Shenandoah County Courthouse Map

There are several tables and chairs on each side of the room. There are high counters and some books will be found on the countertops. Underneath the counters are shelves holding the books.

The books are heavy and large. Please use caution when removing a book from the shelf. At times, you may find a book that has been taken apart for copying. Please take the time to insert the loose pages. Our descendants will not have these books if we don't take care of the books now.

The clerks are quite helpful but please remember they are there to work on present day records and not there to do genealogy for us.

There are two indexes for the Judiciary Record books. One will cover the time period that includes the Civil War. The other covers the earliest time for the very first judiciary books. Both should be found on the right side of the room near the rear. The indexes might be found mixed in with the newer records. You will have to search for these. The earliest index has the complaintant's name, not the defendant. Base born (bastard) children and children bound out will be found in these books. There are a lot of Civil War happenings mentioned in these books. Search the book until you find 1861.

There is usually someone in the courthouse doing research who will gladly help you if you ask. Don't be shy about asking.

There is a small book usually located on a countertop where you may write the surnames you are researching and leave info on how to contact you. Don't forget to do this.

The courthouse closes at 5PM. Please return the books to the shelves even if you are not the one who got them out before you leave. Sometimes, people leave the indexes on the countertops so that others can find them but if you're the last to leave, return them to the shelves.

The loose papers in the filing drawers may not be viewed. They have been microfilmed and will be available in the Shenandoah County Library in Edinburg after they have been indexed. Linda Varney has taken on this project so if you meet Linda you might want to give her a big hug.

The map above is not professional looking but should aid you in finding records. This is probably the easiest courthouse in which to search as the records are quite easy to locate.

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Created March 7, 2001
Updated April 12 2006