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Samuel Hockman Cemetery near Shenandoah Junction

Directions: Located at the foot of Little North Mountain near the headwaters of the north Fork of Tumbling Run on the old Samuel Hockman farm. Take Rt. 757 west of Rt. 623 and proceed .4 mile to end of State Maintenance sign, then proceed on the road to the right to the first house, then .3 mile to the old homestead of Sam Hockman. Take the lane beside the house that leads to the trailer home where the cemetery lies approximately 150 yards norhteast of the trailer and just before the crest of the hill. (These directions are from Borden's lists published twenty five years ago, some things may have changed in that time.)

Hamman, John H. Died: 13 Dec 1877, Age 57.10.28
Hockman, Annie Born: 19 Dec 1882, Died: 30 Sep 1883, Daughter of Samuel & Seatie
Hockman, Celesta Jane Died: 1918
Hockman, Eliza Born: 5 Jul 1854 Died: 27 Aug 1878, Wife of Alfred B.; Daughter of O. & E. Hockman
Hockman, Elizabeth Pitman Born: 11, Dec 1815, Died: 17 Nov 1887 Wife of Obed
Hockman, Elizabeth Born: 21, Dec 1850, Died: 9 Jun 1882 Daughter of Obed & Elizabeth
Hockman, Geraldine Born: 1898 Died: 1918
Hockman, Joseph Born: 19, Sep, 1843, Died: 23 Aug 1914
Hockman, Mary Jane Born: 1839 Died: 1919
Hockman, Obed Born: 17, Jun 1810, Died: 20 Apr 1878
Hockman, Sallie E. Born: 12, Jul 1876, Died: 15 Jan 1880, Daughter of Samuel & Seatie
Hockman, Samuel Born: 31, Dec 1847 Died: 29 Oct 1884
Hockman, Seatie Summerville Cullers Died: 25, Apr 1896 Wife of Samuel; age 48.11.23
Pitman, Abraham; Born November 26, 1787 Died November 21, 1866; Son of Philip and Susanna Crabill Pitman
Pitman, Catherine Eshelman Died: 4 Mar 1864 Wife of Abraham Pitman
Pitman, Philip L. Died: 1, May 1820; Close-up photo
Pitman, Susanna Crabill Died: 2, Feb 1891; Close-up photo
W P Died: 1804

Photos provided by Jackie and Warren

Samuel Hockman Cemetery

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