Paul a negro belonging to Col. Wm. Bassett born in Septemr, 1729.
Lucy a negro girl belonging to Do. born April ye 4th, 1730.
Joe a negro boy belonging to Do. born May ye 10th, 1730.
Anthony a negro boy belonging to Do. born October ye 12th, 1730.
Joe a negro belonging to Collo. David Bray born March ye 3d, 1730/1.
Susanna Daugh: of John & Susanna Bacon born Janry 6th, 1730/1.
Mary ye Daughter of John & Susanna Briant born Decr 11th, 1730.
Mary ye Daughter of Robt & Sarah Browning born March 6 and baptized
April the 11th following, 1730/1.
Martin son of Jno. Realy Junr born Jany ye 30th 1716.
Mary Daughter of Robt Richardson by Jane his wife July 29th, 1716.
_____ son of James Raymond 8ber ye 2d, 1717.
Wm, son of Richd Ross born June 30, 1717.
Sherwood son of Wm. Reynolds born Jany: 11th, 1716.
Thomas son of Jno Reynolds born ye 21st of September, 1717 &
bapt. June 1st: 1718.
Frances Daughter of Jno Ross born 7ber ye 28, 1718.
Agnes Daughter of Charles Toney Born Bapt June 1st, 1718.
Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas Ragland Born March 28, 1718.
Robert son of Robt Richardson Born ye 23d of July, 1719.
William son of Wm. Reynolds born Augst 23, 1719.
Mary Daughter of Henry Richardson was born June 22, 1720.
June Daughter of Rob: Richardson born May 30, 1721.
Theodocia Daughter of Jno Ross born March 15, 1721.
_____ son of Richd Ross was born Augst 4, 1721.
Ruth Daughter of Henry & Ruth Richardson born April 17th, 1722.
Susanna Daughter of James & Unity Raymond born Augst 10th, 1722.
John son of Thos: & Elizabeth Roper Born Novemr 10th, 1722.
Angelica Daughter of Robt Richardson born Apl 30th, 1723.
Cuffee a negro belong, to James Roberts Born Aprl 16th, 1723.
Gideon son of Eben Ragland Born March 26th, 1723.


Frances Daughter of James Roberts born octr ye 5th, 1723.
David son of Jno Ross born Novr 12th, 1723.
Thos. son of Skip. Richardson born June 25, 1724.
Henry son of Henry Richardson born Jany 30th, 1724/5.
Temperance Daughr of Jno Ross & Ann was born Novr 2d, 1716.
Nanny a negro girl of James Roberts born 16 March, 1724/5.
Elizth Daughr of Cha: & Elizth. Richardson born Decr 20, 1711.
Hannah Daughr of Do. born Janry 12th, 1717/8.
Henry son of Do. born April 2d, 1720.
Lucy Daughr of Do. born March 5th, 1721.
Martha Daughr of Thos: & Eliz: Roper born 7ber 4th, 1725.
Isaac ye son of Richd Ross born March 9, 1723/4.
Anne Daughr of Robert & Susanah Rogers born Augst 6th &
baptst octobr 27th, 1725.
Susannah Daughr of Ship: Richardson born 7ber 28, 1725.
Judith a negro of Robt Rogers born Jany. 6th, 1724/5.
Green ye son of Robt & Jane Richardson born Febry: 12th, 1725/6.
Plant ye son of Charles & Elizth. Richardson born March 9th bapt May 28, 1728.
Hector a negro belonging to Mr. Robt Rogers born May 12th, 1726.
David ye son of Jno Ross July ye 12th, 1726.
Betty a negro belonging to James Roberts born Apl 30, 1727.
Sarah Daughter of Robt & Jane Richardson born Novemr 8, 1727.
David son of Jno & Mary Roper born Janry ye 8th & bapt 24th March, 1727/8.
Elizth ye Dar of Thos: & Elizth Roper born Febry. 21st Bapt March 24, 1727/8.
Anne ye Dar of Richd & Alice Ross born March ye 9th & bapt. May ye 5th, 1728.
SaIl a negro belonging to Lancaster Roughley born April 13th, 1728.
David ye son of Robt & Susa. Rogers born March ye 1st baptd March 3d, 1727/8.
James son of James & Margt Roberts born 7ber 18th bapt octob 20, 1728.


John son of Skip & Margt Richardson born octbr 21st bapt Nov. 10, 1728.
Dudley son of Wm. & Dorcas Rountree born Jany 4 bap. March 2d, 1728/9.
Johny a negro boy belonging to James Roberts born octor 7, 1729.
Mary Dr of Thomas & Elizth. Roper born March ye 12th, 1729/30.
David son of John Raynolds born Octor, 1728.
Nanny a negro belonging to Lancaster Roughley born Augt 12, 1730.
Hannah ye Daughter of Robt & Jane Richardson born Decr 23, 1729.
Elizabeth Daughter of James Sanders by Sarah his wife Born July ye 6th, 1716.
Owin son of Thomas Strange Born 23d of January, 1716.
Betty a negro girl of Samll. Smith Born 7ber 24th, 1716.
Martha Daughter of Jno Scott Gent. Born ye 28th April, 1716.
Martha Daughter of Richd Scruggs Junr Born April 4th, 1718.
Frances Daughter of Jno Sanders Born May ye 1st, 1718.
Jesse son of Jno Scott Born May ye __, 1718.
Susan a negro girl belonging to Mr. Tho. Sharp Born ye 3d of September, 1718.
Austin son of John Spear Born ye 17th of 7ber 1718.
Joseph & Benjamin sons of Alexr. Strange Jur. Born ye 14th day of March, 1716.
Francis Daughter of Alexr. Strange Jur Born ye 11th day of December, 1718.
Thomas son of Thomas Strange Born ye 24th of August, 1719.
Richd son of Richd Scrugs & Martha his wife Born Janry. 10, 1720.
Henry son of Jno Speere Born March 4. 1720/1.
Judith Daughter of Robt Speere Junr born March 31, 1721.
Eliz Daughter of James Smith born May, 1721.
Henry sonn of Henry Scruggs born June 11th, 1722.
George a negro boy belonging to Madm Sharp Born Feby 16th, 1722.
Tamar a negro girl belonging to Madm Sharp Born Novr 26th, 1722.
John sonn of Robt Spear born Febry: 17th, 1722/3.


James son of Henry Scrugg born March 13th, 1723/4.
Frances Daughr of Robt Speare by Mary born Mch 3d, 1724/5.
Bandy a negro girl belonging to Wm. Sims born Mch 15th, 1724.
Wm. son of Samll. Smith born Novr 27th, 1719.
Elizth. Daughter of Hen: Strange born 14 May, 1725.
Eliz Daughter of James Sims was born July ye 28th, 1725.
Drury Scruggs son of Richd Scruggs born Novr: 1, 1725.
Pompey a negro belonging to Saml. Bugg born Augst 27th, 1726.
Mitchel son Henry Strange born Augst 11, 1726.
Saml. son of Henry Scruggs born Sept 23, 1726.
Sarah Dr of Robt Sims born Sept 20th, 1726.
Charles son of Nathl. Smith born oct 3d, 1726.
Aress a negro boy of Frans. Sims born May ye 30th, 1727.
Will a negro of James Sims born June 30th, 1727.
Sarah ye Daughter of Michael Sherman born May ye 3d, 1727.
Jack a negro belonging to Michael Sherman born October ye 7, 1727.
Frans. Dar: Jno. & Judith Sanders born April 10th bapt. May ye 12, 1727.
James & Jane son & Dar of Henry & Mary Strange born March ye 17th, 1727/8.
Milly ye Daughr of Wm. & Elizth. Sledd born May ye 21st bapt. June ye 3d, 1728.
Will a negro boy belonging to Sarah Sanders born July ye 16th, 1728.
Napier a negro belonging to James Sims bapt. July 20th, 1729.
Sarah a negro belonging to Frances Sims bapt. July 20th, 1729.
Elizh., Jane, Richd. & Judith Negroes belonging to Henry Soane
was Baptized Augst the 31st, 1729.
Thomas the son of Richd. & Martha Scrugg born July 30 Baptized 7ber. 14th, 1729.
Frans. Dar of Natl. & Susanh. Smith born 7ber. 18 bapt Octr 5th, 1729.
Eliza. Dar of Henry & Eliza. Scrugg born September, 1729.
Sarah a Negro Girl belonging to James Sims born Decr 8, 1729.


Edmond son of Henry Strange born Janry 9th bapt Feb. 22, 1729/30.
Agnes Dar of Henry & Mary Scrugg born Febry 25 Bapt Easter, 1729/30.
John the son of Leman & Mary Lestrange born July 31st and
died October ye 8th Followinge, 1730.
Wm. the Son of Wm. & Eliza. Sledd born July 27th 1730.
Eliza. the Daughter of John & Judith Sanders born 15 Augst
bapt 7ber. 27, 1730.
Sarah ye Daughter of Hannah Scrugg born May ye 27, 1729.
John the son of Arthor & Rachel Slayden born feb. 22d
bapt Mch. 4, 1730/1.
Susanna Daughter of Wm. Thompson by Hannah his wife
Baptized July ye 1st, 1716.
Sarah Daughter of Alexr Tony Born 7ber ye 17th: 1716.
Wm. son of Michael Tucker Born 7ber ye 17th: 1716.
Frances Daughter of James Taylor by Eliz: his wife
Born Janry 26th, 1716.
George son of Wm. Thompson Born March ye 13th, 1717.
Agnes Daughter of Chas. Toney Born ye 9th of 9br, 1717.
Robert son of Edwd Toney by Elis: his wife Born May 15th, 1719.
Susanna Daughter of James Taylor Born November ye 8th, 1719.
Honnour Daughter of Chas. Toney was born Jany 8: 1719.
Tamer a negro of Sarah Turner born Jany 10: 1720/21.
Edmund son of Edmd Toney was born February: 8: 1720/21.
Turner a negro belonging to Gerrard Ellison born May 24,
1721. [This entry has been scratched through.]
Susanne daughter of Jno. Turner born June 17th, 1721.
Tho: son of Michael Tucker born April 1, 1721.
Simson son of Michel. Tucker born July ye 9th, 1723.
Lucy Little the Daughter of Mary Taylor born Nor 17th, 1723.
James son of Jno. Taylor born Decemr ye 10th, 1724.
Timothy son of Edmd Toney born April 1st, 1725.
Charles son of Jno. & Elizth Turner born May 26th &
bapt. June ye 27th following, 1725.
Drury ye son of Michael Tucker born 7ber 11th, 1726.
Jane ye Dar of Jno. & EIizth Turner born 7ber ye 16th &
bapt Octr 29, 1727.
EIiza. ye Dar of Edmund & Eliza. Toney born Augst 4
bapt Nor ye 5th, 1727.


Sarah Daughter of Wm. & Mary Thomas born Nor. 3d: bap. 24th 1728.
Sarah Daughttr of Jno. & Mary Thomson born March 18th
bap. Apl. 20, 1729.
Sampson a negro boy belonging to Caleb Turner born Apl. 2nd, 1729.
Frank a negro boy belonging to Do. born October 1st, 1729.
Martha Dar. of Wm. & Mary Thomas bapt Janry 11th, 1729/30.
Mary Dar. of Wm. & Dorothy Turner born May 1st, 1730.
Susanna ye Daughter of Edmond & Eliz Toney born May ye ____.
Martha Daughter of Wm. & Mary T____.
Deverex ye son of John & Eliza. Turner ____.
James son of Wm. Voughon born Feb: 5th, 1722/3.
Frances a mulatto Girl slave belonging to Wm. Voughon was born
25th of August, 1721.
Wm, a negro boy belonging to Do. born May 5th, 1724.
Jno. son of Robt Vaiden was born Octr. 20th 1725.
Hannah Daughr of Wm. Voughon born 25 7ber, 1725.
George a negro boy belonging to Ditto born Janry 4, 1725/6.
Liddia a negro girl belonging to Wm. Vaiden born May ye 10th, 1727.
Isaac ye son of Isaac & Eliza. Vaiden Janry 24 bapt March ye 2d, 1727/8.
Jammy a negro belonging Isaac Vaiden born July ye 15th, 1728.
Anna Daughtr of Daniel & Mary Veere was born July 13 bap. Augt 11, 1728.
Cate a negro girl belonging to Wm. Vaiden born Octobr 3d, 1728.
Agness Daughtr of Robt & Eliza. Vaiden Octobr 8th bapt No: 17, 1728.
Wm. Shiels son Wm. & Eliza. Vaughan born Janry 30th, 1729/30.
Mary the Dr of Wm. & Susanna Vaiden born July 3d bapt July 31, 1730.
Betty negro girl belonging to Wm. Vaiden born Janry 19th, 1729/30.
Angelica ye Daughter of Henry & Angelica Lacy born feb: 28, 1729/30.


Philip a negro boy belonging to Madam Littlepage born Feb.
15, 1729-30.
Arlott a negro girl belonging to Do. born June ye 1st, 1730.
Natt a negro belonging to Elizth. Lightfoot born Febry. ye 6th, 1730-1.


William son of Thomas Weaver Born August ye 20th, 1716.
John son of Geo. Wilkinson Born 8ber ye 22d, 1716.
Judith a negro girl of Cha: Winfrys Born ye 10th of March, 1716.
William son of Wm. Walker Born ye 15 of December, 1716.
Mary Daughter of Lewis Watkins Born April ye 2d, 1717.
Sam negro boy of Lett Walkers Born ye 11th of 7ber 1717.
Thomas son of Benja. Wicker Born ye 11th of August, 1717.
Anne Daughter of Philip Webber born Xbr * *, 1715.
John son of Wm. Williams Baptized February ye 16, 1717.
Tabitha Daughter of Wm. ______
Sarah Daughter of Wm. Waddill Junr Born 7ber ye 13, 1718.
Selvanus son of Selv: Walker born ye 11th of Decr, 1718.
Joseph son of Samll. Weaver born ye 22d of Xber 1718.
George son of Geo: Wilkinson Born Janry ye 27, 1718.
Sarah Daughter of Geo. Walton Born March ye 8th, 1718.
Thomas son of Thomas Weaver Born on May ye 15th, 1719.
Benja. son of Ben]’ Whicker Born July ye 13th, 1719.
Owen son of Mary Winkfield Born ye 23d day of September. 1719.
Able Wood Died 8br. ye 25th, 1719.
Jno. son of Charles Waddil born Decemr 5, 1719.
Charles son of James Waddil was born July 18, 1720.
Wm. son of Wm. Waddil Junr was born Augst 2d, 1720.
Jenny a negro belonging to Chas Winfrey born Janry: 12: 1720-21.
Izzard son of George Wilkinson baptizd March 29: 1721.
A negro of Geo: Wilkinsons born July 23d, 1721.
Anne daughter of Tho: Weaver born July 20: 1721.
James Whicker sonn of Benjamin Whicker born Septr 21st, 1721.
Alice Walton Daughter of John Walton born Novr 11th, 1721.
Jacob sonn of George & Sarah Walton born March 22d, 1721/2.
John sonn of John Waddill Born Novr 20th, 1722.


Frank a negro Boy belonging to Charles Winfrey born Apll. 15th, 1722.
Elizth. Daughr of Charles Winfree born April 3d, 1723.
A Negroe boy belong: to Hannah Waddill born Apll. 1st, 1723.
Eliz: Daughter of William Waddill Junr was born Janry 4th, 1722/3.
Sarah Daughter of Jno. Williams born Augst 1st, 1723.
Billey a negr boy belong, to Joseph Waddill born 7br. 10th, 1723.
Anne Daughter of George Wilkinson born Novr 14th, 1723.
Susannah Daughr of Cha: Winfree born Augst 14th, 1724.
Anne Daughr of David Wilkinson born Augst 6th, 1724.
Agnes Daughr of Lewis Watkins born June 7, 1724.
Robt son of Robt & Frans. Walton born Janry 7th, 1717/18.
Rebecca Daughr of Do. born April 20th, 1720.
Joseph son of Do. born Febry 10th, 1721/2.
George son of Do. born febry 6th, 1724/5.
Agnes Daughr of Jno. Waddill born feb: 1st & bapt: March 21st, 1724/5.
Moll a negro girl belong to Charles Winfree born Mch 25, 1725.
Elizth. Daugh. of Thos: Weaver born 24 of March, 1724/5.
Richd. son of Wm. Waddill Junr born March 29, 1725.
Anne Daughr of Jno. Winfree born July ye 7th & Dyed Oct. 4, 1725.
Jno. son of Antho: Waddy born Octobr 28th, 1725.
Wm. son of Geo. Wilkinson born 9br 17th, 1725.
Anne Daughr of Cha: & Jane Winfree born Decr 9, 1725.
Frans. ye Daughter of Robt & Frans. Walton born 14th Janry, 1726/7.
Easter a negro girl of Anthony Waddy born June 25th, 1726.
Dick a negro of Do. born Augst ye 5th, 1726.
Peter ye son of Jno Winfree born July 28th, 1726.
Julius son of Robt Willis born June ye 8th, 1726.
Anne ye Daughtr of Elizth. Williamson born March 17th, 1725/6.
Mary ye Daughr of Henry Wyatt born Sept. 20th, 1726.
Jno. son of Jno. Weaver born Decembr 6th, 1726.
Mary ye Daughr of Alexr Watson born Apl 3d, 1726.
Anness ye Daughr of Jno Williams born Febry 9th, 1726.
George son of George Walton born 19th May, 1726.


George a negro boy of Hannah Waddill born May ye 24th, 1726.
Jenney a negro of George Wilkinson Dyed April ye 12th, 1726.
Charles son of Charles Winfree born Apl 29th, 1727.
Dennis son of Jno Waddill born May ye 11th, 1727.
Martha Dr. of Frans. Williams born May ye 9th, 1727.
Harry a negro of Joe Whitlock born June 20th, 1727.
Elizth. Daught of Robt Whitchurch born Febry 2d, 1726/7.
Bowler ye son of Robt & Eliza. Willis born Sept. 2d &
bapt. Novembr ye 9th, 1727.
Rebecca ye Dar of Francis & Mary Wilkinson born January ye
16th bapt. February 14, 1727.
Judith Dar of Thomas & Judith Weaver born October 14 &
bapt. November 26, 1727.
Thos. ye son of George & Margaret Wilkinson born January
ye 2d, 1727/8.
Joe a negro belonging to Cha: Winfree born June ye 24th, 1728.
Cuffee a negro belonging to Antha. Waddy born 7ber ye 7, 1728.
Alexr. ye son of Alexr. & Hester Watson born July ye 11. bapt.
Augst II, 1728.
Billy a mullatto belonging to Geor. Webb born July ye 25, 1728.
Sherwood son of Robt & Frans. Watson born July ye 10 bap Augst 11, 1728.
Eliza. of David & Eliza. Wilkinson born Octr 28, 1728.
James son of James Whaley horn July ye 19 bapt Augst 11th, 1728.
Saml. ye son of John & Jane Weaver born July 20th bapt Oct. 6th, 1728.
Jno. son of Jno. & Frans. Winfree born Augst 17 bap’ Augst 25th 1728.
Mary and Joseph Negros belonging to Cha Winfree bapt 7ber 1st, 1728.
Mars & Jane negros belonging Jno Waddill bapt 7ber 29th 1729.
Martha Dar of Wm & Sarah Waddill born Feb. 28th bapt Apl. 6 1729.
Judith, Peter & Judith Ware born Decr 4th bapt March 8, 1728/9.
Mary the Daughr of Robert & Sarah Whitchurch born May 31, 1729.


Frances daught of Anthony Waddy born June 19th bapt July 27th, 1729.
Dick a negro belonging to Geo. Wilkinson born July 22, 1729.
George son of Geo. & Lucy Webb born July 4. bapt. July 10th, 1729.
Rebecca a negro of Geo. Webb Baptized November 16th, 1729.
Patt a Negro belonging to Wm. Waddill born Novr 17th, 1729.
Rebecca Dar of Stephen & Susanh. Willis born Octobr 10
Baptized Dec ye 14, 1729.
Mary Dar of John & Mary Waddill born Novr 27, Bapt.
January ye 4 following 1729.
Richard son of Charles & Jane Winfree born Septemr 29, 1729.
Mary Daughter of Do. born Febry 19th, 1729/30.
Mary Dr. of Geo. & Margaret Wilkinson born March 3d, 1729/30.
Keen, Merriday, Lucy, Rebecca, Thomas: Negros belonging to Mr.
Lancelott Woodward bapt June 21: 1730.
John son of Frans. & Mary Wilkinson born Apl. 19th, 1730.
Wm. ye son of Alexr. & Hester Watson born June ye 30
bapt Augst 3rd 1730.
Jeremiah ye son of Elizth. Word born June 13th bapt July 19th, 1730.
Noel son Wm. Waddill Junr born Augst 17th bapt 7ber. 27, 1730.
David a negro belonging to John Whitlock born March ye 4th, 1729/30.
Lewis ye son of George & Lucy Webb born April 19th, 1731.
Squire a negro belonging to ye sd. Webb born May ye 11th, 1731.
Ursula Daughter of Frans. & Martha Williams born 25th Decr, 1729.
Toney a negro belonging to Jno. Waddill born Feb: 28, 1729/30.
Sarah ye Daughter of Lewis Watkins born Febry 12, 1730/31.


John Son of Thomas Yarborough Born August ye 5th: 1717


YEAR 1733

William Son of Ambrose and Elizabeth Dudley ______.
Peter Massie, Bastard Son of Ann Raimond ______.
Kate Negro girl belonging to Colo. Wm. Dangerfield ______.
Ben Negro boy belonging to George Webb ______.
Jenny Negro girl belonging to George Webb ______.
Phill. Negro boy belonging to Mary Bassett ______.
William son of John Maddison dyed ______.
Sam Negro boy belonging to John Martin ______.
Sarah Daughter of Goodrich & Sarah Alford ______.
Thomas Son of John and Ann Bowles ______.
Susanna Wife of David McGill dyed ______.

YEAR 1734

Joseph Son of Charles and Elizabeth Hughes ______.
Robert Negro Boy belonging to Mr. Wm. Chamberlin ______.
William Son of Charles and Elizabeth Case ______.
Elizabeth Daughter of Elizabeth, Widow of Dever__ ______.
Jacob Son of William and Sarah Waddell ______.
Henry Fielding dyed at Mr. Wm Chamberlayne ______.
Thomas Harrison dyed at Mr. Wm. Chamber_____ ______.
Dorothy Austin dyed ______.
Mary Daughter of Benjamin and Susanna A_____ ______.
Milly Daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth Coo___ ______.
Bacchus Negro belonging to Mr. Daniel Farell ______.
Man Negro belonging to Mr. Daniel F_____ ______.
Hannah Negro girl belonging to Thom ______ ______.
Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas Pinchb___ ______.
John Son of William and Mary Burnet ______.
Daniel Son of Joseph and Margret Moore ______.
Keziah Daughter of Marmaduke & Hannah Gannaway ______.
Susanna Daughter of Samuel & Bithiah Moss ______.
John son of Richard and Susanna Thomson __ Ma__, ____.
Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas & Mary Meekins dyed ______.
Dick, Negro belonging to Thomas Mitchell dyed ______.
Kate Negro belonging to Thomas Barnes born May 7.
Sarah Negro belonging to Mary Barnes born April 29.
Sarah Negro belonging to John Finch dyed ______.
Joseph Negro belonging to Frances Sims ______.
Susanna Negro belonging to Madam Page ______.
John Negro belonging William Vaiden ______.
George Negro belonging to William Vaiden born May 2.
Sue Negro girl belonging to Robt. Clopton born May 15.

Testis David Mossom, Minister

YEAR 1733

Napier ______.
Jenney Negro ______.
Elizabeth ______.
John Son of ______.
Devereux ______.
Sarah Daugh. ______.
Sue negro ______.
Jesse son of ______.
Pridgin Son of ______.
Thomas Connor ______.
Mary Mitchell dye ______.
Frances wife of John ______.
John son of Francis and ______.
William son of William and ______.
Ann Daughter of David and ______.
Richard son of Walter and Mary ______.
Mary wife of George Poindexter ______.
James Mosse dyed ______.
Abraham Johnson dyed ______.
William son of Nicholas and Frances Lewis ______.
Isaac son of Samuel and Mary Osling born Decemr ______.
Francis Daughter of William and Susanna Moore Decemr 17, baptized January 20.
Sarah Daughter of John and Frances New born Octobr 19, baptized January 20.
Parke and Jemmy two negro’s belon. to Colo. Custis Dyed Dec __.
Frances Daughter of George and Lucy Taylor born Decemr 18, baptized Janry. 20.
Sarah Atkinson dyed Jan’y, __.
Ann Daughter of Thomas & Mary Truett born Decemr 24. baptized Febry. 3.
Elizabeth Daughter of Thomas and Ann Addison dyed Febry __.
John son of John Bacon Junr & Ann Bacon born Novemr 20.
Susanna Daughter of Caleb and Elizabeth Turner born Janry 6.
Elkanah Son of Joseph and Ann Baughan born Septem 17.
Edmund Son of William and Elizabeth Forbes born Febry. 15, baptized March 10.
William Son of John and Mary Hockaday born Febry. 10, baptized March 10.


YEAR 1733

Susanna Daughter of George & Margaret Wilkinson born Febry. 12, baptized March 10.
John Hockaday dyed ______.
Frances Negro of Benskin Marston's baptized Octor. 28.
Temperance Negro belonging to John Lightfoot baptized Octo. 23.
Parke a Negro belonging to Col. Custis born Novemr 1.
Finch Daughter of Fidkin and Elizabeth Barker born Octobr 1, baptized Octobr. 28.
Sarah Negro belonging to Alexander Moss baptized Novemr 25.
Judith Negro belonging to George Poindexter baptized Novemr 25.

Testis: David Mossom, Minr.

YEAR 1734.

Fanney Negro belonging to William Atkinson born May 24.
Pompey Negro belonging to Richard Crump born May 22.
Martha Daughter of Henry and Ann Talman born March 16, baptized June 16, 1733.
Isaac Bastard son of Anne Bowles born April 9, baptized June 16.
Archelaus Son of John and Margaret Meanly born May 10, baptized June 16.
Elizabeth Daughter of Andrew and Amadea Mantiply born Feby. 15, baptized June 16.
Margaret Daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Allen born April 22, baptized June 16.
Frances Daughter _____ and Hannah Turner born May 6, baptized June 16.
Mary Daughter of David and Agatha Dodd born May 4, baptized June 16.
Dilsey negro girl belonging to Col. Thomas Bray born April 30.
Moll negro girl belonging to Col. Thomas Bray born May 26.
Daniel Negro belonging to Benskin Marston born June 12.
Lucy Negro belonging to James Nance born June 14.
Ann Daughter of George Wilkinson dyed June 2.
Lucy negro belonging to Colo. John Custis born June 15.
Doll negro belonging to Robert Jarratt born July 4.


Archelaus Son of John and Ann Carless born May 24, baptized July 7.
Susanna Daughter of Archelaus and Ann Mitchell born May 16, baptized July 7.
John son of John and Susanna Roberts born June 2, baptized July 7.
Josias son of Joseph & Cassandra Crump born June 24, baptized July 21.
Robert son of Arthur and Mary Crew born May 28, baptized July 21.
Joseph Showers Son of Joseph and Ann Price baptized July 21.
Ruth Daughter of Thomas and Ann Addison born June 6, baptized July 21.
Elizabeth Daughter of Robert and Mary Bailey born June 21, baptized July 21.
Venus Negro girl belonging to Mr. Daniel Farell born May 11.
Frank negro belonging to George Poindexter born March 31, baptized July 28.
William son of Lodowick and Elizabeth Alford born July 31, baptized August 2.
Roger negro belonging to John Apperson born June 10.
Sam negro belonging to John Howle born July 1.
Frances Bastard Daughter of Ruth Speare born March 14, baptized August 7.
Beck negro belonging to David McGill born March 22, 1733.
Solomon son of William and Frances Paisley born July 18, baptized August 11.
Will, negro belonging to Hargrove Sanders dyed August 4.
David son of Michael & Grace Harfield born July 8, baptized August 25.
James son of Thomas and Ann Howle born July 17, baptized August 25.
John son of Marmaduke Moore dyed August 9.
Pelham Moore dyed August 13.
Sue negro belonging to John Carless born August 22.
Conney negro belonging to John Green born July 15.
James son of John and Elizabeth Green born August 15, baptized Septemr 15.

Testis: David Mossom, Minister.



YEAR 1734.

Christian son of William and Isabel Perkins born Decemr 25, baptized Feby. 16.
William son of William and Sarah Drake born January 11, baptized Feb’ry 16.
Elizabeth Daughter of Decimiah and Elizabeth Dalton born Decemr 27, baptized Feb’ry 16.
Valentine son of Orson and Susannah Martin born Febr’y 14, baptized Feb’ry 19.
James son of Francis and Judith Amos born Novemr 17, baptized Feb’ry 23.
Rachel Daughter of Alexander and Esther Watson born Janu’ry 31, baptized March 23.
Peter Negro boy belonging to Capt. Wm. Dangerfield born Feb’ry 22.
Julius Mullatto Boy belonging to Capt. Jos. Foster born Jan’ry 1, baptized March 2.
Moll Negro girl belonging to sd. Foster born Decemr 10, baptized March 2.
William son of John and Jane Ferguson born Janu’ry 2d, baptized March 2.
Caleb son of William and Frances Stone born Jan’ry 27, baptized March 2.
Elizabeth Daughter of John & Mary Waddill born Jan’ry 22, baptized March 2.
Peter son of David and Elizabeth Benns born Decemr 10, baptized Decemr 27.
Elizabeth Moony dy’d at John Guilliams Febry. 20.
Valentine son of Orson and Susanna Martin Dyed Febry. 27.
Roger Negro Boy belonging to John Gannaway born Febry. 10.
Jane Mulatto Girl belonging to Mr. Wm. ___mberlayne born Janu’ry 10, 1733, baptized March 23.
Tom Negro Boy belonging to Mrs. __ghtfoot born Decemr 20, baptized March 16.
Frances Daughter of David P______ died Novemr 8.


YEAR 1734

William Jones dy’d at _____ Feb’ry 28.
Jammy Negro Boy belon____ ___ _____ born Jan’ry 15.
Jenny Negro Girl belonging to ___ _____ born Feb’ry 19.
Randolph Son of John Harris dy’d Febry. 20.
Sherwood son of John and Mary Lightfoot born Feb’ry 14, baptized March 16.
Doll Negro Girl belonging to Robt Dowsing, overs. Cha. Manning born Feb’ry 10.
Lydia Daughter of Matthew and Phyllis Pond born Feb’ry 14, baptized March 23.
Robert Negro boy belonging to Eliza. Vaughan born Feb’ry 16.
Hannah Daughter of Marmaduke and Alice Moore dy’d Febry. 14.

YEAR 1735

Violetta Tomson died March 11.
Ann Daughter of Nathaniel and Susanna Smith born March 12, baptized March 27.
Sue Negro Girl belonging to Richard Whitlock born March 12.
Sarah Daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Roper born Feb. __, baptized ___ 6.
Susanna Daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Vaiden born ___ __, baptized ___ 6.
William Mulatto Boy belonging to William Massie born Oct. __, baptized __ 7.
Sarah Negro Girl belonging to Thomas Pinchback born Mar. __, baptized __ 7.
Squire negro Boy belonging to Capt. Jos. Foster dy’d March 26.
Will a negro man belonging to sd. Foster was drown’d Decr 24, 1734.
Benjamin Son of Francis & Jane Johnson born Ma_. __, baptized ___ 13.
Frances Wife of Richard Meux dy’ed April 13.
Dinah Negro Woman belonging to Catherine Brodie dy’d April 2.
William Thomas was drowned

Testis: David Mossom, Minister.

YEAR 1735.

William son of John and Frances Dandridge baptized April 30.
Thomas son of Francis and Mary Wilkinson born March 16, baptized May 4.


YEAR 1735 (con't)

Gravesend Negro belonging to Thomas Underwood dy’d March 27.
Sarah a Mulatto Girl belonging to John Waddill Junr born April 12.
Cesar negro boy belonging to Thomas Marston born Decemr 20, 1734.
Sam Negro Boy belonging to Archelaus Mitchell born Feb’ry 27, 1734.
Susanna Pattison dy’d at Thomas Davis’s April 20.
Josias Pritchard dy’d at Thomas Davis’s April 26.
Charles Negro Boy belonging to Col. John Custis born May 7.
1729. Elizabeth Daughter of William & Mary Macon born Febry. 15.
1731. Sarah Daughter of William and Mary Macon born Febry. 21.
1733. Moses Mulatto Boy belonging to Major Wm. Macon born Febry. 5.
1733. Kitty Negro Girl belonging to Major Wm. Macon born March 2.
1734. Ben Negro Boy belonging to Major Wm. Macon born March 17.
Duley Negro Girl belonging to Major Wm. Macon born May 23.
William Son of Arthur and Rachel Slayden born April 27, baptized May 25.
Godfry Negro Boy belonging to Col. Custis born May 10, dy’d Novr 21.
Nell Negro girl belonging to William Burk born May 8.
Mary Daughter of William and Mary Macon born April 17, baptized June 1.
Ann Daughter of Martin and Susanna Hewlet born May 20, baptized June 8.
Solomon Negro Boy belonging to Col. John Custis born May 17.
Henry son of John and Margret Spear dy’d June 1.
Thomas son of Mark and Isabella Clarke dy’d May 22.
Mary Daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth Vaiden dy’d May 9.
Elizabeth wife of Isaac Vaiden dy’d May 12.
Davy Negro boy belonging to Col. Thos. Bray born Febry. 21.


YEAR 1735 (con't)

Nell Negro Girl belonging to Said Bray born May 7.
Nan negro woman belonging to s’d Bray dy’d March 1.
Prince Negro Man belonging to s’d Bray dy’d Ap. 14.
David son of John and Elizabeth Apperson born May 27, baptized June 22.
Ebenezer Adams Gent. dy’d June 13.
Fanny Daughter of John and Jane Brothers born June 8, baptized July 7.
Esther negro girl belonging to Wade Netherland born June 13.
1734. Mary Daughter of Ann Holt a free Mulatto woman born
Decr 20, baptized June 29.
Jacob Negro Boy belonging to Sarah Moore born June 15.
Alice negro girl belonging to Col. Jno. Custis born June 25.
Old Queen - Negro Woman belonging to Cob. John Custis dy’d July 15.
Jacob Negro Boy belonging to Sarah Moore widow born June 15, baptized August 3.
Ann Daughter of James and Rachell Blackstone born June 13. baptized August 3.

Testis: David Mossom, Minister.

YEAR 1735.

Robert son of Robert and Eliza. Morgan born Octobr 9, baptized Novemr 9.
Christian Bastard Daughter of Tabitha Meanley born Sept. 24,
baptized Novemr 9, died Novemr 11.
Esther Negro girl belonging to Capt. Joseph Foster born Octobr 1, baptized Novemr 9.
Elizabeth Negro girl belonging to Lane Jones born Febry 11, baptized Novemr 9.
Joseph Lucas Mulatto Boy bound to Michael Harfield 31 years, born July 16.
Andrew Banks dy’d at Henry Lacy’s Oct. 23.
Anthony Negro belonging to said Lacy, born Octo. 15.
Susanna Daughter to Wm. and Susanna Moore, born Novr. 10, baptized Decemr. 9.
1733. Eliza. Simbler Mulatto girl bound to Wm. Waddill 31 years, born Janry. 6.


YEAR 1735 (con't)

George son of William and Elizabeth Forbes, born Novemr. 11, baptized Decemr. 14.
John son of Thomas and Mary Cox, born Nov. 10, baptized Decemr. 14.
David son of Thomas and Elizabeth Martin, born Septr. 23, baptized Decr. 14.
William son of Stephen and Mary Cade, born August 24, baptized Decemr. 14.
Marmaduke Moore dy’d Decr. 3.
William son of Richard and Rebecca Guilliam, born Novemr. 22, baptized Decemr. 21.
Caesar negro man belonging to Mrs. Daniel Farrell dy’d Decr. 21.
Richard son of John and Mary Briggs, born Decemr. 2, baptized Decemr. 25.
Mary Daughter of William and Ann Wakelin, born Novemr. 20, baptized December 25.
Michael Mulatto Boy belonging to Majr. Macon, born Novr. 26.
Hugh Negro Boy belonging to Majr. Macon, born Decemr. 15.
Thomas Son of William and Sarah Binns, born Nov. 13, baptized Jany. 11.
William son of William and Susanna Vaiden, born Nov. 27, baptized Jany. 11.
John son of William and Grace Page, born Novr. 14, baptized Jany. 11.
Jeremy Mulatto Boy belonging to Mr. Wm. Brown, born Septr. 2, baptized Jany. 11.
Jammy Mulatto man belonging to Mr. Chamberlayne dy’d Jany. 2[].
Agnes wife of William Jones dy’d at Ste’n Crumps Decr. 31.
Jenny a Negro girl belonging to Ste’n Crump dy’d Decr. 31.
Sarah a negro woman belonging to Jno. Parke dy’d Jany 2.
Ann Bastard Daughter of Hannah Griggs, born Novr. 1, baptized Jany. 18.
Valentine son of James and Agnes Moore, born Nov. 21, baptized Jany. 27.
1734. Mary Daughter of Wm. and Isabella Perkins dy’d Jany. 19.
Archer son of Matthew and Judith Johnson, born December 27, baptized Febry. 1.


YEAR, 1735 (con't)

Frank a negro girl belonging to Col. Wm. Basset, born Dec. 13.
Guy a negro man belonging to Col. Wm. Bassett, dy’d Jan. 25.
Christmas son of Thomas and Mary Meekins, born Dec. 25, babtized Feby. 13.
Fanny Daughter of John and Susanna Bacon, born Feby. 5, baptized Feby. 24.
Jane Daughter of Thomas and Ann Anderson, born Janry 14, baptized Feb. 29.
Petronella Daughter of Samuel and Ann Buxton, born Jany 22, baptized Feby. 29.
Ann Daughter of George and Susanna Waddill, born Feby. 25, baptized Feby 29, died March 3.
Edmond son of Charles and Elizabeth Crump dy’d Oct. 15.
Elizabeth wife of John Strange dy’d Feb. 2.

Testis: David Mossom, Minister.

YEAR, 1735.

Nanny negro girl belong, to Wm. Atkinson, born Janry. 1.
Naomi Daughter of Walter and Mary Clopton born Jany. 11, baptized March 21.
Mary Daughter of John and Sarah Christian, born Octo. 8, baptized March 8.
Hannah negro girl belonging to Henry Finch, born March 2.
Elizabeth wife of Lodowick Alford, dy'd May 29.
John and Ann son and daughter Twins of John and Ann Smith, born March 8, baptized March 13.
Ann Daughter of William and Susanna Christian, born Febry. 21, baptized March 13.
Matt mulatto Boy belonging to Jno. Lightfoot, born Jany 25, baptized August 8, 1736.
John son of William and Mary Johnson, born Feby. 5, baptized Mar. 14.
Ann Daughter of Jno. and Ann Poindexter, born Jany. 24, baptized Mar. 14.
Ann Daughter of Thomas and Susanna Moss, born Feby. 15, baptized Mar. 14.
Agnes Daughter of Cornelius and Eliza. Matthews, born Febry. 5, baptized Mar. 14.


YEAR 1735 (con't)

Jane Austin dy’d, Febry.
Richard Ross dy’d March 5.
Ann wife of Jno. Gauling dy’d Octo. 27.
Hannah wife of Thomas Underwood dy’d March 18.
Punch negro man belonging to Sarh. Poindexter dy’d March 10,

YEAR 1736

John son of Thomas and Lucy Hilliard born Mar. 4, baptized Mar. 28.
Mary Daughter of John and Ann Harris, born March 7, baptized April 4.
Mary Daughter of Thomas and Mary Trewit, born Febry. 27, baptized April 4.
Ann Daughter of William and Frances Hopkins dy’d April 5.
Esther negro girl belonging to Wade Netherland dy’d Mar. 27.
Dick a negro man belonging to Thomas Roper dy’d April 2.
Lucretia Daughter of Robert and Mary Bailey, born March 20, baptized May 2.
Jack negro man belonging to Robert Jarratt dy’d Mar. 29.
James son of Ambrose and Eliza. Dudley, born April 2, baptized May 9.
Samuel son of William and Jane Webb, born Feby. 6, baptized May 9.
Martha Daughter of Thomas and Agnes Bradley, born March 30, baptized May 9.
Mary Daughter of Philip and Eliza. Poindexter, born March 30, baptized May 9.
Will negro boy belonging to Philip Poindexter, born April 10.
Daniel Farell dy’d May 8.
James son of James and Joyce Hill, born Mar. 5, baptized May 11.
Lucy Daughter of Edward and Hannah Morgan, born Mar. 29, baptized May 16.
Richard son of Joseph and Cassandra Crump, born April 28, baptized May 23.
Thomas son of Mark and Isabella Clark, born April 18, baptized May 23.
Sarah Daughter of Samuel and Elinor Hubbard, born Novr. 5, baptized May 23.
Susanna Daughter of David and Agatha Dodd, born April 2 baptized May 23.