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NOTE: These pages are being retained in memory of Alley Thrift Blackford, but will not be updated. [Thanks go to Don Silvius for continuing to host these pages.] Some info originally published here but now known to be incorrect has been changed to strikeout text (in order to point out which old information was incorrect); there may also be yet-unrecognized errors. In some cases the contact person listed is now deceased or the Email address given is not valid. Please look for corrected or updated family tree information at the Family Tree List at The Thrift Surname DNA Project

In the time since the Clan Thrift pages were originally compiled it has become apparent that all of the lines appearing here under "VIRGINIA LINEAGE" and "SCOTLAND & ENGLAND LINEAGE" (with the exception of Drury Thrift himself) are connected through Nathaniel Thrift of Old Rappahannock Co, VA. However, like Drury Thrift of Greensville Co VA, there are many Thrifts and Friths throughout the English-speaking world who do not connect to any of the lines on this page or who are not listed here; we are not ignoring them. See the Family Tree List at The Thrift Surname DNA Project and the Thrift One-Name Study.

If you have questions or comments, PLEASE post them at the Thrift message board or join the Thrift Email discussion list. (See also the Thrift GenForum.) If you have a family tree to post, or are interested in the Thrift Surname DNA project, please contact the project administrator, Richard Thrift, at The Thrift Surname DNA Project Site Map
NOTE: We are resolving the origin of Robert T Thrift in a DNA study; as of 9/2008 the current results appear to contradict any genetic connection between Robert T Thrift of Georgia and George Thrift of Virginia. See The Thrift Surname DNA Project Intro & Results page and the Thrift message board for more info and updates.

Robert T Thrift (c1770/75-1837) Carr Thrift, son of Robert T Thrift Penelope Thrift, daughter of Robert T Thrift Martha Thrift, daughter of Robert T Thrift Leroy Thrift, son of Robert T Thrift John Thrift, son of Robert T Thrift
William Thrift (father of Sarah, b. 1859) John Thrift NC to SC (b. abt 1832)
Charles Thrift (1720 - 1790) Drury Thrift (b. abt 1720) George R Thrift (b. abt 1788) Robert Thrift (1766-1847)
Richard Thrift (b. abt 1580) Samuel Thrift (b. bef 1770)
A Merging of GEDCOMs
From James Towne 1607 to NC 1997 by Michael Thrift A History of My Thrift Ancestors by Tress Pittenger
Luther Thrift, Waycross Journal-Herald
Confederate Ancestors & Their Unit Histories by O.J. Hickox (Bennett, Henderson, Thrift) Confederate Ancestors by C. Boyd (Griffin & Driggers) Confederate Ancestors by Barry Thrift Brown (Thrift)
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