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Cemetery Photos
These are usually from small private cemeteries not included on "Find A Grave" (FAG) or unique photos that an individual wants to share. This webpage was created before FAG existed so duplications may or maynot exist
Submissions Requested
If you have a photograph of a cemetery or headstone within Page County that you are willing to share with others, sent the picture as an attachment to Ken Gissy. Please send at a higher resolution than 72 pixels per inch. When submitting include your name , cemetery and date of the photograph. A short write-up of how to get to it would be helpful.
Many people with Page County ancestors have never visited or seen the area so your sharing will be of great value to them.

The Beach/Shenk Cemetery is located in the Northeast edge of Luray. Take road 211 East out of Luray to road No. F-735, where the cemetery lies on the North side of 211 on the Reuben A. Shenk property (now owned by Chuck Bowen). The cemetery is fenced and in excellent condition. This Shenk cemetery is in very close proximity of the Beahm's Chapel Church and cemetery. Directions initially  from  cemetery  transcriptions  on 14 Apr 1983, by Mrs. Jeanette Conner Ritenour and updated in 2009 by Glenn D. Blanford, PhD

Submissions requested
Glenn, Mary V. (grand daughter, died 1906 in Philadelphia)

All photos by Ken Gissy, May 2004

This cemetery is completely overgrown and neglected. I was able to locate only two headstones although numerous unmarked stones mark the location of other graves. To get to the cemetery go down Young Lane, cross the creek, proceed up the road and take the road that veers uphill off to the right. At the top of the hill the road turns to the right into a corn field, follow along the fence line about a quarter mile. Off to the left you will notice a square shaped area about 100 feet from the fence line - this is the cemetery.

Submissions requested
Bailey, Pheabe Caroline (wife of George Washington Beahm)
Beahm, Mary A.  (dau. of George and Phoebe Beahm)

Hwy 211, west of Luray

Submissions requested
Holmes, Samuel (reinterred here in 1965)
Glen D. Blanford, PhD (May 2009)
Knott, Alice Gertrude (dau. of John and Alice Knott)
Kim Southerland (Jun 2008)
Kim Southerland (Jun 2008)
Holmes, Sarah (reinterred here in 1965)
Glen D. Blanford, PhD (May 2009)
Kim Southerland (Jun 2008)
Knott, Laura V. (dau. of John and Alice Knott)
Kim Southerland (Jun 2008)
Knott, Alice (wife of John Martin Knott)
Kim Southerland (Jun 2008)
Knott Family Plot (overall view)
Kim Southerland (Jun 2008)
Knott, Lelia I. (dau. of  John and Alice Knott)
Kim Southerland (Jun 2008)

This cemetery is overgrown and neglected. Susan Brown came across it while walking in the woods near Page Valley Estates in Rileyville and took all the photos.

Submissions requested
Keyser, Mary Ann Ortz (wife of Peter James Keyser)
Keyser, Infant (son of Peter James Keyser Jr.)
Keyser, Lydia C. Keyser (wife of Benjamin F. Keyser)

Cemetery is Located off Grove Hill River Road in Ingham. Coming from 340 N after you pass the entrance to Shenandoah Gap Subdivision the road will take a sharp right, away from the river up a hill, at the top of the hill there is a trail / road entrance with a wire across it. If you get to the big open field on the left you have gone too far, take down the wire and take the road to the right, follow it until the end, ( Note; you are on a private right of way and you will go behind someone's home please be respectful and don't drive on the grass if wet from rain.) Also this is a very tight road you might want to leave your car at the bottom and walk. All photos by Stuart Lucas.
Comer, Jimmie 1903-1903
Comer, Minnie 1878-1903
Lucas, Henry 1840-1891 (closeup)
Lucas, Sarah A. 1841-1900
Lucas, John R. 1868-1916

All photos by Darlene Prowell

Submissions requested
Sours, Charles - he was killed in an accident at the Tannery and was husband of Mamie Bailey Sours Miller
Miller, Mamie Bailey Sours - buried close to her first husband

Luray (Main St. across from the Mimslyn Hotel)

All photos by Ken Gissy, May 2004

This headstone list does not include all of the gravesites of this cemetery as headstones may be nonexistent, missing, or unreadable. The following were the only ones photographed.

Submissions requested

Mill Creek, Luray 38° 37' 08"N 78° 30' 24"W
All photos taken by Ken Gissy, May 2004

This cemetery is completely overgrown and neglected. I was able to locate only seven headstones although numerous unmarked stones mark the location of other graves. This cemetery is located off Mill Creek Road. Go to Google Maps and enter the latitude and longitude listed above.

Submissions requested
Booton, Elizabeth Frye (wife of Ambrose C. Booton) (closeups - upper, lower)
Spitler, Barbara Ann (dau. of Wesley Spitler and Ann Varner) (closeups - upper, middle, lower)
Spitler, Mary Strickler (wife of Abraham Spitler Jr.) (closeups - upper, lower)
(closeups - upper, middle, lower) (distant view)
Additional photos of Cemetery and surroundings by Mark Hamel, Dec 2017. Photo: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine , ten
(closeups - upper, middle, lower)

Comer, Avis Owen 1920-1943, son of Lester and Mamie Comer. National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific (Punchbowl), Honolulu, HI
submitted by Bill Wilson
Stombock, Barbara 1800-1886, wife of Michael Stombock
Submitted by Margie Sours
Stombock, George 1825-1896, son of Michael and Barbara Stombock
Submitted by Margie Sours
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