Census Records
Census 1820, Missing Pages Accomac, Monongalia, Pittsylvania, Randolph, Shenandoah, Southhampton
Census 1820, Pg 150, Shenandoah Stamped pg 150, from NARA, missing on all copies of microfilm, now available here!
Dunmore County 1775, Part 1, Richard Campbell's list
Dunmore County 1775, Part 2, Thomas Allen's list
Revolutionary War, Bird - Samuels Papers Suggested reading for source of Campbell & Allen lists

For more "census records" see Capt. Bowman's list under subject WARS AND Capt Machir's list under subject WARS
Shenandoah County Census, 1810, MILLER
Shenandoah County Census, 1820, MILLER
Shenandoah County Census, 1850 (partial)

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