue a slave belonging to Jno Aldredge Born in April, 1716.
Elizabeth ye daughter of Charles Fleming & Susanna his wife bapt. ye 28th Oct., 168_. James Forgeson son of Robert & ______ his wife bap. ye 8th day of March, 168_. Mary daughter to Edward Finch bapt ye 18th of April, 168_. Joseph son to Joseph Foster & Eliz: his wife bapt. ye 8th of April, 1687. Negros belonging to Capt. Joseph Foster one named: Bebdana borne ye 20th of August, 1682. One named Jenne borne ye 30th of Jan'y, 1683/4. One named Sara born ye 20th of Febr'y, 1684/5. One named Nane borne ye 28th of Aprill, 168_. Eliz: Daugt to Capt. Joseph Foster & Eliz: his wife bapt ye 27 of Sept. & born ye 1st, 1689. Luce Daugt of Joseph Foster Gent. by Eliz. his wife born the 5 October, 1697. Negro Doll born the 20 October 1692, Negro Will born ye 1st of September, 1697, both belonging to Capt. Joseph Foster. Henry son of Edwd Finch bapt. the 15 day of February, 169_. Barbary daut of Wm Freeman baptised 5 July, 1702[?]. Peter negro belonging to Charles Fleming borne ye 24th of June, 1703. Robin & Billy negros belonging to Cha. Fleming born ye 12th of June, 1704. James son of John Finall bapt. ye 17th February, 1702[?]. Hannah Daughter of Wm Fergison bap. ye 3 March, 1704/5. Sarah a mulatto belonging to Major Field born ye 12 March, 1705. Dorus a negro belonging to Major Field born ye 23 March, 1705/6. Eliza. Daughter of Tho. Fuzzell bapt ye 17 July, 1706[?]. 12 Doll a negro girl born in May, Tamar a negro girl born in 8br, both belonging to Chas ______, 1706[?]. Moll a negro girl belonging to Madam Field born 5 7br, 170_. Elisabeth Daughter of John Fennell baptised March the 3rd, 170_. Judith Daughter of William Forgeson baptised July the 4th, 1708. Negros belonging to Mrs. Alice Field: Peter, Musca-doras, Mary, Phillis, Anne, Elisabeth, Adult, Baptized January ye 2nd, 17__. Joseph son of Coll. Joseph Foster & Elis: his wife Born October ye 29th, 169_. Sarah Daughter of Thomas Fuzell baptised April ye 10th, 170_. Jno son of Jno Foster Gent. by Jane his wife Born ye 10th day of June, 17__. Betty a negro girl belonging to Sarah Fleming Born Mar. ye 4th, ____. Phebe a negro girl belonging to Madm. Alice Field Born March ye 9th, ____. Toby a negro boy belonging to Madm. Alice Field Born April __, ____. Landa a negro belonging to Capt. Jno Foster Born July ye __, ____. Mary Daughter of John Fenill Born May ye 1st, ____. Hannah a negro being Born April ye 8th belonging to ____ ____, which was given to the said Sarah by her Father ____. Primas a negro belonging to Madm. Alice Field, ________ . Martha Daughter of Tho. Fusell Born ____, ____. Jacob a negro belonging to Capt Foster Bo__, ____. Susanna Daughter of Wm. _______, F___. Sarah Daughter of Jno Fennell Born April ye __, 1715. Sarah Daughter of Henry Clark Born Febr'y ye 13th, 1715. John son of Edward Finch Born March 20th, 1699.
Jno sone to Richard Gillam Bapt ye 25th day of August, 1687[?]. Peter sone to Samuel Gentry Bapt ye 10th of Aprill, 1687. Eliz. daug. to Nich. Gentry Bapt 29 day of August, 1689. 13 James sone to James Garrett Bapt. ye 13 of July, 1690. Eliz. daug. to Richd Gillam Bap. ye 5 of Oct., 1690. Forrist sone of Edward and Jane Greene bap. July 17, 1698. John son of Peter Goodwin Bapt the 25 Decr, 1698. Judith Daughter of Will Gunnell Bapt ye 5 February, 1698/9. William son of Richard Gillum by Margaret Bapt. 26 March, 1699. Nicholas son of Nicholas Gentry Baptised ye 30 May, 1699. Elizabeth daugh. of Tho. Granger Baptised ye 21 Jan'y, 1699/1700. Edwd son of Edward Garland born the 20th May Bapt. 8 July, 1700. Mary Daugh. of Edwd Green baptised ye 11 August, 1700. Joseph son of James Garrard baptised the 24th November, 1700. Judith Daugh. of Judith Garrard baptised ye 24. November, 1700. Elizabeth daugh. of Peter Goodwin baptised the 2 Febr'y, 1700/01. Samuel son of Benj. Goodman baptised the 27 Aprill, 1701. Robt son of Thomas Glass Jur. baptised the 25 May, 1701. Anne Daugh. of Will. Gunnell baptised the 12 Octo., 1701. Margaret Daugh. of Richard Gillum baptised the 2 November, 1701. Mabell daugh. of Nicho Gentry baptised the 13 Decr, 1702. Richd son of Richd Gillam baptised ye 1st day of Aprill, 1705. James son of Edwd Green baptised 7br ye 23, 1705. Francis Daughter of Jno Googer born ye 8 7br, 1697. Jacob son of Jno Googer born ye 10 8br, 1700. Lucy Daughter of Jno Googer Born ye 8 7br, 1705. Sarah negro belonging to Jno Googer born ye 8 May 1705. Jenny a negro girl belonging to Jno Googer born 20 Feb'y, 170_. Anne Daughter of Jno Gauling Baptised Febr'y the 4th, 170_. Susanna daughter of Jno Graves & Eliz. his wife born Xbr 17th, 170_. Matthew daughter of Jno Galling Baptised Feb'y ye 9th, 170_. Charles son of Alexander Goodin Baptised May ye 20th, 1710. Matthew son of John Graves Baptized October ye 23, 1710. 14 James and John sons of Wm Green Baptised Febr'y ye 18th, 1710. James son of Jno Guillam Baptised Jan'y ye 27th, Born Decem. 11, 1711. Thomas son of Alexr. Goodin Baptized June ye 8th, 1712. Tyler son of Tho. Garrat Baptised Feb'y 14th, 1713. Agnes Daughter of John Guillam Born Feb'y 20th: Xnd March 21st, 1715. Honour Daughter of Jno Gauling Born June ye 4th, ____. Jane Daughter of Jno Green by Sarah his wife _____, ____. John son of Jno Guillam Born March ye 5th, ____.
Judith Daughter of Wm Crump Baptised March ye 4th, 1715. Judith a negro girl belonging to Mr Wm Clopton Born Jan'y ye 26th, 1715. Sarah Daughter of Henry Clark Born Febr'y 13th, 1715.
John ye sone of John Hight & ______ his wife bapt ye 3 day of September, 168_. William ye sone of John Hight & _____ his wife baptised ye 28 day of October, 168_. Robert ye sone of Frances Hester & ______ his wife baptised ye 10 day of October, 1686. Rachel daughter of Edward Huchens & Rebecca his wife bapt. ye 24 day of October, 1686[?]. Robert son to Robert Harman was baptised ye 20th day of June, 1687[?]. Will son to Will Hughes baptised ye 16th day of September, 1687. Will son to Will Howle bapt. ye 4th day of March, 1687/8. Jno son to Luke Howard baptsd ye 13th of February, 1686/7. Jno son to Will Hughes bapt ye 23rd of Aprill, 1689. Mary Daughter to Jno Helton Born on the 2nd of February, 1691. Eliz. daughter to Francis Hill bapt ye 3rd day of June, 1688. John son to John Hight bapt. ye 16th day of Septem. 1688. John son to Thomas Hart bapt ye 24th of Octo. Natt ye first, 1689. Mary daughter to Fran. Hester bapt. ye 1st of March, 1689/90. Charles son to Edward Howchens bapt ye 17th of Aprl, 1690. Eliz. daugt to Wm Hughs bapt ye 19th of Octo., 1690. Sambo negro boy of Rowland Horsly Born ye 15 of Aug. 1691. 15 Eliz. daugt to Wm Howle bapt ye 28 of June, 1691. Charles son to William Hughs bapt 18 of Oct., 1691. Richard Haynsworth and Margt Dynd wid. married the 19th Jan'y, 169_. Robt son of Richd Hood & Eliz. his wife born ye 14 Febr'y & bapt 10 July, 1698. Elizabeth daughter of Wm Harris bapt November the 27, 1698. Geo. son of John Hilton by Eliz. bapt the 27 Augt, 1699. Robt son of John Hight bapt. Augt 26th, 1694. Mary daut Peter Hanna baptised 29th July, 1694. Thomas son of Thomas Hart baptised the 6 May, 1694. Phebe a daughter of Jno Hollaway baptised the 16 May, 1697. Eliz. daut of Richd Haynsworth bapt the 11 Augt, 1700. Anne Daut of Edwd Harris baptized 24 November, 1700. George son of William Harris bapt. the 13 Aprill, 1701. Richard son of Robert Harper bapt the 4 May, 1701. Elizabeth daut of Phillip Henson bapt the 25 Dec, 1701. Anne daut of Jno Hilton bapt the 14 June, 170_. Eliz. daut of Jno Hughes bapt ye 21 March, 17__. John son of Wm Harris baptised the 28 Mar., 170_. William son of Jno Hill bapt the 25 Aprill, 17__. David son of Willm. Haynes bapt ye 8 Augt, 1703. Richard son of Richd Haynsworth bapt ye 17 Octo., 1703. Bridgett daut of Jno Hilton bapt ye 26 Dec., 170_. Benj. son of John Harris by Anne born ye 5 Jan, 170_. Elizabeth Daught of Tho. Harris baptised the 14 day of May, 170_. Agnes daut of Fra. Hill Jr. bapt ye 13 Augt, 17__. Jno son of Jno Howle Jr. bapt ye 15 July, 17__. Ruth Daughter of Jno Hilton bapt ye 11 Augt, 17__. George son of Jno Hilton born ye 30 of July, 1___. Eliz Daughtr of ____ Hill Junr. bapt. __________. John Son of Jno Hubbard bap ______________. James son of Saml Hill ______, _____. Anne Daught of Robt H______, _____. John son of Wm. Hardcastle Baptised March the 3rd, 1707. Jane daughter of Jno Hughes Baptised March the 25th. 1708. Elisabeth daughter of Jno Hilton Born June ye 25th, 1696. John son of Philip Hinson Baptised Augt ye 1st, Born June ye 3rd, 1708. 16 Jane Daughter of Thomas Henderson Baptised March ye 5th, 1708/9. Jno son of Jno Helton Born August ye 29th, 1709. Elisabeth Daughter of John Hubert Bapt 9br ye 20th, 1709. Francis son of Fr. Hill Jur Baptised Jan'y ye 12th, 1709. Richd son of Robt Harris Baptised March ye 4th, Born Jan'y 21st, 1709. Anne Daughter of Jno Howle Bapt July ye 23rd, 1710. Elinor Daughter of Jno Hughes Baptised Aug. ye 6th, 1710. Anne Daughter of Matthew Hardden Baptised Jan'y ye 8th, 1710. Hannah Daughter of Wm Hardcastle Baptised 7br ye 7th, 1711. William son of John Hughes by Sarah his wife Born Jan'y ye 1st, 1711. Mary Daughter of Wm Hight Baptised Jan'y ye 27th. born Xbr ye 06, 1711. Robert son of Jno Howle Born April ye 14th & Baptised May ye 11th, 1712. Mary Daughter of Jno Helton Born June ye 1st, 1712. John son of Richd Haynesworth Born Jan'y ye 9th, Baptised July ye 27th, 1712. Peter son of Francis Hill Baptised March ye 1st, 1712. Wm son of Jno Hitchcock Born Febr'y 10, Bapt March 15, 1712. Wm son of Wm Hardcastle Born June ye 21st, 1714. Mary Holt servant born at Capt Alexr. Walkers of a white woman and a mulatto man was born Jan'y ye 10th: Attested by certificate from ye clerk of Willmington Parish, 1698. Judith Daughter of Jno Howle by Elisa. his wife born 8br ye 24th, 1714. Mary Daughter of Robt Harper Born August ye 7th, 1714. Michael son of James Hook Baptised April ye 24th, 1714. Francis Daughter of Jno Helton Baptised April ye 24th, Born March 18th, 1715. Thomas son of James Henderson Born Jan. ye 17th, 1715. George son of Stephen Housman Born Jan'y ye 29th, 1715.
George the son of George Joanes & Jane his wife Bapt ye 5 day of December, 1686. 17 Thomas ye sone of Edwd Johnson & Elize. natt: ye 5 of May & bapt ye 30 of ye instant, 1680. Eliz: daughter of Edwd: Johnson Eliz: _____ natt: ye 7th of July and baptised ye 6th of August, 1682. Penelope Daughter of Edw: Johnson Eliz: nat ye 4 day of Agust & bapt. ye 17 of ye instant, 1684. Rachell Daughter of Edwd Johnson and Eliz. his wife nt ye 8 of Decr & bapt. ye 2 of Jan'y, 1686/7. Elizth: Daughter of Richd Joanes & Debora his wife Baptised ye 15 day of March, 1680. Jno son of Richd Joanes & Debora his wife Baptised 15 of Jan'y, 1683. Mary Daughter of Richd Joanes and Debora his wife Baptised 16 of Jan'y, 1685. Eliz: Daughter of John Joanes Baptized ye 30 day of May, 1688. Robt son of Robt Jarratt and Mary his wife Bapt. 16 Augt, 1698. Jno son of Robt Jenings Born Sept. 2 and Bapt. the 23 of the same, 1698. Rebecka Daughter of Edwd Johnson Born the 8 and Baptised the 11 November, 1698. Anne daut of Wm Johnson by Sarah Baptised 16 Aprill, 1699. Elizabeth daut of Jno Jenkins by Hanna Baptised 7th May, 1699. Eliz. daut of Tho. Jackson Baptised the 9 December, 1694. Tho. son of Anthony Johnson baptised the 9 Decbr, 1694. Thomas son of Thomas Jackson by Mary Born the 1st June, 1699. William son of William Johnson baptised the 31 August, 1701. Benjamin son of Edwd Johnson borne the 17 August, 1701. William son of Robt Jenings baptised the 5 July, 1702. John son of John Johnson baptised ye 22 Novemb, 1702. Sarah daut of Tho. Jackson baptised ye 14 Novb, 1703. Benj. son of Wm Johnson baptised Aprill 22, 1705. Massie Johnson of John Johnson bapt. ye 5 Febry., 1705. Anne Daughter of Michll. Johnson baptised ye 12 Febry., 1705. John son of John Jones Junr bapt. 30th May, 1706. 18 Susanna a negro girl belonging to Tho. Jackson born 20 May, 1707. Collins son of William Johnson Baptised February ye 4th, 170_. Anne Daughter of Jno Jones Born October the 13th, 170_. Agnes Daughter of Michael Johnson baptised 2d April, 170_. Robt son of Jno Johnson Baptised the 2d of April, 1708[?]. Lane son of Orlando Jones by Martha his wife Born June ye 15th, 1707. Sarah Daughter of Michael Johnson Bapt. Octo ye 12th, 1707. Mary Daughter of John Jackson Bapt Febry. ye 9th, 1709. Sarah a negro girl belonging to Mr Robt Jarratt born Augst. 1708. Jacob son of Alex. Johnson born September, 1708. Frances Daughter of William Jackson bapt. 8br ye 15, 1710. Cicely Daughter of Wm Johnson baptised Decr ye 3d, 1711. Sarah Daughter of John Jackson baptised Novemb ye 18th, 1711. Richman son of Alex. Johnson baptised April ye 27th, 1712. Thomas son of Wm Jackson by Anne his wife baptised May 3d, 1713. Anne Daughter of Jno Jackson baptised ye 4th of October, 1713. Jack a negr. belonging to Jos. Joy Born May ye 1st, 171_. Jessie a negr. belonging to Ditto Born Febry., 171_. Richard son of Jno Jones Born ye 6th of March, 17__. Thomas son of John Johnson Born 7br 11th, 1714. Anne Daughter of William Jackson Bapt February ye 13th, 1714. John son of John Jackson Born June ye 14th, 1715. Francis Daughter of Mr Orlando Jones by Martha his wife was born August the 6th, 1710.
Robt sone of Robt King bapt. ye 11th of March, 1687/8. Alexander son to Robt King bapt. ye 19th of Decemr, 1689. Elleoner Daughter of Henr Keeble bapt the 30 October, 1689. Mary daut of Tho. King by Mary his wife bapt. the 11 June, 1689 [or 99]. Peter son of Tho. King baptised the 7 October, 1694. Rebecka daut of Jno Kimbriell Jur by Eliz. born ye 10 August, 1699. Bulkley son of Jno Kimbriell senr by Margt natin Nov. 17, 1699. 19 John Kimburrow son of Jno Kimborow Jur bapt. 21 Dec., 1701. Henrey son of Henr Keeble baptised the 11 January, 1701/2 Major son of John Kimburrow baptised 2 Jan, 1703/4. Mary daut of Jno Kimburrow Jur borne ye 30 Jany., 17O3/4. Joseph Killy A B: child Born the Beginning of March, 1706/7.
Brought from C
Julius son of James Crump Born ye 5th of 9br, 1715. Will a negro boy belonging to Stephen Crump born Jany. 12th, 1715.
one negro boy named Jack belonging unto Mr Richard Littlepage born the 26th day of August, 1686. Jane daughter to Richard Lamb bapt ye 8th of January, 1687/8. Jno son of Jno. Lewes bapt. ye 27th of Febry. 1686/7. Negroes belonging to Mr Jno Lightfoot: one called Jack born ye 15 Feb., 1686/7 and one negro boy called Will born ye 20th of August, 1690. Martha daugh. to John Laneford bapt ye 9th day of August, 1688. John son to John Lawson bapt ye 8 day of May, 1690. Richd son to Robt Lancester bapt ye 15 of March, 1690/1. Negroes belonging to Mr Jon Lightfoot: one called Jonny born July ye 3rd, 1692. one called Beck borne Septemb ye 8th, 1694. one called Matthew born March ye 25th, 1680. Elenor daut of John Lawson and Judith his wife bapt 10 July, 1698. Alice Daughter of John Lightfoot Esq. & Anne his wife borne the 25 Sept and baptis the same day, 1698. Abraham son of John Lewis plantr bapt novem. the 27, 1698. Mary Daughter of Wm Leake by Mary baptis. the 16 Aprill, 1699 Peter son of Will. Leake baptis. the 19 Septr, 1697. Will son of Wm Leeke baptis. the 15 July, 1694. David son of John Lewis bapt the 5 May, 1695. Richard son of Jno Luck baptis. the 24 Septbr, 1699. John son of Geo. Lovill by Eliz. baptiz. the 15 October, 1699. Charles son of Geo. Lovill baptis. the 16 February, 1700/1. Jane dautr of Will. Leake born the 11th January, 1700/1. Negro children belonging to Mr John Lewis at Chemokins viz: Hanna borne November 1688 Phill borne June, 1689 20 John borne July 1691 Anne borne Octor, 1694 Isbell borne October 1697 Peter borne July, 1699 Sew borne March, 1702 Mary borne Augt, 1694 Henry borne July, 1699 Bob borne January, 1701/2 Will borne Augt 1698 James born October, 1699 Tom borne September, 1697 Mary borne December, 1699 and Tamar borne December, 1701. Richd son of Wm Leake bapt the 13 Decemb, 17__. William son of John Lewis baptiz. ye 22 Novr, 17__. Sarah dautr of Geo. Lovill baptiz. 31 Jany., 17__. Edward son of Nicho Lewis baptiz. ye 29 October, 17__. Mary & Agree negroes belonging to Coll. Lightfoot bapt ____, 17__. Sue a negro belonging to Col. Lightfoot born in the year 170_. Alec a negro belonging to Col. Lightfoot born in the year 170_. Nedson a Negro beloging to Col. Lightfoot born in ye year 170_. Andrew a negro belonging to Col. Lightfoot __, 17__. Charles a mulatto belonging to Col. Lightfoot D___, ____, Sarah a mulatto born in the year Do. Negro children belonging to Capt Rich. Littlepage: Sarah a negro girl born ye year 1703. Jenny born December, 1704. Nanny born November, 1704. Pompey born Sept, 1706. Cesar born September, 1706. Mary daughter of Jno Luck bapt. 14 7br, 1707. Mary daughter of Nicho Lewis baptis. Jan. ye 16th, 1708/9. Elisabeth daughter of Capt Richd Littlepage Born Decem. 11th: 1703. Frances daughter of Capt Richd Littlepage Born Octor ye 2nd: 1705. Alice Daughter of Capt Richd Littlepage Born Jany. ye 14 1707/8. Sam a negro belonging to Capt Littlepage Born June ye 20 1708. Samuel son of Jno Luck Baptised September ye 18th, 1709. Richd son of Capt Richd Littlepage Born March ye 21st 1709/10. Watt a negro belonging to Madm Mary Lightfoot Born June 10th, 1709.