Census of Dunmore County, Virginia, 1775

A list of the persons in Dunmore Co, distinguishing whether they be male or female, white or black, and of the males, whether they be over or under sixteen years of age. Taken by Thomas Allen, 1775.

  • Column 1 contains name

  • Column 2 contains males upwards of sixteen, white

  • Column 3 contains males under sixteen

  • Column 4 contains females

  • W was used for white

  • N was used for negro

  • M was used for mulatto

  • B was also used, appears to indicate Negro

  • The list is that of Thomas Allen but the spelling differs, with boy and boys spelled at times as boye and boyes.


    Head of householdmales age 16 and overmales under age 16females
    William Miller, Sr.2 W2 N3 W 1 B
    Thomas Allen1 W 1 B3 W2 W 2 N
    William Miller, Jr.1 W + Servant1 M3 W
    Henry Cloud2 W26 W
    Joseph Hopewill12 W4 W
    William Cloud11 W1 W
    William Lehew13 W5 W
    William Carthry2 W2 Boys2 W
    Thomas Ellzey11 Boy2 W
    Simon Carson2 W3 Boys4 W
    William Jennings2 W4 Boys5 W
    William Mercer (?)1 1 W
    James Jones11 Boy2 W
    David Johnston13 Boys4 W
    George Megee12 Boys3 W
    Randolph Bezant1 2 W
    Peter Holley1 2 W
    Samuel Bute2 W2 Boys3 W
    Thomas Masterson13 Boys3 W
    William Mason14 Boyes7 W
    Nightingale Mede1 1 W
    John Harrell41 N Boy6 W 1 N
    Hew Snelon12 Boyes 3 N Boys4 W 1 N
    Mason Jones12 Boyes 2 M3 W
    Jacob Harrell11 Boye3 W
    John Featheringgs1 4 W
    Chanlear Carter15 Boyes3 W
    Frankey Jones 2 Boyes3 W
    Moses Harrell53 Boyes4 W 3 N
    Ezekel Morgan13 Boyes2 W
    Whilliam Warren42 Boyes 1 N6 W 2 N
    Rubin Harrel12 Boyes1 W
    William Hurst, Sen'r.2 2 W
    William Hurst, Jun'r.11 Boye3 W
    John Hurst14 Boyes3 W
    Thomas Jones12 Boyes3 W 1 N
    Richard Foley12 Boyes4 W
    George Owens11 Boye1 W
    William Owens, Sen'r.22 Boyes4 W
    Francis Roles12 Boyes1 W
    John Snellon13 Boye 1 N4 W
    Whilliam Ownens, Jun'r.11 Boye2 W
    Edward Way11Boy1 W
    John Way13 Boys6 W
    William Hand11 Boy2 W
    Edward Wilson1 2 W
    Francis Macheney1 2 W
    David Robertson35 Boys4 W
    Benjamin Robertson21 Boy1 W
    William Cheek1 2 W
    Lazarus Taylor33 Boys3 W
    William Howel33 (1?) Boy2 W
    Chapman Roberts11 Boy 
    John Mackenney14 Boys7 W
    James Mayfield11 Boy3 W
    John Smith1 3 W

    Tithable Boys

    Only the name and males were included in this list done by T. Allen. The last column is not explained. This is how the list appears.

    John Price11, 6 W
    William Salyears12 W
    Francis Brown1 
    Robert Hunter11 W
    Samuel Vess12 W
    William Vess12, 7 W
    Ignatus Wright11, 4
    John Dukes21, 1 N
    William Robertson14, 1 N, 7 W

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