Shenandoah County Courthouse
Woodstock, Virginia

March, 1999

Researching in the courthouse

Genealogy books are kept in the rear of the room. Index books are usually found on the countertop. Find the name in the index book, take note of which book and page number you need.

If you have a problem taking apart a book for copying needs, please ask a clerk for help. If you take a book apart, please put the book together again when you are finished. These records are old and valuable to us all.

Bastardy bonds, overseer of the poor records, divorces and criminal records can be found in the Judiciary Records. These books are indexed for some periods but not all. If you are looking for post Civil War period, you will find an index of surnames.

The clerks are friendly and helpful at the Shenandoah County courthouse.

Shenandoah County Clerk's Office
SW Corner of Court & Main Streets
Woodstock VA
HRS: 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri

Mailing address:
Clerk of the Circuit Court of Shenandoah County
Woodstock VA 22664

Birth, death, marriage, deed, will, records
Sheriff & Militia bonds
Order books

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