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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a diagram or layout of where the records are in the courthouse?

A: See the map drawn for inside of the courthouse.

Q: When I visit Shenandoah County, where would I find the marriage records?

A: The marriages are available on microfilm at Edinburg in the Shenandoah County Library archives room.

Q: When was Shenandoah County formed?

A: Shenandoah County, known previously as Dunmore County, was formed in 1772.

Q: Where can I find a copy of Daniel Bly's book, what is in the book, and how do I get a copy of the actual record?

A: Daniel Bly's book is a compilation of guardianships and indentures of children found in Judiciary Records in the Shenandoah County courthouse in Woodstock. Instead of redoing what Bly had already done, I asked permission to put his book online which he granted. Glenn Cline had copied some of the pages from Bly's book which was found in the Shenandoah County Library in Edinburg. Glenn intended to copy the rest of the book but the book was missing from the library. Bly only has one copy which he says is too "ratty" to copy. Unless we find someone with a copy of Bly's book, we cannot put the rest online. To get a copy of the record you seek, if it isn't on the Shenandoah County site, you'll need to get it from the Shenandoah County courthouse. You would need the exact page number of the record as the clerks do not have the time to search through the books for a particular record. The guardianships are in the same books as criminal records. Some of the Judiciary Records are indexed but others are not. When I was searching for a particular record I wanted, I had to just search through page after page 'til I found what I was looking for.

Q: Can I use my digital camera in the courthouse?

A: As of July, 2000 the courthouse allowed me to use my digital camera to take pics of docs with NO flash. No flash is needed in the courthouse so that is no problem.

Q: I sent a check to the courthouse and you did not respond to me. Why not?

A: I do not work at the courthouse. Therefore, I cannot help you. Ask someone at the courthouse.

Q: Will you do my family research for me?

A: See Professional Research - Linda Varney for hire.

Q: Does the library have a site on the Internet?

A: Yes! Shenandoah County Library. Hours of operation are included on the site and you can view the library's catalog online.

Q: What is the best time of year to visit Shenandoah County?

A: January through December. Depends on whether you like the cold or the warmth of summer or the beauty of apple blossoms or the changing of colors of the leaves.

Q: I cannot read some of the stones in the Shenandoah County Tombstone Photo Album Project. Would you decipher the stones?

A: Each stone has a link to the Shenandoah County Tombstone Project. You will find the inscriptions on the stones on that page.

Q: I am just beginning to research my family. How do I start?

A: Begin with yourself. Add your parents and siblings. Add your parents' parents and siblings & then their parents, etc. Add dates of births, deaths, marriages and any other info you might have for all of these people. Order documents for each event (birth, marriage, death). Check census records, deeds, and wills and church records. These will help you to find siblings of your ancestors. Check online databases but use them only as clues, not as facts. Always document your information. Use as many sources as you can find. When you visit a courthouse, do not skim through records looking only for your great-grandparents. Copy everything in the courthouse that has the surname you are searching for and use your time wisely. Once you get home, you can sort through and organize it all. Later, you'll find you really do need that document that you did not think involved your family. Get software for your database. Brother's Keeper is excellent and is shareware. Also see, Genealogy - Where To Begin by Bev.

This section of the site was put together by our own Alley Blackford in 2001 to help answer the most frequently asked questions by visitors to the site. Alley Blackford succumbed to cancer on July 21, 2005. This shows you just what kind of person and how willing to help she was. She will be greatly missed, but she is still answering your questions!

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