OCTOBER 21 1884

"adjoining the land of the said Wetherholtz"
*NOTE: Transcribed from the original document as written

This deed made this 21st day of Oct, 1884, Between Daniel P. Wine of the county of Shenandoah and State of Virginia of the One part and Elias Wetherholtz of the county and State aforesaid of the other part.

Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of 65 Dollars and 90 cents cash the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged, the said Daniel P. Wine does grant unto the said Elias Wetherholtz a certain tract of land lying in the county and state aforesaid and adjoining the land of the said Wetherholtz, John Long &c. and is bounded as follows: commencing at a planted rock corner to Dr. Hickman, John Long and Elias Wetherholtz; thence with Said Wetherholtz line S. 40 W 14 poles & 6 links to a black oak stump; thence with same S. 46 W. 26 poles & 4 links to a planted rock; thence with same S. 32 W. 43 poles and 13 links to a planted rock; thence N. 42 E. 85 poles and 15 links to a planted rock in John Longs line; thence with his line N. 73 W. 6 poles & 12 links to the beginning. Containing 2 acres and 2 R. and 23 sq. po. More or less.

The Said Daniel P. Wine reserves a road 20 ft. wide commencing at the East corner and running between John Long and Elias Wetherholtz to the Public road which is soon to be opened.

And the said grantor hereby covenants that he has the right to convey the said real estate to the grantee, and that he will warrant generally the p;roperty hereby conveyed.

Witness the following signature and seal:

Daniel P. Wine (seal)

Shenandoah County to wit

I Samuel Garber, Jr. a notary public for the county aforesaid in the state of Virginia do certify that Daniel P. Wine whose name is signed to the writing above bearing date on the 21st day of October 1884, has acknowledged the same before me in my county aforesaid given under my hand theis 21th day of October 1884.

Samuel Garber Jr. N.P.

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