1894 Petersburg, Virginia, Baseball Players - Pennant Winners 1894

Petersburg Daily Index-Appeal, Friday, March 30, 1894.
...The following are the players of the Petersburg league team and their positions: Leach and Foreman, pitchers; Keifer and Brooks, catchers and first basemen; Brodie, short stop; Armstrong, 2nd base; Myers, 3rd; Kelly, left field; Sandford, center field; Hammond, right field.   The players are expected to report for practice by Monday, April 2nd.

Petersburg Daily Index-Appeal, Tuesday April 17, 1894.
It was reported on Sunday night that Messrs Myers and Brooks, of the Petersburg League team, had signed with the Altoona, PA, team and gone to Norfolk...

Petersburg Daily Index-Appeal, Sunday April 22, 1894.
The game yesterday afternoon marked the opening of the Virginia State League season...Roanoke lost to Petersburg...Petersburg players were Sandford, c.f.; Kelly, l.f.; Brodie, s.s.; Farrell, 3b; Keifer, c; Hammond, 1b; Boucher 2b; Foreman, p; Leach r.f.

Petersburg Daily Index-Appeal, Sunday May 6, 1894.
The home team will leave this morning for Roanoke, where they open on Monday. They were joined last night by Smith and Stafford, the former battery of the Wake Forest club...

Petersburg Daily Index-Appeal, Wednesday May 9, 1894.
Petersburg players in yesterday's game were Sandford, c.f.; Kelly, l.f.; Brodie, s.s.; Farrell, 2b; Stafford, c; Smith, p; Hammond, r.f.; Boucher 1b; Keifer, 3b.

John Foreman, Pitcher
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Bob Stafford, 1st Base
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Foreman Stafford

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