Dunmore County, Virginia, residents, 1775

List of the number of persons in Dunmore County; distinguishing whether they be male or female, white or black, and of the males whether they be above or under sixteen years of age. Taken by Richard Campbell, Nov. 1775.

  • The first column contains the name of the master or the mistress of each family;

  • The second the number of white males upwards of sixteen years of age

  • The third the number of white males under sixteen years of age

  • The fourth the number of white females

  • The fifth the number of black males upwards of sixteen years of age

  • The sixth the number of black males under sixteen years of age

  • The seventh the number of black females.


    Head of householdwhite males age 16 and overwhite males under age 16white femalesblack males over age 16black males under age 16black females
    Richard Campbell44211 
    Morriss Morgan113   
    William Fowler1     
    Adam Holker112   
    George Witzell2     
    Margaret Burriss  2   
    George Fitzer212   
    Samuel Gay1 4   
    William Dennison113   
    Christian Miller223   
    Andess (?) Grim 11   
    Jacob Boyer2 4   
    John Kniseley, Sr.2 1   
    James Carnagy1     
    William McKay1     
    John Crookshanks1 1   
    William Webb123   
    Joseph Yeager133   
    William Barnet1 3   
    Ulrich Miller134   
    Jessee Allison2 1   
    Frederick Woolford232   
    George Apler113   
    Jacob Miller124   
    John Huffman2 2   
    Ann Huffman (widow)315   
    Henry Fravell237   
    Henry Ott3 5   
    Frederick Dellinger148   
    Arch'd. Ruddell325   
    William Hober516   
    Peter Bowman212   
    Christian Houts1 1   
    Charles Deveny115   
    Ulrich Keener113   
    David Keener1 4   
    Jacob Bowman2 3   
    Jacob Bowman, Jr.1 5   
    John Davis225   
    John Clour512   
    Adam Karn122   
    William Rogers, Sr.3 2   
    George Sellars133   
    Michael Burner1 2   
    Jacob Burner113   
    Adam Funk444   
    Alex'r. Berry111   
    Barnerd Reedy212   
    John Steed112   
    Michael Barnet111   
    William Price133   
    James Evins1     
    Joseph Reynolds1 3   
    Philip Boyer112   
    Adam Dirting, Jr.121   
    Jery. Caffery152   
    Geo. Mavis145   
    Michael Barnet, Sr. (Jr.?)2 1   
    Jno. Funk1 1   
    Christian Kibler323   
    David Rotheheffer111   
    Geo. Borden121   
    Jno. Kingery1 1   
    Ulrich Grattinger1 7   
    Conrod Finter123   
    Henry Bowman1 3   
    Dan'l. Bowman, Jr. (?)112   
    Geo. Lewis114   
    Christiana Miller263   
    George Mour413   
    Ellis Thomas115   
    Sam'l. Rotheheffer123   
    Martin Leonard121   
    Geo. Hazle211   
    Jno. Newman1 (2?)22   
    Nich's. Bordon112   

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