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Submissions Requested
If you have a photograph that relates to Page County and you feel it would be of interest to others, sent the picture as an attachment to Ken Gissy. When submitting please include your name and the identity of the individuals or location and date of the photograph. Many people with Page County ancestors have never visited or seen the area so your sharing will be of great value to them.
Adventist Group, none identifiedNancy A. L. Donak
Aleshire, Margaret Elizabeth 1841-1921, wife of Oliver P. TaylorHubert Taylor
Alger, Elias R.Luana Dawn Alger
Alger, Mary Frances Pettit (wife of Elias)
Alger, Thomas Monroe Sr.
Alice and Thelma, no surname listed
Bailey, Charlotte Steele, wife of Cliff Bailey, about 1900, in Washington, DC
Bailey, Clifford, Charlotte and Virginia taken in Atlantic City, NJ about 1920
Bailey, Conrad and family, abt. 1921 York, PA, l to r, Conrad, dau. Margaret, Ollie, little boy - Marvin, little girl - Ethel, Frieda. Front row, baby - Austin, and then Edgar
Bailey, Conrad - standing at his parents grave in Morning Star Cemetery
Bailey, Florence Ida, sister of Conrad Bailey, person on left other person unknown, in front of Fairview School
Bailey, George W., father of Conrad
Bailey, David Dewitt and his son Kenneth Bailey, both born in Page Co. and buried in Morning Star Cemetery
Bailey, Ollie Judd (L), Mattie Racer (standing), unknown person
Bailey, siblings at Pinnacles, Bessie married William Fant of Sperryville, Florence married Carl Edwards
Bailey, Vernon, son of George W. and Ida Sipe Bailey, born in Page Co
Bane, Craig William 1887-1973 taken in the early 1950's at Collierstown
Bane, Craig William and Elizabeth Reid on their wedding day, abt. 1909
Beahm, Abraham and Martha Miller's house that they had their three children in, Morningstar District of Page Co. The photo was taken in 1925, the house was built in 1890. People in photo (as written on back of photo): left to right Bradley Waters, Sam Batman, Abram Sours, Estelle Judd,  Ruth Judd.
"The House where we lived by Uncle Sam's cabin...the house where we were born."
Beahm, Tom, (Abraham Beahm's brother) who lived in the Morning Star district  of Page as well. Here he is standing beside his old hay wagon, bringing in hay for the winter storage. This picture was taken around 1906, as was written on photograph
Beahm, Viola Estelle Judd, dau. of Wm. Judd and Lucy Beahm, wife of Walter Beahm, 1915
Beahm, Walter Clarence, son of Abraham Beahm and Martha Miller, husband of Viola Judd
Berry, Dela, photo by Wright, Luray
Blakey, Anna Lee - born May 1882 in Shenandoah
Blakey, Mattie Daisy - born Oct. 1892 in Shenandoah
Blakey, Mollie - born May 1884 in Shenandoah
Bowen, Charles Edward (M), Ed Bowen (R) and Charles Cliser (L) at the Klizer (Cliser) Cemetery, above the hill from George Ambrose Cliser's home
Bradley, John Llyd and other unknown family members from Stanley
Bradley, Evelyn Nasbit Short, wife of John Llyd Bradley
Briscoe, Catherine Campbell "Caddy" 24 Feb 1930-16 May 1992
Brown, James Mallory and family, brother to Gummy and Tazewell
Brumback, Dr. Edward taken about 1930
Harry Brumbaugh
Brumback, Joseph born: 14 August 1799 at Spring Farm
Harry Brumbaugh
Harry Brumbaugh
Harry Brumbaugh
Harry Brumbaugh
Harry Brumbaugh
Brumback, Julia Kate (Copp), wife of Joseph Benton Brumback  and son Franklin Holiday Brumback taken about 1882
Harry Brumbaugh
Harry Brumbaugh
Harry Brumbaugh
Brumback Brothers, Earl Copp, Franklin Holiday, Henry Lee, Joseph Edward, Wade Hampton taken about 1940
Harry Brumbaugh
Brumback - Brubaker Family Photo, Bear - Fannie; Brubaker - Annie, Augusta Coe, Hunter, Lee, Lewis, Sally; Brumback -  Jesse Miller, John William, Minnie Brubaker, Robert L.; Coe - William; McCune - Lynda Brubaker, Norris; O'Niell - Virginia Brumback; Wiener - Laura Brubaker
Harry Brumbaugh
Brumback - Forrer Family Photo taken about 1910. Brumback - Edward Trenton, Lucy Lauck; Forrer - Frances, Lucy, Virginia
Harry Brumbaugh
Brumback - Heiston Family Photo taken about 1917. Brumback - Janice, Lynn Hamilton, Madge, Nannie Bell Keyser, Vernon Milliard; Heiston - Daniel Janney, Juliet Dunbar, Edna Brumback
Harry Brumbaugh
Brumback - Long Family Photo taken about 1910. Brumback - Edward Trenton, John William, Lucy Lauck, Theodore Lauck; Long - Adelia Brumback, Gertrude Brumback, Mamie Brumback
Harry Brumbaugh
Brumbacks in Missouri - four unidentified men, if you know any of these individuals contact the submitter
Harry Brumbaugh
Campbell, Theodore born abt. 1880 and his brother Gurt Ford Campbell "Gretter" 09 Feb 1895-24 Nov 1987
Carter, Pearl - born 1906 in Shenandoah
Cliser, Edith Ann - married Lorenzo Mussellman
Cliser, Martin Mathias with his wife Gracie - 1877 wedding picture, Luray
Cliser, Oliver Jett and Family - 1931 Thornton Gap
Cliser, Samuel David - 1868, Luray
Cliser, Sarah Fletcher - married Martin Cliser, they had 10 children, lived in the Thornton Gap area
Coakley, Frank (R) and Paul (L) - 1920 in the Shenandoah area
Harry Brumbaugh
Harry Brumbaugh
Compton Sunday School - Beahm - Aurthor, Joe, Laura Young, Lynwood; Gochenour - Edna Lansberry; Heiskel - Helen; Lansberry - Billy, Elizabeth, Iva, Rose, Rose Zelda,  Walker - Delvina, Virginia
Ann Cole
Deal, Jimmy, photo by Virginia Photo Co. Branch, Luray
Dean, Milly Minnick c1843-c1913, wife of James Dean
Deavers, Eliza McNealy, dau. of George and Louisa McNealy, wife of "Bud" Deavers
Dinges, Miss Henrietta, photo by I. R. Wright, Luray
Dovel, Miss Bessie, photo by Virginia Photo Co., Luray
Edwards, Carl and Florence Ida Bailey, lived in the Fairview section of Luray near the Fairview store
Edwards, Ruth Hill Berger, daughter of Enoch Lee Hill
Evans, Mrs. Ada, photo by Wright, Luray
Fant, William and his wife Bessie Bailey and their son Carroll, all deceased, in front of Fairview Store
Fleming Family (L to R) Pendleton, Vernon Charles, Emma Florence, Susan Rebecca Higgs
Forrer Family (L to R) Frances, Mabel, Callie Humphreys Forrer, Clara, Lucy, Frank Brumback Forrer, Edward and Lester. Taken around 1898
Forrer, Frank Brumback born about 1890
Harry Brumbaugh
Harry Brumbaugh
Gibson, Mrs. Ruth, Mrs. Vann's sister and myself written on back
Good, John, photo by Virginia Photo Co. Branch, Luray
Gray, George Edward, married to Sudie Mae Turner, parents of George Leon Gray
Gray, George Leon 1927-1994, a long time resident of Stanley, buried in Evergreen Memorial Gardens in Luray.  The picture was taken circa WWII
Harry Brumbaugh
Grove, Catherine wife of Samuel Brumback
Harry Brumbaugh
Grove, Martha Washington Brumback, b 1847, wife of Benjamin Grove
Harry Brumbaugh
Gwinn, Alice, "to her grandpa", another photo of Alice
Gwinn, Charlie and another photo of Charlie in uniform
Gwinn, Mark, another photo of Mark D. Gwinn
Harry Brumbaugh
Heistand, Rachel (Ghupp) (1832-1931) taken in 1929 at age of 96
Harry Brumbaugh
Heiston, Elizabeth, b1884, taken in 1890
Harry Brumbaugh
Hill, Enoch in his Civil War uniform
Hill Family Photo, children of Enoch Lee and Margaret Gordon Hill, L-R Ruth, Bill, Howard, Linda (Becky), Floyd (Pee Wee), Fred (Puff)
Harry Brumbaugh
Judd, Estelle, her sister Ruth and unknown members of the Morningstar Church. Estelle in the front with the locket), her sister Ruth Judd standing to the left. On the back of the photo it says, "Estelle Judd at Morningstar Church with teens. 1919." Around the time of World War One and the great flu epidemic
Judd, Oscar Roy, older  brother of my Estelle. He was born around 1898. This picture was taken around 1908. Roy was a very sensitive soul, who had seen much tragedy in his young life. When he was only 4 years old, he lost his mother to childbed fever. And when he was about 7 or 8, he lost his baby half-sister, Nina, when she was only a month old. Roy, as well as his two sisters, Estelle and Ruth, suffered a great loss when they lost their mother and baby sister within a few years of each other. Roy never really recovered completely from it. Notice the sad or haunted look in his beautiful blue eyes. Roy was a very quiet child who stayed to himself. When he grew up, he eventually married a pretty local girl named Daisy Vaughn. They had around five kids, and when Daisy was pregnant with their sixth child, she was killed by a truck that was barreling down the highway that leads through Thornton Gap. She and her kids were taking a hike one day to a relatives house (from Jewell Hollow Rd). And when they crossed the road that comes over the mountain, the truck hit and killed her and her unborn child. The children witnessed this. Roy was never the same after his beloved wife died, and he never remarried. He was unable to take care of his children, and they had to be farmed out to relatives. He lived a fairly lonely life until his death years later. Yet he was a very kind and gentle man
Judd, William Lee, he ran Judd's country store in Morning Star on Jewell Hollow
Kauffman, Jacob, photo by Flett, Atlantic City, NJ
Keinard, Clinton, photo by Channell Waitneight, Phoenixville, PA
Keinard, Mr. Elmer, Roshom Galleries, Lebannon, PA
Keinard, Mrs. Julia, photo by Cannell, Phoenixville, PA
Kemp, Julia Caroline with some of her siblings (not sure of names)
Kite, Grover Cleveland - front row center, others unknown
Kite, Lena in her advanced years
Kite, Stella, photo by Sanderson & Scovell, Oakland, Ill
Lam, Andrew Jackson and his wife Lizzie Viands Lam standing in their front yard.  Jack Lam was born Dec 25,1875 in Rockingham County.  He died Dec 26,1949 in Shenandoah.  Lizzie was born May 8,1881 in Page County and died April 8,1941 in Shenandoah.  Jack and Lizzie were married Feb 9, 1899.  They are buried in the Coverstone/EUB cemetery in Shenandoah
Lam, William Zebedee "Zeb", taken about 1915 in Weaver Hollow
Leaksville Girls, not named
LeRoy, Julia Caroline Kemp 1874-1939, daughter of Daniel Milton and Mary Susan Cullers Kemp
Lillard, Silas T. (left) and his brother, Benjamin H. Lillard - They were sons of Leftage Lillard and Hetta Jenkins and both were born in Page County. Benjamin left Page County and was married in Champaign County, Ohio in 1843, later moving to DeWitt County, Illinois about 1859. Silas remained in Page County all his life except for a short time in Ohio just prior to the Civil War. Silas served as the blacksmith in Co. D of the 7th Virginia Cavalry during the Civil War. Benjamin, though too old to serve, had two sons and a son-in-law who served the Union from Illinois. This photo is from a tintype probably taken some time in the late 1860's
Long, Sarah Virginia wife of William Lamb
Louderback, David, photo by Star Studio, Shenandoah
Lutz, Altha, photo by Morrison, Harrisonburg, VA
Mauck, Newton, photo by S. K. Wright, Luray
Meadows, Reda Ann Lucas 1900-1996, wife of William Buzz Meadows
Miller, Barbara Judd, in white apron, butchering at Luray
Miller, Benjamin Frank with his wife Barbara Judd and family, Fairview section of Luray, front: Benjamin Miller; Barbara Judd Miller. Back: Ollie Judd; Charles Miller
Miller, Frank and family, L-R front: Barbara Judd Miller and her husband Frank Miller; back: Ollie Blanche Judd (dau. of Barbara and Charles Miller) and son of Barbara and Frank Miller, all buried in York Co. PA
Miller, Jacob, photo by Dean, Harrisonburg, VA
Moyer Family Members, Seated L-R: Benjamin Franklin Moyer, John Joseph Moyer, Susan Freeze Moyer, Milton Van Buren Moyer, Macon Lee Moyer. Back L-R: Perry Washington moyer, William Tisdale Moyer, Doctor David Moyer, Thomas Ashby Moyer
Moyer, Joseph Family taken about 1913. Row 1: Thomas A. Moyer, Raymond Moyer, Mary Lucas Freeze, Flora Dovel Aleshire, John Freeze, Susan Freeze Moyer, Annie Beahm Moyer, Irvin Moyer, Teenie Heiston Moyer, Perry Washington Moyer. Row 2: Doctor Dalton Moyer, Mary Bateman Moyer, Will Moyer, Herbert Moyer, Lee Moyer, Fannie Bradley Moyer, Everett Moyer, Anna Moyer Fox, Luther Moyer, Virgil Moyer, W. T. Moyer. Row 3: Blanche Moyer Heiston, Minnie Moyer Cayton, Milton Moyer, Unknown, Fannie Walters Moyer, Lizzie Printz, Mary Moyer, Sam Moyer
Mussellman, Lorenzo - married Edith Ann Cliser
Neff, Amy, Davidson Bros., Masonic Temple, Winchester, VA
Offenbacker, Solon, photo by Wright's Excelsior Photo Gallery, Luray
Owens, Millie, hair 8 ft. 3 in., Queen of Long Hair written on back
Painter, Albert, photo by Beardsley, Charlotte, Michigan
Painter, Albert with wife and child, photo by Holmes, Luray
Painter, Hugh Wilson in uniform 1943
Painter, Hugh Wilson with his son and step dau. abt. 1955
Painter, Luther H., photo 2, photo 3
Painter, Mrs. Luther, 4 men and 4 women
Painter, Peter C. of John 1840-1922
Phillips, John, photo by Landes, Staunton, VA
Purdham, Benjamin Franklin 1859-1937 and family
Purdham, Mamie Florence Wilson and three of her children, c. early 1930s. L to R:  Issac Freeman Purdham, Mamie Florence Wilson Purdham, Mildred Elizabeth Purdham, and James Purdham. Homer Virin Purdham (the other son) is not pictured.  John Samuel Purdham (husband & father) died in Jan 1929. They lived in Stanley and Luray
Racer, Elizabeth Bailey, married John Seymore Racer
Harry Brumbaugh
Smith, Lillian - born March 1895 in Shenandoah
Stebbins, Willard, photo front printed Stebbins, Hope, Kansas
Stillwell, Annie, photo by Star Gallery, W. P. Rhodes, Staunton, VA
Stillwell, Miss Evye and ?, photo by Campbell, Norfolk, VA
Strickler, David, photo by Frensley, Luray
Strickler, Elza and Lawerence, spelling as on photo
Strickler, Ida 1858-? wife of Harvey Gwinn
Strickler, Laurence F. born Feb. 15, 1896 on back of photo
Strickler, Marcellus and family, photo by Halladay, Great Bend, Kansas
Strickler, Mary Cleveland, 1891, for Mrs. Kate Strickler on back
Turner, Martha Jane Pricilla Dean 1866-1947, wife of James Franklin Turner
Unknown, couple, dated July 1934
Unknown, person, back of photo has names Mrs. Leonard Painter and J. B. Gochenour
Unknown, person, signed Love Bea
Unknown persons, written on back "Prize Winners" compliments of your friend Ralph Rothgeb, Jan 16 1914
Varner, Hamilton and family about 1900. Front row left to right: Rachael S. Varner Varner, Fannie C. Varner Shaffer, Anna V. Varner Strickler, James A. Varner, Rebecca J. Varner Black, William Martin Varner. Back row left to right: Mary E. "Mollie" Varner Comer, Martha E. Varner, Hamilton & Matilda Spitler Varner (seated), Lydia V. Varner Rothgeb, Jacob C. Varner
Vaughn, Walter "Boot" 1881-1958 and Dale Leon Sours 1951- (taken in 1952)
Walker, Elizabeth Gordon, wife of John W. Walker
Harry Brumbaugh
Ann Cole
Ann Cole
Ann Cole
Young's/Lansberry's, Simon Young, Will Lansberry, Sarah Young Lansberry, Rose Young and William Young
Zirkle, Charlie, photo by Wm. Dean, Harrisonburg, VA
Zirkle, William, photo by R. D. Bayley, Battle Creek, Michigan
Places and Things
Alger Homeplace as it looked in 1892. This photo belonged to my Great Uncle Ernest Alger. He was born in this house. The original part of the house was built by Abraham Alger who was his Great-grandfather and probably the ancestor of all Page County Algers.
Anna Julia Kemper Brumback's house near Bixler's Ferry and "Spring Farm"
Harry Brumbaugh
Bailey, Clifford G. house in Luray, who owned Bailey Brothers Lumber, Ties and Staves, in Luray, although I don't know anything more about that company other than I believe it still existed in the 1930's. The public building in the background, I hope, is recognizable to someone. The address of this house was 1032 Dartmouth Street. I think the street has since been renamed. Taken about 1924 or 1925
Banknote, 1861 Luray, Page Co. VA
Harry Brumbaugh
Confederate Monument, Campbell and Broad St. Luray (same as above, different angle)
Confederate Monument, Luray by Herbert Barbee
Harry Brumbaugh
Fort Rhodes Cellar, this cellar is part of the dwelling which replaced the one burnt in the Rhodes massacre of 1764
Harry Brumbaugh
Massanutton Monument, dedicated to the founders of this settlement
Harry Brumbaugh
Harry Brumbaugh
Mount Zion Church Cemetery Origin from a Page News and Courier article (Mrs. Jack Cave was Susanna Comer 1821-1894. She was the dau. of Samuel Comer and Susan A. Smith. She first married Jacob Gochenour in 1839 and in 1887 she married Andrew Jackson Cave. Her dau. Mary C. Gochenour 1846-1901 married William Clinton Comer 1840-1892 in 1867)
The "White House" built about 1760
Harry Brumbaugh
Stoneberger Lutheran Church which was located a mile and a half southwest of Stanley. It was built around 1790 and was the mother church of St. Luke's Lutheran Church at Alma
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