Lena Hopkins




Aker, Philip





Philip Aker was married to Elizabeth Fedel in Pennsylvania before moving to Shenadoah .He moved to Wythe Co.Va. I need proof that son John who married Catherine Faddely (Fitterling) in Shenadoah is parents of William,Jackson,George,Sarah,Michael,John Jr.and Samuel all these were in Wythe except John Jr.who left and moved to Pulaski Co.Ky.wher in 1822 married Elizabeth Hollisclaw.Some of family think that Michael Aker who married Catherine Heppner is the parents.I need proof any help from either side of these Aker's would be appreciated.The Fitterling (faddely)came to America in 1752 from Wurtenham,Germany.Voight Fitterling was the father and his family consisted of 8 members.


Anita Schultz-Peters

Aleshite, Elizabeth and Cave, John

Shenandoah in 1811, "east of Ridge" before that according to death record

Moved to Page County

John Cave and Elizabeth Aleshite were married in Shenandoah County, and I have not yet documented where they were born. John's father was Rueben Cave and Elizabeth's father was Henry Aleshite.

Randy Stewart


Allen, John

before 1775-ca. 1812


Probably remained

This Allen family or branches of it moved to Cocke Co.
Tennessee by 1796. Reuben Allen married Else Clevenger
in Shenandoah Co. and they moved to Cocke Co Tenn. later
Ray Co. Missouri. The original John Allen was born about
1740, married Lucy, I think they were in the 1775 census
of Shenandoah Co. and had at least 6 children


Lena A. Hopkins




Armpriester(Armbrister, Philip




Philip and Anna(wife) were German Luthern and were involved with Church.They sold land in Shenadoah and I couldn't find them after the sale until about 1790 in Wythe Co.They had five children.


Jim Artz


Artz, Johannes (John)

Berks Co. Pa. , abt 1770



John Artz, Elizabeth Greathouse & 6 children,
All stayed in Shenandoah, but several of their children moved to Licking Co. Ohio & westward


Mimi Morris

Martha Atwood b.1813

Shenandoah Va.


Married Elijah H. Morris b. 1806 NC. Raised large family in Smith Co. TN. Buried in ATWOOD Cem. Brush Creek, Smith Co. TN.

Susan Harvey



Bachelor, Elizabeth




Mindi Jones


Baker, Catherine

born in Shenandoah, Va


Marshall County, West Virginia


Catherine had a twin, Margaret born around 1761. Father was Capt. John Baker and mother was Elizabeth Ann Sullivan both from Germany. Capt. John Baker faught in the Revolutionary war but not to much known about him during war time. He later took the family to West Virginia and built Baker Station (fort.) He faught the Indians and was killed during a conflict out side Baker Station by Indians in 1787.


Judy Lock




remove to Monongalia County


Researching Elza Barb, son of William Barb and Eleanor Lynch.


Ann B. Jacobs


Barb, Jacob

Loudoun Co., VA 1780s



Also spelled Jacob Barbe


Ken Dohrman


Bartscherer, Jacob & Anna


Lancaster Co., PA - 1785


Remove: Knox Co., OH - 1812



John Baughman


Baughman, Henry


1700 switzerland




Melissa Welsby

Baughman, John

born 1774 in Shenandoah Co., VA, but father from Germany, Austria or Switzerland

Removed to Sevier Co., TN, then to Boone Co., AR

In Botetorte Co., VA on January 22, 1805, married Dorothea Moyer, b. Aug. 24, 1783 in Botetorte, VA. They had a son named Jacob Baughman, born 1813 in Sevier Co., TN. John Baughman died in Boone Co., AR in January 1857.

Laury Hembree

Beahm, Abraham

Lancaster, PA


Abraham Beahm's father was Jacob Beahm, grandfather John Beahm (Boehm)

Carol Digby


Bean, George M.

Approx 1900-1910


George M. Bean and wife Sarah V (Barr) moved to Bloomville, Ohio (Seneca County) george died around 1910. Sarah died in 1940. George is my great grandfather. However, I believe Catherine Weaver was my great grand mother's name. I do not think they were married. She later married Abraham Miller.

Ruth Bechtle-Pierce


Bechtle, George


Montgomery Co., PA , 1792-3


Removed to Mason Co., VA


Lived in vicinity of Mt. Jackson. Married Sarah Stritchberry. Left Shenandoah Co. in 1830's.


Jack Ott

Becker, Heironymus

From Palatinate, 1752


Heironymus BECKER was an Elder of St. Paul's Luth. Church in Strasburg during 1770's. Heinrich ("Henry") BAKER, son of Heironymous and husband of Esther Ann STOCKSLAGER, left Shenandoah Co with family before 1820 to settle in Harrison Co., IN. Henry's daughter Elizabeth BAKER m. Conrad UTZ of Shenandoah Co. in 1810, also migrated to IN.

JD Bedsole

Bedsold, Elisha



On his land patents in 1782-85, his last name is BEDSOL, BEDSOLL and BEDSOLT. The 1772 tax list his last name as Bedsoul. His son John also owned land and he was on the tax list. Back then, they were in Montgomery County, Va.

J Beeler


Beeler, Homer

Strasburg VA 1870-80's(?)


Removed to Bloomville OH


Homer Beeler b 7/2/1890 d 3/1965 married Fannie
son of Charles L Beeler b1864 d1927 and Emma Lavina(Bly)b1869 d 1951 both buried in Lebanon Church Cemetary, VA
Charles L Beeler was son of Leonidas Beeler b 1831 d 1911 and Barbara(Reedy) b 1836 d 1912 both buried in Mt Olive, VA

Parents of Leonidas Beeler are thought to be Jonathan and Catharine Beeler but no additional information available at this time


Maxine Yeats


Beeler, Ulrich

PA then MD in 1766



Ulrich Beeler (Buehler, Buhler, Buller) came to PA from Switzerland in 1734. Went to Maryland in 1744 then on to Dunmore Co, VA,in 1766 where he remained until his death.
Most of his sons went on to Tennessee in the 1780's.
He was of the Reformed Lutheran faith.


Maxine Yeats


Beeler, Ulrich & Maria E.



PA & MD abt 1744



Some of Ulrich's sons went to Tennessee in about 1782. Some of their children may have remained there. But Ulrich and his wife died there.


Mary Beal


Bibler, Johann Franciscus






Betty Lathrop


Bird, Andrew

Pennsylvania 1730


Died ca.1750


Need proof that Elizabeth "Betty" Bird was daughter of Andrew & wife Magdalen Jones Bird. Can prove their children Mounce Bird, Andrew Jr., and Rebecca. Elizabeth Bird married John(?) Jones and son Andrew Bird Jones settled with wife Sarah Cain, in Adams County, Ohio. Sarah Cain dau of james and Ellizabeth Custer Cain who also settled in Ohio from Brock's Gap, Shenando




Bish, Dawalt (Diebold)


Preuschdorf, Germany 1770, then to Lancaster/Lebanon Co. PA 1776


Moved on to Rockingham Co. VA


The BISH family settled in Shenandoah Co. Co, then moved on about 1787 to Rockingham Co. VA.




Bish, Frederick

Strasburg, Germany 1770


moved to Rockingham Co. VA, then to Greene Co. PA and died in Highland Co. OH


Frederick's father was Diebold Bish, and he had land and paid taxes in Shenandoah Co. as well. Both men moved on to Rockingham Co. VA around 1790.


H Bester


Blackwell, Henry

ca. 1813


went to Augusta Co., then to Rockbridge Co., then to Ironton, OH


Looking for the parents (or any information) of Henry Blackwell that was born ca.1813 in Shenandoah Co., move to Augusta Co., then went to rockbridge Co., Married Elizabeth Ann Rowsey there in 1832. Then moved to Ironton, OH about 1856.


Karon M. Bosze


Blackwood, Thomas Wayman

Native born ca. 1799


Warren Co. VA (when county formed) then to Logan Co., OH in 1863


Raised a large family in Gooney Manor. Left for Ohio during the Civil War. Wife was Elizabeth Forsythe, dau. of William Forsythe and Sarah Jackson.


Karon M. Bosze


Blackwood, William

Unknown, 1788



Confirmed children, James, John, and Martha. Third son may have been Thomas, who also lived in Shenandoah. And second daughter may have been Elizabeth, whose name appears in the court records in regard to an assault on William LAWRENCE, a neighbor of James'.


Karon M. Bosze


Blackwood, William Jackson

Native born 26 Dec 1828


Warren Co. VA (when county formed) then to PA, MD, and Morgan Co., WV. Moved away ca. 1858.


Worked at the Federal Armory at Harper's Ferry VA (now WV) before 1860. Lived w/uncle in Preston Co., VA (now WV) in 1860. Worked for PA Railroad. Arrested in 1861 at Cumberland, MD for passing counterfeit money. Invited to join the Union Army. Served as private in Co. G, 12th PA Cav. Lived remainder of life in Berkeley Springs, WV.


Deborah Bozell Donahue


Boswell, George

Gloucester County 1770


Died in Shenandoah County


George Boswell  was born in Gloucester Or Sportsylvania County, Virginia. He returned to Gloucester around 1770 and then moved on to the eastern tip of Madison County.He passed away around 1788 but his boys moved to the Hawksbill Creek area in the present day Shenandoah National Park and lived there until 1810 when a mulitude of family and friends moved west to Champaign Ccounty, Ohio


Steven Walker


Bowman, Jacob



Jacob married Rachel Gilbert and had two sons 1) James born in 1849 and 2)unknown son who left home at an early age and unheard of afterward. Jacob is my g-g-grandfather. I believe he resided in area at base of Bowmans Mtn. now surrounded by National Forest and is buried on this land. Per my grandfather, Daniel (James son),Jacob would never say where he came from or if Bowman was really his name. James married Sarah Ann Reynard and had 11 children. Some land records show a Jacob buying land in 1840's selling some land to investors to create a mineral spring spa. My g-grandfather,James, was a blacksmith and worked in Keezletown, Edinburg and Mt. Jackson.


Susan Richardson


Bowman, Jacob



My ancestor is Jacup/Jacob S.Bowman. Born in Shenandoah Co.,1836, Jacob migrated to TN. He served in the 61st TN inf. during the Civil War. Married Caroline Mariah Jacobs of TN. They settled in Jefferson Co., TN. I think my Bowmans may have come from Germany. I would love to learn more about my GGGrandfather and his family.


Sue Piatt


Bowman, William and Barbara Tisinger


Shenandoah County, 1810


Removed to Fairfield, then Pickaway County, Ohio


William b. 1779 in Shenandoah County, died 10/18/1826 in Pickaway County, Ohio; Babara b. 1779, Shenandoah County, died 1/15/1852 in Pickaway County, Ohio.  They first moved to Fairfield County, Ohio, in 1810 and lived there for five years. Then they moved to Washington Township, Pickaway County, Ohio, and lived the rest of their lives.

Karen Turner



Brenner, Casper





I have all info from Casper Brenner who married Catherine Zirkle around 1751. He was granted 400 acs. in Shennadoah Cty. I need info prior to that time. We don't know who Casper Brenner's parents were. We believe from Switzerland. Casper was born estimated 1729. After Casper and Catherine died, one of their sons, J. Michael Brenner, my grandfather, sold place in Shennadoah Cty. to his brother, I believe, and they moved to TN


Don Silvius


Brill, Isaac

b. 1796, Frederick County



Married (1) Mary "Polly" Conner - b. 1805, (2) Elizabeth Kackley - b. ca. 1848 in Frederick County.

Irv Brobeck






The original pioneer was Adam Brobeck who arrived in Shenandoah County about 1769. Two+ generation later three of his grandchildren married Baker's of Shenandoah county and moved from the area. One couple moved to PA. One to Bedford, VA and the third, my great grandparents, William Brobeck and Rebecca Baker, moved to the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio where they farmed.

Julie Rogers


Brown, James C

1818 - death 9/21/1828


Remained in Powells Fort


James C. Brown was the son of Issachar Brown and Hannah Craven of Loudoun County, VA. James was born 7/21/1796. He married Sarah "Sally" Catherine SHEARMAN 06/21/1818 in Powells Fort, Shenandoah Co., VA. Marriage by Andrew A. Shannon. Sarah was born Shenandoah Co., VA 11/18/1796. Sarah was the daughter of Philip Adam SHEARMANJr and Mary KELLER. Sarah died 04/07/1879 Shenandoah County, VA. Both were buried in Slate Hill-Golladay Cemetery, Powells Fort.


Earl Brookman




Lancaster Co. PA 1790's 1820



A Valintin Bruckmann (Valentine Brookman) and wife Catherine (?) was in Shenandoah Co. as late as 1797. It is assumed that they moved to Wythe Co. VA prior to the 1820 census


Mary Bruner

Bruner, Jacob

Frederick MD, late 1700’s


Jacob married Margarett Klein/Cline. Married her in 1784. They had 9 or 10 children born in Millerstown, now Woodstock, Shenandoah County VA.

Dan Olson



1760 to 1790


To Ky 1798


James Burden b 1740 NJ married 2 times first wife unknown ; 2nd wife Mary Brain James moved to Ky with family abt 1798
d 1806 in Nicholas Co Ky.   Was relation to Bordens think he changed name to Burden


Walter C. Burgner


Burgner, Christian & Peter


Lancaster Co., Pa. 1783-1789



Christian Burgner (1750-1815) was born in Bethel Twp. Lancaster Co., Pa. His wife was Anna Maria Burkhart. They settled in Washington Co., Maryland by 1783 and by 7 Nov. 1789 the were in Shenandoah Co., Va. Peter Burgner, son of Christian was born on 14 Feb.1773 in Elizabeth Twp., Lancaster Co., Pa. He came with his parents. On 18 Nov. 1796 he married Elizabeth Cline (1776-1852) in Woodstock, Va. In 1810 Peter Burgner and family settled in Washington Co., Tn. and in 1812 they settled in Horse Creek Valley, Greene Co., Tn. where on 9 June 1824, Peter Burgner died.


Marilyn Baker

Burns, Mary Ann



Mary Ann married Albert Vaughan from Page Co. They had at least one child named Angaline. Her parents were Daniel Burns and Mary Kite.

james burns


Burns, Thomas Harry


To wythe co. va


thomas harry burns married lucinda crockett in wythe co 1832 i lost them after that.


Gloria Bushong


Bushong, John Jacob Aka John Jr. and Elizabetha Windle


Lancaster County, PA



John Jacob Bushong Aka John Jr. son of John Bushong and Elizabetha Sprenckel from Lancaster, PA
Born February 18, 1754 York, Pennsylvania
Married about 1780 to Elizabetha Windle, daughter of Johann Augustine Wendel and Anna Margaretha Bucher
Served in the American Revolution as a Private. Recommended for Lieutenant in Shenandoah County court records.
Died April 1796 in Shenandoah County, VA
His great grandson Andrew Jackson Bushong removed to Madison County, Indiana in 1893 from New Market with his 5 children and wife Amanda Fultz daughter of Uriah Fultz and Anna Hoover.


Margaret (Buswell) Nelson


Buswell, Jonathan & Anna Conor


England; Ireland 1750-1760?



Jonathan b.10/25/1740; d. 12/1/1805 ; Anna b. 2/22/1742; d. 10/31/1820
married VA, 1763-1766 .  Their son George, b. 2/27/1774, is my ancestor.


Lynn-Marie Fancher


Byrd, Ingabor

& Mounce Gore



moved to Tennessee 1800


Mounce Jones daughter Magdelena, from Berks co PA married, I think Andrew Byrd, son of ?). Their daughter Ingabor married Andrew Bird, who I think was from Maryland. The Byrd/Gore clan moved to Overton Co Tn about 1800.


Mona Campbell


Campbell, Jonas



Jonas Campbell was born in Shenandoah Iron Mtn.Dist. and was married to Eliza Taylor.
DOB 1818 Married 1841

L Caldwell


Carrier, John and Mary Mooreall




 John Carrier and Mary Mooreall married in 1773 in Shenandoah County, Virginia and had at least one son Thomas Carrier in 1764 in Virginian who married Nancy Hatcher


Linda Caldwell


Carrier, John W.



W. John Carrier dob. about 1710 and wife Jemima Nicholas Carrier dob. about 1713 both from England. Son John Carrier dob. about 1728-1748 and wife Mary Mooreall or Morrell Married Feb 8 1773 in Shenandoah Co


Norene Allen

Carter, John

b 1769 to end of century

Removed to Gallia Co, OH

John Carter married Mary Lehr in Shenandoah County 1797. I estimate they moved to Gallia, OH sometime between their second child (Nancy in b Sept 1798) and their third child (John b in Oct 1802. Was Mary Lehr b in Shenandoah also?

Joan Grube


Carter, John and Mary (Lehr/Lear)


married in Woodstock on 25 DEC 1797


Removed to Gallia County, Ohio in ca. 1806



Denise Ashelamn

Carter, John

Born, June 9, 1769, Virginia

Left in early pre 1810

Married Mary Lohr December 25, 1797 in Shenandoah County. Mary had a daughter by a man named Burke whose household she worked in. The had a daughter Nancy in 1798, and possibly 3 sons prior to moving to Ohio.



Cassaday, Sally Beasley




Sally moved to Baltimore and died in 1970. Her family owned a plantation in Virginia until 1890's. Sally married Michael Bernard Kenny (one of three husbands she survived). Michael was from Ross Common, Ireland (immigrated 1871, naturalized 1887). One of her children was my grandmother Elsie Virginia Kenny born 1916 in Baltimore.

Carrie Ann (Cave) Knupp


Cave, John Henry

Page Co., VA 1887



My grandfather was John Henry Cave from Page County, VA. My Grandmother was Carrie Ann Jenkins.

Kay Lamb





George Cheek was Married to Leann. Her last name I cannot find, but she was from Maine.


Jan Griffith

Cheek, Mary

1700's to 1800's

Moved to Indiana in 1810

This is my 4th Great Grandmother for whom I have little information other than she was married to James McKay.

Lynn Chenoweth




Chenoweth, John

Maryland 1730s



2)John's father was also (1)John Chenoweth/Mary Calvert (daughter of First Lord Baltimore) from Maryland. (2)John came with his two younger brothers. They may have settled in Fredrick County.


Carolyn Whitaker


Click, Lewis Henry

Lancaster Co. PA



Ludwig Henrich Gluck b. 23 Mar 1740/41 Dannstadt, Ludwigshafen, Germany arrived aboard the ship "Lydia" in 1749 Philadelphia. Family removed to Lancaster Co. PA. By 1770 his sister, Maria Barbara Gluck & her husband Adam Loch had removed to Virginia. Lewis left Lancaster Co. PA abt 1780 to Shenandoah Co. VA. He appears on the tax rolls for years 1782 to 1784. He then appears in Washington Co. Tennessee 1787 where he died. His descendants moved on into Greene, Cocke, and Monroe Co. Tennessee


Roger Lee Cline




1700- 1865




T. Michael Cheaves


Cline, George



Moved to Jefferson County, Tenn in 1850 and bought a mill in Dumplin Valley.   Son of Henry Cline & Catherine Wisman
Grandson of Peter Cline & Anna Elizabeth


Karen Cline von Behren

Cline, Philip

germany, 1700's


Germany, 1700's

Kathleen C. Swallow



York County, PA between 1710 and 1850



The Clinedinsts were a prominent family in Newmarket, Va. They were carriage makers.


Mike Kennedy


Clinedinst, Michael

Pa.? 1700's



Michael Clinedinst married a Elizabeth Huffman/Hoffman in Shenandoah Co. in 1785


Robert Cox


England, Original Settler

Moved prior to Civil War

I was told that my ancestors were original settlers of Shenandoah County, Virginia. In fact I have seen tomb stones in Illinois where we have a family cemetary which states this. Apparently my family moved because of the threat of the civil war.

Kevin Scoggins


Coffman, Jacob



Moved to Morgan Co, IL


Jacob moved to Illinois in 1848. He may have spent sometime in Indiana also. He lived in Morgan Co, IL until his death on March 9, 1881. He had a wife by the name of Mary but I have nothing else on her except she also was from Shenandoah Co, VA. Their children were all born in either IL or IN. They had the following children: Catharine, Mary, Rachal and George. All born from 1835 to 1842. Jacob born in between 1797 and 1805, his wife is from the same period. Jacob was a
teamster and farmer.


Cecil Gates



Coffman, Jacob M

b1763 PA


d 1833 Greenbrier Co., VA/WV


Jacob M. Coffman, son of Isaac Coffman and Esther (?).He married Esther Rhodes 1786 Shenandoah, VA.


Steve Coffman

Coffman, Rinehart

Shenandoah County Virginia, 1787

Moved to Tennessee


Rhonda Swinney


Cook, George Isaac

Pre Civil War and after


after war moved to Georgia


He was married to a lady named Sarah. He served in the Civil War. After the war he moved to Georgia. He was called G.I. He had a son name George Walter Cook, a daughter - Mattie, a son - William, a daughter - Jennie (maybe short for Virginia) and a daughter - Luttie. There may have been other children.


Mary E. Martinez

Cooke,  John

Westminster England 1766

remove to Wyoming Co WV

John Cooke and Nellie Goodal Pemberton wre brought to the Valley as indentured servants. They served on a plantation. I do not know which one. I am told they wre married about 1776-77 in Christainsburg. I would like to confirm

Nancy Brooks

 Cooke, John--Nellie Pemberton


Remove West Virginia

These two people were Indentured Servants

Mel Cooksey

 Cooksey, Andrew

Charles County, Md.


Andrew Cooksey migrated from Shenandoah County to Surry County, NC, by 1781, then to Edgefield County,
SC. by 1790, and then Edgefield County, SC., by 1800.

Ruth V. McKee

Cooper, George, the Shoemaker (Johann Georg Kieffer)

Born in Williams Twp, Bucks Co., Penn. 15 July 1745

He died in Strasburg, Virginia in 1821.

George Cooper married Anna Barbara Dosh, daughter of Christopher Dosh and Maria Elisabetha Ziegelbauer. George was in Dunmore/now Shenandoah County before or by 1774.

Edith Cooper Shaver


Cooper, John J

Born 1813 in Shenandoah county.


Left in fall of 1845 for western Monongalia Co., VA.(WV)


I have reached a dead end with my Coopers. Know that John J. Cooper, born 1813 in Shenandoah Co. married Mary Henkins, daughter of George and Mary Supinger Henkins.


Edith Cooper Shaver


Cooper, John J.

Place of orgin unknown. 1809-1848


1848 listed in Monongalia Co., VA tax List



Married Mary Henkins, d/0 George & Mary Supinger Henkins, in 1833 in Shenandoah Co.

Searching for parents/siblings of John J. Cooper1813-1856. Said to be Scots-Irish & came from England. Children born in Shenandoah Co. were: John H. 1835, went to East St. Louis,IL.;Daniel 1836, went to Marion Co.,WV;Mary C. 1839; Margaret A. 1841, married Horatio Hayes & lived in Marion Co.,WV;George W. 1843, MIA Bethesda Church, MD in 1864; William M. 1844; & Peter R. 1846. Richard M. born 1850 in western Monongalia Co., VA.

Nancy Corder Halvorson


Corder, Elizabeth

Shenandoah County 1790-1820



I found Martin and Elizabeth (Corder) born Pence (both born about 1790)living near C? Reuben Corder born abt. 1819 (my ancestor) and in between Reuben's wife's grandfather (Charles Rector) and father (Abram Shockey) in Champaign County, OH. There were a handful of Corder marriages in Shenandoah County between 1790 and 1822. The 1810 and 1820 Census Records show a William Corder household in Shen. Co. Many of those Corders who married in this time period stated that William was their father. Elizabeth did not state who her parents were.  Since Census Records indicate that C? Reuben was born in VA, it appears that he was related to Elizabeth.
Family Oral History states that Martin and Elizabeth moved to OH in 1820. Martin was the son of Lewis Pence who lived near Hawksbill Creek.

Nancy Halvorson


Corder, John



Last evidence of him in Shen. Co. is 1809.


He was the bondsman for the marriage of Eleanor Corder, d/o William, and John Snyder in 1797 in Shen. Co. He was on the Tax List for the Eastern District in 1809. He married Elizabeth Mahoney in 1809.


Tom Pierce


Croessmann, Johann Ludwig

(Lewis Chrisman)



Pfungstadt, Hesse-Darmstadt about 1834


Removed to Page County


Ludwig came to the Fort Valley with his wife Christiana and her father, Peter Jung. They joined Ludwig's four brothers, Philip, John, William, and Adam (though it is not clear where John lived). Chrisman Hollow, above Caroline Furnace, takes its name from this family. Christiana was a Lutheran, two of the sons were Dunkards; some of the family worked at the iron furnaces in the area.





New York




Barbara Cupp Woods





Relating to the 1750-1800 years. From where they came to where they went. Specifically Jacob Cupp & Sibitha/Sibby Breeding


Barbara J Woods




PA, mid to late 1700




Lu Beth Curry


Curry, William

born 1806 in Shen. Co. - from ?


removed to Zanesville, OH 1829



Angela Daughhetee Keierleber


Dauity, William


Moved here from Northumberland County, Virginia in 1700's.


William died in Shenandoah County in 1761



John Davidson






Ron Davis

Davis, Henry Meggs & Cathrine ANSELL

Leesburg, Loudoun County, VA about 1808

removed to Hardy County VA/WV before 1814

They were married in Loudoun County 01/25/1806; Henry died in Hardy County on 10/16/1835; Cathrine died at Cainsville, Mercer County, MO in 1853

Marcia Adams



Day, Dosky


Radford, VA



Iris Jean Deel Servay


Deel, David

ABT 1790




Verda George


Dellinger, John




HARDIN HARSTON DILLINGER was a son, and don't know of other's. HARDIN HARSTON DILLINGER, ended up in SULLIVAN CO, MO., raised his family and died there. Don't think JOHN AND FANNIE MAY ever made it any further than INDIANA, or KENTUCKY.


Mary Bishop


Denton, Abraham

New York 1750



They left Virginia and went to Washington County and Sullivan Co., Tennessee, around 1800 moved on to Fleming and Bath County, Ky.

John R. Derrick, Jr


Derk, Johann Simon


Lippe, Germany 1738


Removed, then returned

Johann Simon DERK (later changed spelling to DERRICK) was born ~1714 Lippe, Germany entered Philadelphia aboard the St. Andrew in 1738. He married Katherine STAPLETON (a d/o Robert STAPLETON and Anna Maria Oley. Johann and Katherine lived and purchased land in Berks CO., PA but sold their assets and moved to Shenandoah 1771-1772 as did one of their sons; John about 1776.
The DERRICK family attended the Old Pine Church in Shenandoah Valley. It was a union church, Lutheran and German reform. Paul Henkel was the first pastor in 1783.

John R. Derrick, Jr


Derrick, John H.

Berk County, PA


Moved, and died in Wilton, Botetourt, VA ; abt. 1790


John H. Derrick (b. 1740 Berks County, PA.) m. Ann Maria "Mary" Dunkelberger (b. 1749 Berks County, PA) moved to Shenandoah, VA abt. 1770. They had 6 additional children (3 prior to moving) in Shenandoah, VA from 1772 to 1785.


Lorie wylie


Derst, Abraham

Germany 1740's



Abraham Derst b. 13 Sept 1725 Pfeddersheim Germany,d.1772 , Shenandoah Valley Va. Son: Abraham Durst b. abt.1748 Shenandoah Valley Va. d. 1820's Shenandoah Valley Va. Son:  Benjamin Darst b. 1793 Shenandoah valley Va. d. 25 Oct. 1842
Gallia Co. Ohio.


Pam Melton


Detrick, Adam

Grandparents from Germany, 1767 on ship , Britania to escape religious persecution


Adam Detrick and wife, Sarah Coffman settled in Miaimi Cty, Ohio about 1827


Adam Detrick ( b. 3-29-1794, d. 6-26-1855) married Sarah Kauffman (or Coffman). They settled in Miami Cty., OH, across the road from what is now Carriage Hill Historical Farm ( this is the Arnold Farm). My great-great grandmother is their daughter, Lydia Detrick, who married Joseph Fidler. Their son, Rev. John Fidler, was my great grandfather and a minister for the Ch. of the Brethren for over 35 years. I still live in the area and have found all the grave sites of the family mentioned. Adam came from a family of 11. Many moved to the Ohio area, a few stayed in Virginia and a few went to W. Virginia.


Nancy I. Diehl Smith


Diehl, Albraham & Christena


Lancaster, Pa. 1779


some ? David Diehl went to E. Tn.


lived near Cross Keys, Va....several sons and daughters. have a book about the Diehls Kin to Bowmans. was a brethern..or german baptist....brothers and sisters moved to w va. and possible ohio? the branch i am kin to went to jonesboro,tn.(washington county). another group of diehls lived there and the book says they paid the same amt. to the same person for the same amt. of property


Verda (Dillinger)George


Dillinger, Hardin Harston




Ended up in Sullivan County, MO. Born-Abt.1808 in Shenandoah Co, VA. Married in Tennessee to Mary(Polly)Beck-1830. Parents were John And Fannie May(Wright)Dillinger.


Ellen Gwaltney Bales


Dipboye, Abraham


Carlisle, Pa., 1813


Moved to Henry Co., Indiana in 1835


Abraham's father, George M. Dipboye came from France prior to 1770s.


John Dodson



Dodson, John

Richmond Co., VA 1740




Ruth V. McKee

Dosh, Johann Christoph

Born 28 June 1716 in Oedengesass, Wertheim, Ger.

Christopher Dosh died in 1778, Strasburg, Va.

Christopher married Maria Elisabetha Ziegelbauer 21 March 1848, Germany. They came to Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1752, then moved to Strasburg, Virginia in 1772.

J. D. Wright


Dosher /Doshier/Dozer/Dosser, Peter


B. PA 1762


Moved to TN then IL.


Rev War Pension Abstract:
Dosher, Peter or Peter Dozier, Alley, W22951, BLW #75004-160-55, VA Line, sol enl in VA, sol was b 2 Nov 1762 in PA & when a child his father's family moved to Culpeper Cty VA & sol lived in Shenandoah Cty VA at enl where he had lived since 1780 & after the Rev War sol lived about 30 yers in TN, appl 25 Sep 1833 Clark Cty IL, wid appl 12 May 1857 Marion Cty AR age 87, children mentioned were; the oldest child Margaret who m Jacob Tarwater their m bond was dated 25 May 1807, Nancy who m Walter Maxey m license dated 8 Mar 1809, Daniel the 3 rd child b 17 Jul 1794 & Henry was aged 56 in 1857, sol had a sis Nancy who was 15 mths older than he was & also another sis Margaret 15 mths older than said Nancy, in 1857 Margaret Tarwater was living in Marion cty AR in 1857 & in 1856 Daniel Dosher was living in Clark Cty IL, & he had m in Aug 1813 to Judith Maxey their children were mentioned but not named, in 1833 an Adam Dosher was aged 74 a res of White Cty IL but no relationship to sol was stated


Carole Trook-Hacker

 Druck/Drook, John

Shenandoah County, VA


John Druck 1791 - 1870 moved 1. to Drake County, Ohio in 1818, 2. Union and/or Wayne County, Indiana by 1820 and 3. Grant County, Indiana about 1843. Somewhere along the line John changed his last name to the spelling "Drook". John's wife was Saloma Fosher 1798 - 1883

Ron Gunter


Dunkerson, Thomas

Scotland 1750's


Removed to KY 1810


Thomas Duncanson/Dunkerson b. Rockingham Co., VA in 1763. RW soldier from Fredricksburgh. Father (unknown) possibly Robert Duncanson and his father's brother Col. James Duncanson came to VA from Forres, Moray, Scotland in the 1750's. Thomas m. Lucretia Moore and moved the family to Christian Co., KY in 1810. Thomas died a war pensioner in KY in 1835. Luctetia died in 1844. Many of his decendents remained in KY but some moved on to Missouri in the 1860's. Some ended up in Arkansas in the early 1900's.


Nancy Farajallah


Eagan, Barnabas



Died in Beckford Parish in 1779


Also went by Barnaby. Was married to a Rachel McDowell. Both died in Beckford Parish. Believe they emigrated from Ireland.


Walter F Easterly

Easterly, Conrad and Zirkle, Catherine

Telford PA about 1746

Descendants remained until 1796, then migrated to TN. Other family members, the Zirkles and the Branners remained in the Forestville area

Conrad Easterly received a 400 acre land grant in about 1746-47. Specfic date unknown.
His son, George Easterly (b.1749) received title to the land as a result of a court action in 1777. George owned other properties in the Shenandoah Countyu area until he disposed of all hodings and moved to Greene County, Tennenessee in Oct of 1796.
Some of his family members also moved to the same general area of TN at about the same time, while other family members remained in the general area of Forestville and some near Timberville and New Market. The remaining family members were the Earliest Zirkle and Branner families.


Judy Acord


Eckert /Acord, John m Rachel Combs


Possibly from Penn. In 1788 Shen. Tax Record


1790 in Greenbrier Co. Personal Prop Tax Records


John Eagart/Acord m in 1788 in Shenandoah Co to Rachel Combs, b 1771, Shenandoah Co. By 1790 they had migrated to Greenbrier Co.


Nelson Eddy


Eddy, James

1780 1825




Jack E. Brown

Emmons, Albert

From New jersey?, 1790-1800?

Removed eventually to Muskingum County, Ohio

An Albert EMMONS is shown in Shenandoah County in the late 1700's. At some point later our Albert EMMONS married Matilda LAYTON and they were in Muskingum County, Ohio thereafter unitl Albert's death from a fall off a horse in 1813.





Was married to Nancy Stacey. Had a son there in 1839. His name was William B. Engle

Ricky A FAdeley Sr.







John Jeffries

Felkner, Henry & Ros


removed , hawkins co. tenn.

i think they came from germany(1751) on ship called edinburg .the father john henry volckner born 1712 was with them,also.

Lisa Uhl


Feller, Joseph m. Nancy Hamman

Toms Brook, Shenandoah Co., VA both born JULY 1814


moved 1856 to Corydon, Harrison Co, IN


Joseph & Nancy (Hamman) FELLER's children born in Shenandoah Co., VA
1) Rebecca FELLER b. 13 OCT 1834 ; 2) Gideon FELLER b. 21 NOV 1838 ; 3) George H FELLER b. 21 JAN 1841
4) Jacob S. FELLER b. 18 JAN 1843 (S. possibly for Schmucker) ; 5) Joseph H. FELLER b. 10 FEB 1845
6) Catherine FELLER b. 10 FEB 1847 ; 7) John A. FELLER b. 11 SEPT 1851 ; 8) Martin L. FELLER b. 10 APRIL 1856
9) Elizabeth FELLER b. 10 DEC 1858 (IN) ; 10) Mary FELLER b. 18 NOV 1859 (IN)
In Harrison Co., IN they worshipped at Mount Solomon Lutheran Church, south of Corydon. They are both buried at Grable Cemetery (South of Corydon)> Grable, formerly known as GRABILL in Shenandoah Co., VA. Joseph & Nancy FELLER's son, Jacob S. FELLER married Rachel GRABILL (Grable) and they are also buried at GRABLE Cemetery in Corydon, IN.
Lisa Uhl of Corydon, IN 47112






1790 1860





Barbara Reeves Whittaker


Fox, Daniel


b. 1766


moved to Wilkes Co, NC by 1780


In 1780 Daniel signed up to fight in the Revolutionary War in Wilkes County, NC. Daniel applied for a pension 1833 in Pope County, IL. He married Elizabeth _____, 1787 in Burke County, NC, and he died in 1845 Marshall County, KY. Daniel & Elizabeth had children; Pleasant (1788- ), Nathan (1791-1838) md. Rebecca LITLEN, Nancy (1793- ) md. Reuben REEVES, Pleasant T. (1797-1860) md. Elizabeth Ramage & Polly Kelley.

Fran Fox

Fox, Jonathan

Wife, Elizabeth

UNK Shenandoah - ~1783

Moved to Cocke County, TN by early 1800’s

Jonathan Fox, born ~1783 in Virginia and his wife, Elizabeth (last name unk) born ~1788 in Virginia.   One son, Elihu W., is listed on same page as Jonathan in the 1830 census. Elihu was born in 1806 in Cocke County, TN and then migrated to Missouri during late 1830's. From what I've found to date, this particular Fox family all migrated to Missouri during this timeframe.



Franz /France/Frantz, John & Mary


Prussia ca 1782/97


moved to Fairfield Co OH ca 1811


Mary wife of John Franz/France/Frantz died in Vinton Co OH
1863. Have not found John. (2) know children are Barbara Ellen b 1808 Shenandoah Co VA who md George Ziegler/Zeigler they both died in Vinton Co OH and Sarah b 1797 Shenandoah Co VA who md/1 1815 Wm McClain/McLain in Fairfield Co OH md/2 Baltzer Ziegler/Zeigler in Muskingum Co OH. Sarah died in Morgan Co OH. NOTE: George & Baltzer Ziegler/Zeigler are brothers, both sons of Andrew.


Don Conley


Fravel, Isaac

Switzerland 1730-1750


Buried in Shenandoah Co


Isaac Fravel was the imigrant Fravel, along with his son Henry Fravel.


Marie Russell


Fry, Benjamin

Montgomery Co, Pa.

Died there.

Built Fry's Fort, and died on Cedar Creek, Shenandoah Co. in 1753.

Diana Graham

Frush, Peter and Potter, Sarah

1816 came from Maryland


Peter and Sarah, natives of Maryland, came to Shenandoah County in 1816 with two sons. They lived on a farm until 1833 when they left for Richland County, Ohio. In 1834, they removed to Licking County, Ohio.   Peter was born 8 Feb., 1782 - 14 April 1858, McWilliams Cemetery, Deer Creek, Indiana. Sarah Potter died April 13, 1852 - McWilliams Cemetery.
Her father was William Potter.

Howard Frye

Fry, John

From where unknown,1780's



I don't have that much information except that John Fry married Mary Lindamood in the late 1780's and had numerous offsprings. One was Elias Fry, born 1803. He is my great-great-great grandfather.


Margaret Gallagher


Frye, Joseph Milton



All over VA

Josephs mother died when he was five yrs. old so I am told and his neighbor raised him. He married Anna Sharpe who was born in Ireland. They had twelve children.Many remained in Va. Joseph Jr. was a plasterer and married Annie Good. They lived in Culpepper. He had three sons,clifford,Albert and Carl. Carl had a turkey farm, Albert was a barber in Mt. crawford and Culpepper.
Another son of Jos. Sr. moved to Ohio,Bernard. Three daughters, Julia, Grace and Elizabeth migrated to Baltimore,Maryland.
Jos. Sr. was a railroad switchman until he hurt his back. Some years he lived in Covington,Kentucky but moved back to Va.
He also had a son James, who lived in Manassas. He also was a railroad man.


Ruth V. McKee

Funk, Jacob

Jacob was born in Palatinate, Germany about 1695.

He died in Frederick County, Virginia in 1746.

Jacob arrived in America in 1717, and bought land in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania the next year. He bought land on the north branch of the Shenandoah River in 1735.

Marcia Ambrose


Garber, John

Moved from York Co. PA to Shenandoah Co. VA in 1775.



John Garber was an early member and leader of the German Baptist Brethren church, known as the Church of the Brethren today. He was born in 1717, as Johannes Garber, and emigrated from Switzerland to America. He first settled in York Co. PA and moved to Frederick Co. MD in 1768. He purchased a farm here and built up te Beaver Dam Brethren church. He moved to Shenandoah Co. VA in 1775 with his 5 youngest children. He moved because of the Revolutionary War. He was the first Brethren minister in the Shenandoah Valley. He was the second family to settle in the valley, after the Holsinger brothers, Michael and David Holsinger. He and his wife, Barbara Miller Garber, and their children settled near Flat Rock in Shenandoah Co. VA. He began the Flat Rock Brethren Church. His wife, Barbara, on 2 different occasions, walked back to Maryland and Pennsylvania for a visit. The roundtrip distance on each trip was nearly 400 miles. He died at Moores Store VA in 1787 and is buried in the family burial ground near the Flat Rock Brethren church. His wife, Barbara Miller, was born in 1733 and died in 1808. John Garber was the first Brethren Church member in Virginia to die. His will was probated on 27 December 1787.


Lori Kime


Geyer, John

1780 to 1840


Removed to Montgomery Co., Ohio




Jane Neuharth


Gibler, Christian

Neiderschelden, Ger,ca 1750-64


d. 1787

Spouse Anna Magdalena LATCH
Children William,  Phillip, Christian Jr, Catherine,  Christiana, John (Johannes) , Lewis, Magdalena
Moved to Highland Co, Ohio about 1805

Craig Gibler


Gibler, Christian (giebeler)


Philadelphia Pa



Christian Born in Germany. Married Anna Magdalena Latch 20 Feb 1748 Kirchen Germany, which is N W of Frankfurt and East of Bonn They left the summer of 1750 A long with infant son Martin Johannes, probably down the Rhine river to Rotterdam In Holland lfrom which they sailed for the port lof Philadelphia Pa. on the ship Nancy. He arrived on Friday 13 aug 1750.He moved to Shenandoah Co Va prior to 1774 as this is the date he bought land from Lord Fairfax
He died testate prior to 22 july 1787 in Shenandoa Va
Last will and testamentl Clhristian Shenandoah co va will book Page 363 they Had 7 children.

Craig Gibler


Giebler, Christian


Pennsylvania 1773



Lived and died in Shenandoah Co.

Charles Gilbert


Gilbert, Joseph Hiram


Montgomery County 1777 to 1784


Removed to Russell or Lee County 1799


It is my understanding that Joseph Hiram Gilbert and his wife, the widow Nancy Anne Cheek were married in Shenandoah Co. in 1784. Nancy had a child, William Cheek, by her first husband William Isaiah Cheek, who was killed in the Rev. War about 1777. The couple later moved to Lee Co. in 1799 on land near the Thompson Settlement


Brenda Riley


Glick, Johannes (Gluck)(Klick)


? Hanau, ? Hesse, Germany



Johanne b. 1720/25 Germany, d. 1814 Shenandoah Co. Married
(?) Barbara STAUFFER b. abt 1732 Germany, d. 1783 Shenandoah Co. 7 children born in Germany. The 6th, John Glick b. 27 Dec 1754, d. 1822 New Market, bur family cemetery/New Market. Married in Shenandoah Co, 20 Apr 1778 Elizabeth BASSERMAN b. 23 Nov 1758 Mt Jackson, d. 1852 New Market. 10 children b. Mt Jackson. Wives names include HARSHBARGER & MILLER. 1800's Abraham to Augusta Co; John Jr to Rockingham Co; Joseph to Holt Co, MO.


Darrell Couchenour


Joe Coke@AOL.Com


Gochenour, David

Near Woodstock


Removed to Westmoreland Co, Pa



Angie Coffman Moran


Gochenour, Jacob


Gruningen, Switzerland around the 1730's




Carol Brownlee


Golladay, David



coles county,il


david golladay married magdeline welsh oct14 1815 fort valley, shenandoah county virginia,migrated to coles county illinois about 1830


Mary Ann Largen


Golladay, Jacob and Elinor

Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania; 1758



Jacob and Elinor Golladay, one infant son and another on the way, arrived in what was then Frederick County in 1758.
Their second son David was born in Garrisburg. I have never been able to find that location in archival records. I assume it was in Powell's Fort Valley (now Shenandoah County), where they lived at the time of their deaths.
Seven generations of their descendants remained in Virginia --most spread throughout the Valley of Virginia.
Others migrated on to the Carolinas, Kentucky, and as far west as Texas.

Randall Gooden


Gooden (Goodwin), Thomas

Louisa County, Va., ca. 1810


Upshur (Randolph) Co., Va. (WV)


Thomas Gooden came to the portion of Shenandoah County that became Page County and left in 1849


Matthew Getz

Götz, Barnhardt

Earl Township, PA


Barnhardt Götz was our first ancestor to move into Shenandoah County, buying up land on a branch of Holman's Creek in the late 1790s.  Barnhardt was the first male Getz born in America, his father being the emigrant Hans Balthess Götz of Engstlatt in Württemberg, Germany.  Balthess made the journey to America in 1751 and settled in Earl Township, Lancaster County, PA where Barnhardt was born.  The same piece of land purchased by Barnhardt has been continuously owned and worked by a male descendant of Barnhardt's since its original purchase in 1796 through today.


Orville Lehman Grove Jr.


Grove, Benjamin

PA 1772



Amy Gilreath



Haller  /Holler, Petter




Remained in Shenandoah Co., VA


Petter Haller was the eldest son of Heinrich and Anna Catharine (Carle) Haller. Born 7 Aug. 1715 Mattstall, Alsace. Arrived in PA on Ship Samuel, with his parents, in 1733. Lived in Lancaster Co, PA, where he married Dorothy ___? Removed to Shenandoah County, VA ca. 1754 and remained until his death in 1799. Buried in Holler cemetery on Narrow Passage ...


P. J. Webster


Hambleton, Birdie Ida

Born 1867, Died 1937



Birdie Hambleton married Ida Hepner, born 1872, in Shenandoah Co


Luanne Jones


Hamilton, Mary - James Stinson


Augusta Co., VA 1770s



I believe that this Mary Hamilton was the daughter of William HaMILTON


 Loretta Anderson

Hammer, George



He moved from Winchester and probably originally came from Pa. My ancestor is Henry Hammer who married Mary Davis. I am trying to find out who his parents were. Henry states in his petition for pension from the REv. War that he was born in Winchester, his father moved to Shenaandoah Co, and when Henry was 6 moved to Rockingham Co. His father could have been George, Jacob, or John as I find them all in the area around that time.

Clifford Charles Hancock

Hancock, Isaac

b. May 25, 1808 in Shenandoah County, VA

removed to Licking County, Oh 1828-1830

Isaac Hancock was born in Shenandoah County on May 25, 1808. He married Cynthia Ann Ford in Licking County, OH somewhere between 1828-1830. There first child on Sept.10,1830 in Union Township, Licking County, OH.They had 10 children.

melissa hutchinson


Harricks,  Ira


around 1850, where is unknown.



I have no info. on Ira Harricks except for 1-son named Lonnie Harricks, and 1-grandaugter named Myrtle b:3-29-1886
d:11-2-1935, in Douglas Co. MO. She was married to John"Green John" Maggard.


Chuck Bennett


Hausenfluck, Henry & Margaret



September 22, 1783- marriage date




Hemphill, James

before 1756


moved to the Carolinas in 1756


info found in book : Carolina Cradle ( Settlement of the Northwest Carolina Frontier pg. 123 - Growth of the Irish settlement 1752-1762


Thomas A. Henretty


Henretty, James & Susan


Valley Ford 1800 to 1900



James came from Ireland sometime between 1800 and 1835.




Henry, Moses




Vicki Fox David


Hickle, Stephen


removed to Ross and Fairfield Co.s Ohio


My gggggrandfather, Stephen Hickle married Hannah Sigler in Shenandoah, Va 15 Oct 1816. At least 4 children born in Virginia before move to Ohio by 1830. He may have been from Hampshire County Va.


Bill Browning


Hines, Catherine Ann

b. Shenandoah

to Culpeper Cy., then Missouri


Catherine Ann Hines b. 24 Dec 1806 Shenandoah Cy.and d. 18 May, 1885 Monroe or Audrain Cy.< MO. She m. Charles Washington Browning and went to Culpeper Cy; then to MO in 1841. Raised thirteen children. An old family story is that she was born on ship coming to America


Ruth V. McKee

Hoffman, Philip

Was in Augusta County (later Rockingham) by 1758. He was appointed a trustee of Strasburg, Virginia in 1761.

Philip Hoffman died 8 June 1813, Shenandoah County.

Philip's second wife was Elizabeth (Stover) Bowman, daughter of Peter Stover and Frainey Funk, and widow of Jacob Bowman.

Judith Homan Shafe


Homan, David F. and Lydia Thomas

unknown, bef. 1810


resided in New Market area and abt 1838-39 removed to Otterville, Cooper Co, MO


Believe his father may be John HOMAN of Broadway, Rockingham Co, Va, and mother (Polly/Mary), perhaps a Harrison. Married 27 Nov. 1810 Rockingham Co, VA; d. 1846-50 Otterville, Cooper Co, MO. David's wife,Lydia,is the dau. of Richard THOMAS of ???. Children: Harrison E. m. Anna Martz, John R. m. Mary Martz, Isaac, Geo. Wm., Hiram A., Richard Thomas (my ancestor), David F. Jr., Amanda Belle. All were born in Shenandoah Co, VA, between 1811 and 1829. Removed to Missouri abt. 1839 with other family and friends (Trouts, Finleys, Clines, Cramers)in same caravan.


James Houston



may 1769



Samuel Houston along with wife Sarah with their children moved to Iredell county north Carolina.


Y. Howdyshell




Howdyshell, Alonso

1700 Germany




Barbara Howey Parks


Howey, Joseph



Removed to Hardin Co., Kentucky


Joseph Howey was said to be the child of John Howey and Nancy Houston/Huston of Bucks County, PA. He was a landowner in Shenandoah County as early as 1789 and as late as 1795 according to records I have located. His wife was Lydia (Montague?) and their children were James (my great-great-grandfather)who married Keziah Crume, Robert, Elizabeth, Joseph Junior, Margaret, Lydia, Moses, and Aaron.


Carol Hurst

leila 2@ PRODIGY.NET


Hurst, John Mill Creek


Removed to TN


Darlene Debardelben


Jackson, Delphia



She was the mother of William, Roland, and Paul. Silas was born elsewhere from what I was told.


Rev. Deb Jenkins


Jenkins, Samuel or Jonas aka Ginkins




Samuel Jenkins/Ginkins, b. 1740, d. 1796, m. Jane--. Was supposedly the first of that surname to settle in the Massanutten Valley of the old Shenandoah area....near Luray and Yager's Spring? Supposedly a citizen cout was taken of the residents of VA in 1795 that was to be included on the first US Census (rec. in 1790). His household was the only Jenkins family rec. in Shenandoah, showing he was the first of the surname to settle in this newly formed County. This info came from the works of a Gary Claude Jenkins.


Paula Jewell Edens




Jewell, Sanford and George

NJ 1700




Anne Rose


Job, Zachariah





zachariah job stayed on his children moved to missouri


Cece Morrison


Johnson, Andrew


Removed to Wisconsin

Andrew Johnson had three daughters, Mary Elizabeth, Annie Bowman. They lived in Wisconsin. Believe Andrew Johnson was a relative of President Andrew Johnson. Possibly a relative of one of Jacob Johnson's brothers who were born around German Valley, West Virginia.

Reba Gale


Johnson, Arthur Sr

New Kent VA;


Stayed;  Died in 1759


Born in New Kent VA 1691.  His wife was Margaret Phares dgtr of John Phares II




Jones, Mary



Mary Jones married William Fowler, Sr.   She was dau of David and Ann Jones.  David is the son of  Lewis and Elizabeth Jones of Shen. Co.  

W. R. Coffman


Kauffman, Augustus

lancaster, pa. 1750



Augustus and augustine kauffmann are one and the same person. He was born in Hasslock, Germany, Oct 17,1717. He came to America on the ship the ST.Andrew, into the Port of Philadelphia Oct 12,1741. Augustus initially went to Lancaster,PA and around 1754 migrated south to Shenandoah County-Woodstock VA Area. There he remained getting an 496 acre land grant from Lord Fairfax where Coffmanville is. located.

Sue Grimsley


Keeler, Johan Elbreat


Pennsylvania, ca 1730



Johan Elbreat Keeler arrived in Pennsylvania on the ship Mortonhouse 8/24/1728. Later resided in Tennessee with other German settlers.

Kenneth R Keffer



Keffer, Jeremiah

from beford, pa.---1770




jeremiah`s third wife was mary magdelena buckhanan-b.1742-d.1824 children-nicholas keffer-b.1750-d.2.abraham keffer-b.1767-d.1830 keffer-b.1786 4.john keffer-b. 1756 -5.jacob keffer-b. 1771 6.martin keffer--d.1810 7.magdelena keffer-b. 1782-8.susan keffer-9. henry keffer-

kenneth keffer


Keffery, Jeremiah




lived around woodstock,va.cannot fine where buried,also son nicholas,wife mary smith

Jane Gamon


Keller, George



Several generations in Shanandoah Co., VA then to Knox Co. TN then to TX and finally in OK

Dolores Burton


Keller, Jacob


moved to south carolina


twin sons born in 1788 to jacob. their names were david w. and john Keller. They moved to abbieville county South Carolina.


Mary Martin

Kelley, Bryant

County Mayo, Ireland


Died in 1873 on Kelley' Mountain, near Orkney Springs


Bryant Kelley came from Western Ireland about 1845. He married Sussanah Frye daughter of Elijah Frye and Elizabeth Lonas. In 1850, Bryant Kelley built a log cabin on the mountain near Basye. He died in his cabin of pneumonia in 1873.

Kathy Ellis



Kelley, Luke

LATE 1700'S EARLY 1800'S





Doris Moses Wanamaker


Kelley, William

born 1777


removed to Lewis Co.,, VA(WV)


William was born in Shendoah Co., VA. m.Mary Ann Lawson d July 30, 1854 in Lewis County, VA(WV) was drafted into the 6th Reg of VA Militia and served Sept 1, 1814 to Dec l, 1814; discharged at Camp Crossroads, MD. His son John L.Kelley b Front Royal,VA March l, 1803 m. Tacy Davis b 1803 Harrison Co., VA. After William died Mary Ann applied for bounty land warrent 3-26-1855 granted Warrent 51388-12-55 in Lewis Co.,VA

Nancy Lockett


K Lockett


Kelly or Kelley, James Porter



James Porter left the Shenandoah valley at the age of 12, The next time I pick him up he is in Gunnison Colorado
Working for the Los Pinos Indian Agency, He was married in Gunnison In 1875 and evntually moved to Water Canyon
New Mexico




Keltner, Henry




Henry Keltner birth 1764 Shenandoah,Va.  Married Catherine Peters she was born 1768
Had son Solomon born 10 Apr 1790 died 5 Aug 1854 Lauderdale,Tn

Ruth V. McKee

Kendrick, Abraham and wife Mary Weaver

He was born probably in Ittlingen, Germany about 1715

Abraham died in Frederick or Shenandoah County in 1781.

Abraham Kendrick was descended from the Kendig/Kundig family. He and his family were living in Strasburg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania until the moved to Shenandoah/Frederick counties before 1768.

Pamela Kingree Moats


Kingree /Gingary/Gingrich, Daniel


Lancaster County - 1766


Remained - Smith's Creek - Mt. Jackson


Daniel, his wife, Rosina, and 5 year old son Solomon moved to the Valley in 1766, purchasing 593 acres on both sides of Smith's Creek from Cornelius Ruddle. The land was in the family as late as 1872 at the death of the youngest son, John. My father was the seventh consecutive generation to be born and raised in the Valley.


Norma W Spangler


Kingree, Becky

Born 1845 Shenandoah Co


Married James Asberry Payne Rockingham Co


Becky A. Kingree maried James Asberry Payne August 12,1867 and lived at Linville, VA my Great Grandmother. Her parents were Reubin aand Sarah Kingree


Pamela Kingree Moats


Kingree, Daniel & Rosina


Lancaster County, PA - 1766-1808 Date of Death



Daniel & Rosina Kingree settled on a 593 acre tract of land purchased from Cornelius Ruddle in August 1766. There they remained. Daniel died in 1808 and Rosina sometime after that. They had nine children. The land was divided between Solomon and John Kingree. I have recorded 9 consecutive generations that have remained in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Gary Cliser

Kleiser (Cliser), Mathias

PA or NY 1790

remained until it became Page County

Mathias Kleiser (Gleiser, Cliser, Clizer) married to Barbara Nail (Nagel) in April 17, 1790. They lived in Shenandoah County, but later bacame Page. They lived on Pass Run, Thornton Gap area.

Norma W Spangler


Lamb, Mildred m. James Payne

1845 lived in Shenandoah Co


Rockingham Co.

Mildred Lamb married James Payne in Rockingham Co. They had three sons in the civil war.

Gene Lasher


Lescher, Johannes


Berks C. PA, ca. 1790-1798


Moved to Kentucky


Anglicized name John Lesher,father owned an iron forge in Berks Co.PA possibility he moved to VA for work in an iron forge..Had daughter Catharina born 1793 and son Jacob born 1795 in Shenandoah Co.


Ellen Lewin


Lewin, John Almer

b. 7 August 1791



John Almer Lewin migrated to Pickaway County, OH around 1810 with a group led by William Renick. After the War of 1812, John migrated to IL, IN and finally settled in Warren County, IA after being granted Bounty Land.

Pat Smith


Lewis, George

Wales , 1750


TN. 1780


Married before, 1781, wife unknown.


Linda S. Fitzgerald


Limpus (Limper(s), John




Eastern TN


Tennessee>Nelson>Butler Co., Oh>Fayette Co., In.


Susan Kurzer



Lindamood, Henry and Elizabeth


Either born in Shenandoah or Germany


Removed to Ohio

I have a link to Georg Heinrich Lindemuth, but do not know if Henry Lindamood is his son or his grandson.

Rita Denton


Lindamood, Johann Georg ("George")


1750-60s from Berks Co. PA


died Shen. Co. Aug 1770


George Lindamood was born in Germany in 1733 and immigrated from Boedigheim/Wuerttemberg, Germany, to PA with his father Georg Lindenmuth in 1749, along with other family members and relatives. George b. 1733 was married to Maria Kelchner; they had sons George Henry b 1760 and John b. 1763.


Katherine Williams Clifton

Lindamood, Johannes


Moved to Wythe Co., VA


John Lindamood moved to Wythe Co., VA from Shenandoah Co., VA. He married Mary Magdelena in Shenandoah Co., VA.
His daughter Catherine married Phillip Knipp.

Laurane Nash


Lindamood, Wm and George

1821 - 1914



William Lindamood, son of George Lindamood and Elizabeth Hamman moved to Henry Co. IN where he marr for the first time, then on to Warren Co. IA, where he remarried and had 13 children. He had a brother George who visited him in a covered wagon in summer 1885 in IA. Have William's ancestors back to his g. Fa from Germany


Judy Cassidy


Loch /Hole, Nicholas


Bucks Co, PA abt. 1785


removed to Preble Co Ohio aft. 1816


Johannes Nicholas Hole/Loch, wife Barbara Ott/Barbara Miller, came to Shenandoah Co about 1785 with family from Bucks Co, PA. He used the name Nicholas.   Children: Elizabeth b. 1766; Catherine b. 1768; Sally m Isaac Riddle (Ruddle) 1806 in Shenandoah, John b. 1762 m. Mary Ann Raider, member of St. Mary's on the Pine; Barbara m. Jacob Nicely 1797, Shenandoah Co; Daivd m. Polly lived Hagerstown, MD; Willliam 1781 m. Mary Ann Bowman, Shenandoah Co. Eldest son Jacob Hole/Loch went from Bucks to Berkely Co where he married Nancy Warner, he then moved to Shenandoah Co from 1797-1800 when he moved to Jefferson Co, TN. Nicholas, William and his son Levi, and Elizabeth moved to Preble Co, Ohio, after the death of Mary Ann, about 1816.

Ben Lough

Loch, Nicolas

Bucks, PA 1780

remained 1780-1810

Moved to Woodstock with the Lochleiter family.

Bill E Miller


Lockmiller /Loughmiller, George


Germany 1740


Wife: Catherine or Catherina

Janet Lonas Dozier


Lonas,  John Philip


b. bet 1832-1836, Mt. Pleasant


buried in Mt. Jackson Cemetery


Son of Joseph Lonas & Rachel Hausberger(Huntsberger); Served in Co. C 7th VA Cavalry, and Co. K 12th VA Cavalry(entered Corporal, exited Private); married 1890 to Emma French Tanquary; 5 children; died app. 1917.

Carrie Bishop

Long, Isaac

ottobine pendleton county WV

moved to staunton in 1930

isaac long married laura (dinkle?) and had three children. Their names were Roger Elroy Long b:july 14, 1891, Ruby Ellen b:August 18, 1896 and Benjamin Miller b:April 10,1886. Ruby and benjamin were born in Augusta Co. VA.I'm not sure about Roger. isaac,the father, was born dec 17,1865.

Bruce Sellers


Loudenback, Phillip and Mary Buswiler




Fayette County, IN


Phillip was the son of Mathias Loudenback/Lautenback.

Judith Germann


Love, Samuel



Samuel was son of Joseph Love and Mary Teas. Believed in
Shenandoah Co ca 1780/90s. Later moved to Knox Co TN where he died in 1826.

Barbara Grenier


LUDWIG, Joseph , BOUDE, Sarah Maranda


born abt 1810 VA perhaps Shenandoah


Removed to Preston Co by 1860 and after 1880 and by July 1884 removed to Coshocton Co OH.


Joseph LUDWIG's parents were born in PA re: the 1880 Preston Co WV census. Joseph Ludwig married Sarah Boude, 15 Mar 1842 Shenandoah

Melissa Hutchinson


Maggard,  Hans


from Germany to Pennsylvania


removed to York County


Hans Maggard was the first Maggard to come to the U.S. from Germany. He was born 1690 died in march 1783, in Rockingham
County VA, spouse is unknown. He had 2 sons that I have found record, 1-Samuel b:1716, d:1778 in Rockingham County
VA.spouse:Catherine ?. 2-David who I have no info. on.   Samuel had 3 known children;1-Christian,2-William,3-John,from where my line came from.

Peyton Massie




From the Piney River area, in Amherst County

Jacob May

May, Jacob


Ashe, NC

came to america around 1760 tygrats valley virgina

Philip Sturm


Mayberry, George & Rebecca Pennybacker


moved to Wood County, VA, ca. 1812


george mayberry and his brother-in-law, benjamin pennybacker, operated the Columbia and Redwell Furnaces in Shenandoah County at the turn of the 19th century.

Mac McCuan

McCune, Isaac


moved to Limestone Co.,AL

In 1818 the McCuan Family moved to Limestone County,Alabama.Living in this area until the 1830's.



McDaniel, Crawford

MD, 1770’s


His father was John McDaniel and his mother Elizabeth Crawford.

Wanda Carpenter


McDaniel, Zachariah



Moved to Madison, Va


This was between 1800-1850's

Joyce Petty


McDonald, Nathan



moved to Wirt Co


we are trying to trace Nathan McDonald we do know he had a son Valentine who was reported to have been born on the south branch of the Potomac in Hampshire County




McFall, John

scotland 1724


botetourt co, va


He arrived with 3 sons. James, Peter and John. He lived in Bucks co. or Burkes co. Pennsylvania. They later moved to Botetourt Co. Va. I have no idea where John Sr. was born except Scotland and his birth year is 1717.


Jan Griffith

McKay, James, Robert or Issac

1700's to 1800's

Moved to Indiana in 1810

James, Robert, and Issac McKay were early settlers in the Shenandoah Valley. Robert, Sr., came from Ireland and was married to Ann Brown. James, Sr., (born about 1710) married Mary Chester (born about 1720). I also have sketchy info that a James McKay also married Mary Cheek, a Native American Indian in 1771 (approx).

Alley Blackford

McWilliams, James

b. bef. 1765 in Ireland; found in Berkeley Co., WV in 1791; in Shenandoah Co. in 1800

Removed to Rockingham County abt. 1826

Married to Hannah.

Deborah Funkhouser Davis






My father is Melvin Eugene Funkhouser the son of John Isaac Funkhouser and Minnie Charlotte Markley


Patsy R Smith


Metz, John Jacob

FREDERICK CO., MD 1810-1817




Son, Benjamin Blackford Metz, born 1806 in Frederick Co., MD
From VA they went to Newport, KY in 1826 then to Chambersburg, Pike Co., IL in 1833

Chad A. MIller

Miller, Henry

Frankfurt an der Main, Germany 1780-1800


No name for spouse. Had a son named Henry Miller, 1809-1866, who migrated to southern Indiana.
Possibly lived in Philladelphia before Virginia.   Supposedly platted a town named Williamsburg.


Marilyn Eaton

Miller, John

Washington Co., MD & PA, 1780's



Maureen Crammer

Miller, John and Barbara Maria Rodeheffer

Both born in VA, 1774-1780

Removed to PA & OH between their marriage in 1801 and 1820

He was "son of Martin" Miller, she was "daughter of David" Rodeheffer Sr. They settled in Monroe Co. and then Washington Co. Ohio. They had several children including daughters who married into the Enochs and Archer families.



Miller, Joseph Thomas & Mary Virginia (Reynolds)



Mullinville, 11.3.1887,Kiowa County, Kansas

Joseph T. Miller married Mary Virginia (Molly) Reynolds 3/16/1890. He was born in 1860, the son of Harrison and Lydia B. Miller. Siblings: Phillip William, John B., Green B., James H., Solen A. She was born 2/24/1869 in Greenspring Furnace, Washington Co., Maryland, the daughter of John and Lydia (Foster) Reynolds. Siblings: Phoebe E., John, Martha, David James, Rebecca J. They left Shenandoah Co in ? year and settled in Kansas. All I know from there is that they had a son named Gwen Hobson Miller and possibly another one named Bufford.   


Deborah Schroeder

Moody, Moses

Newbury, Mass. Abt.1770


Children Briant and Phebe Jenkins Moody and John and Lucy Jenkins Moody moved to Kanawha Co. WV Abt.1800 and moved to Champaign Co. Ohio 1812-1814. The families involved are Pence,Maggart,Campbell,Jenkins,Comer,and Hite-moving from Shenandoah Co.1811-1815 to Champaign Co. In 1839 several children of Briant and Phebe-Bryant,Isaac,Thomas moved to Coles Co. Illinois. Briant and Phebe moved to Coles in 1841 with daughter Margaret and died there. The Hite family moved to Coles Co. and son Samuel married Margaret.Also the Campbell family whose daughters had married Isaac and Bryant Moody in Ohio moved to Coles Co. So ends the migration of this family.

Jackie Addington


Moore, Samuel

NJ, b.30 MAR 1769


to Licking Co, OH, c. 1810-1813


Samuel m. Christiana Brumback, Shenandoah, 10 Aug 1807; d. 25 Dec 1849, Licking Co.,OH.

Julia Mortenson


Moreland, William

Charles Co., MD betw. 1793-96


Removed to Henry/Oldham Co., KY


William MORELAND's son, William, Jr., married Margaret OTT, daughter of Jacob OTT, 1788 in Shenandoah Co. and remained there. Other children of William, Sr., married DUNCAN, MADDOX, FLOYD, & TROUT, and all moved to the area which later became Trimble Co., KY.

Becky (Morgan) Luz

Morgan, Jonas

Culpeper Co. Va.

Died there 1817

Jonas Morgan married in Shenandoah Co.    He married a Susannah Harding April 28, 1774.

Don Silvius


Mowery, Frederick R.

b. 1788, probably Frederick County



married (1) Jane Wilson, d. 1820 (2) Catharine Supinger. Lived in the Mulberry Run/Lebanon Church area - where he is buried in Boehm Cemetery.

Callie Welch


Moyers, Peter

Fredrick Co. Maryland, 1780


Removed abt. 1810

Peter supposedly moved from Maryland to Shenandoah/Rockingham counties in Virginia after the Revolutionary war. From Virginia the family moved to Lincoln Co. Tennessee.

James B Miller Sr


Mueller, Jacob

Germany, 1749



I am a decendent Of Jacob/Christian/John Miller. John came to West Virginia and lived in Point Pleasant WV area. In my research I have found differant birth dates for Jacob Sr., from 1698 to 1717.  I have records back to Christian Miller and to date..


Joe L. Hock


Muller / Miller, Adam




Adam Muller/Miller was born in Schreisheim, Germany and was the first white settler in the Shenandoah
Valley. He was married to Anna Barbara Kroger. She was also born in Schreisheim, Germany. They settled
in the Rockingham area of the Shenandoah.

Detra Tutton

Munch, Silas



Married to Rebecca J. Barr

Treva Naugle Jones

Naugle, Nicholas/Rife, Elizabeth

Pennsylvania around 1767


The Family came from Geramy to Pennylvania then to Shenandoah County Virginia, then they moved to Indiana
Elizabeth was the daughter of Christan Rife and Elizabeth Hottel


Wade neace







Margaret Tull

Neff, David T

Birth 1809 Shenandoah Co., VA

moved to Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN btw 1836-1837; moved back to Shenandoah Co., VA either during the Civil War or right after

David T. NEFF moved to Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN. Two of his brothers-in-law also moved to Jefferson Co., TN: Samuel FUNK and Benjamin ZIRKLE. David T. served as a CAPT. 1st Carter's Cavalry (CSA) and his sons also served the CSA. The Neff home was shelled and at some point the NEFF family moved back to Shenandoah Co., David and his wife, Lydia PENNYWITT were living Ashby, VA 1880 census and both are buried Reformed Graveyard at Rinkerton, VA. Some of their children married in Jefferson Co., TN and some married in Shenandoah Co.

Margaret Tull

Neff, Samuel Henry

b.1839 Dandridge, Jefferson Co., TN

moved to Shenandoah Co., VA either during the Civil War or right after the War. moved back to Jefferson Co., TN cir 1871

Samuel Henry NEFF, son of David T. NEFF and Lydia PENNYWITT, was born Jefferson Co., TN. He served as pvt in CSA, prisioner of war twice. He moved to Shenandoah Co., VA and married Sarah Catharine WILL (daughter of George and Sarah (RUDDLE) WILL in 1867. Their first two children born in Shenandoah Co., VA, they moved to TN cir 1871 and by 1880 to Jackson, Madison Co., TN. died Nov 25, 1887 and is buried Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, Madison Co., TN

Ellen Gwaltney Bales


Nehs, Henry aka Neese

Philadelphia, Pa., 1770-1790


Moved to Meigs Co., Ohio


Married Anna Maria Zirkle, daughter of Michael and Catherine, in 1790

Bill Nelson


Nelson, Henry 


Fauquier County 1762



The Nelson clan went to Washington County, NC (later TN) in 1782.

Judy Price

Nelson, Nancy



Married Wm. Malone in Glasgo, KY 1812. Moved on to Hamilton Co, IL. Died there. Daughter of John Nelson, Sr. and Bathsheba Hogan. Nancy V. was born in Shenandoah Co., VA.

Bev Stultz


Newman, Asa Koontz


1870 to1900



Asa K. Newman lived in Allen county Ohio in the early 1900.

Dewyene Nicewarner Newton


Nicewarner, Benjamin

unk 1840



I have three brothers George, Charles and Benjamin Nicewarner coming from VA to Ohio approx in the late 1850's or early 60's. Benjamin married Julia ? and my grandfather Charles Godfrey was born 1861 in Ottowa, Ohio.


John E. Nichols

Nichols, Henry -Rachel Glasscoe

Loudon county, Virginia

moved to ohio

Henry Nichols married Rachel Glasscoe in Shenandoah County on
11/12/1793. Son Israel was born 1799 and son Harrison in 1801


Edward A. Newmane

Newman, Nimrod

Ca 1750


Went to Bedford Co. Unknown when.

Julie Rogers


O’Neal, Timothy

ca 1834 - death 2/23/1882


Powells Fort


Timothy was born in Frederick County, VA 12/17/1834. Timothy died 02/23/1882 on James Hunt land in Frederick, VA, at 47 years of age. His body was interred 02/1882 on James Hunt land in Frederick, VA, Richardson Cemetery. He married Mary E. FUNKHOUSER on the Bridge at Harpers Ferry, West VA., Abt 1851. Mary was born 1835. She died in 1915. Timothy's occupation: Farmer and Bridge Builder. He resided Mt. Furnace, Shenandoah County, VA. He served in the military during war time 11/01/1863 as a Private in Company D, 18th Cavalry in Civil War. Timothy Mary had the following children:
Charles "Charlie" O'NEAL. Mattie O'NEAL. She married Russell ROBINSON.  Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth O'NEAL. She married Edwin Samuel STEPHENS.  Ella V. O'NEAL. She married Hiram "Jack" ANDREWS 10/26/1882.   Susan "Susie"or"Sue" O'NEAL. She married Eugene MILLER Seven Fountains, Shenandoah County, VA, 10/13/1887.   Mary J. "Mollie" O'NEAL. She married Joseph W. MESSICK Seven Fountains, Shenandoah County, VA, 12/26/1892.   Catherine "Katie" O'NEAL. She married James A. ROBINSON Seven Fountains, Shenandoah County, VA, 09/27/1891. Jonathan "John" Robert O'NEAL .  Marcus "Mack" Calamese O'NEAL
Timothy was the son of John Robert O'NEAL who was born County Cork, Ireland 09/24/1801. John died 12/20/1874 Powells Fort, Shenandoah County, VA, at 73 years of age. His body was interred 12/1874 Winchester, Frederick County, VA, Sacred Heart Cemetery. He married Catharine SULLIVAN Rappahannock County, VA, 06/30/1835. Ceremony performed by Minister Barnett Grimsley (Reg. March 3, 1836). Catharine was born County Cork, Ireland.

Dorris Owens Henson


Odell, Jeremiah

b. 1761

d. 1841

Jeremiah Odell served in the Rev., we find many Odell, Odle, O'dell in middle TN.

michael t. church


Offenbacker, Jacob


in census for 1820&1830


moved to page cofr1830-1840


jacob married a elizabeth cave.many of my offenbacker people had married the caves.jacob and elizabeth had 10 children.all i believe born after 1835 and all in page county

Jan Oldham

Oldham, James



First found in Loudoun Co., VA > Shenandoah Co., VA > Henry Co., VA > Sevier Co., TN > Fayette Co., IN

Leonard A. & Annie O. Wood

Ott, Jacob

Hagerstown, MD, ca 1800


Son of Michael Ott(b.1747 Lancaster,PA),grandson of John Ott (b.1714 Switzerland or Germany, d. Hagerstown, Md after 1780). Jacob Ott m.1 Mary Alter 1794 in Hagerstown, m. 2 Maria Anderson 1803 in Woodstock, VA. Both Jacob and Maria are buried in Emanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery, Woodstock

Leonard A. & Annie O. Wood

Ott, William

b. 1801-03 Woodstock, VA

Removed to Harrisonburg, VA

Son of Jacob Ott(1772-1852) m.1 Catherine Kneisley 1n 1823; m. 2 Eliza Shaver? in 1831; m.3 Eliza Hartman? ca 1842. William Ott was a merchant in Harrisonburg.

Anne Siler


Padgett  /Paget, Reuben


Essex Co. Va., abt. 1749


died there in 1795


He had 4 children, Reuben, William, who died as a Captain in the Va. Militia at Stono Ferry, So. Carolina in 1779, John, and Wilmouth(a female).

Joe Rash



Burlington, NJ


 John Painter,from upper Evesham ,New Jersey,Moved to Shenandoah co abt.1745


Marcia Loudon


Parrett, Samuel

born in Shenandoah Co 1755


1810 Perry Co Ohio



Dawn Parrett Thurston


Parrott, Frederick

Switzerland/Alsace Lorraine, 1737



Married Barbara Edwards and/or Margaret. Lived in the present-day area of Maurertown.

Gwen Gray


Parrott, John

1740 - 1783


Parrottsville, Tenn.


John was the son of Frederick Parrott who moved to Shenandoah around 1737 from Alsace/Lorraine. John married (1) Catherine Meyer (2) Lucey. He is listed in the 1783 census as having ten white people in his household. He moved to Tenn. soon after this. I am interested in the eight people living in his household outside of John and his wife, Lucey. I know the names of only two children living there at the time.


Richard Pence




Pence, Henry (Johann Heinrich Bentz)


Lancaster Co., PA, c. 1754


Removed to Champaign Co. OH, 1805


17 children born in Frederick/Shenandoah County (now Page) from 1766-1791. The oldest died in Shen. Co. 1810, one went to Fairfield Co, OH, 1807, all the rest to Champaign Co., OH, 1805-1811. Details at


Joyce Pendley Comer


Pendley /Pinley/Penley, William, Joshua or Thomas



Northampton.Northumberland County Va.


Removed to Burke County, North Carolina


A son John, stated in his Application for Revolutionary Pention, " I don't know the exact date of my birth, but I was 16 or 17 when my Father moved from Dunmore County, Va to Burke County, N.C.". in the year 1776-77.


Neil Elvick


Pickel, Jacob

Lancaster County, PA abt. 1784


To Montgomery Co., VA abt 1798


Wife's maiden name was Catherine Brown. I believe Catherine's brother Michael Brown lived nearby.

Iris Ellis Wagoner


Poage, Robert and Elizabeth Preston


Ulster northren Ireland

1740 to 1778?




Jack L. Barron


Price, John Sr

Culpeper Co. VA 1761-1780



John Price, Sr. b. c 1730. d. after 13 Apr. 1880(Will)His wife Sarah ________. Sons: Edward, John, Jr (my ancestor), Zachariah, Thomas, Ann, Sampson. John, Jr. m. Sarah _______.Lived in County until his death c 1809.


Mary Prince

Printz, Godfrey


remove--to KY

Godfrey Printz's son, John Prince, was born in 1781, in Botetourt, VA.  Mother, Martha
Hannah Lezenia. Godfrey Printz was born in York, PA, in 1754.  John Prince  came to Franklin Co.  TN, to Jackson Co. AL via North Carolina.



Pullin, Loftus 


Germany 1800


Removed to Meigs Co Ohio



Loftus stay in va his son came to Ohio around late 1800


judy o'dwyer

Purkey, George Washington


1777 unkn where


Removed to Wise

his wife was Jennie Glossup for my ancestory but I believe he was married several times and one of them was Jane Cox.


Don Silvius


Racey, John

b. Hampshire County, 1782



Married Rebecca Orndorff, born 1789, Frederick Co., VA. Parents unknown.


patti rairden scholl


Rairden and Waugh


pa me ny?1700s -1800s




Yvonne Vares


Ramey, Isaac


Born 1815 Shenandoah-Frederick Va


He with family moved to Howard Mo 1845. Then in 1856 they moved to Yuba, Ca Mo-Ca


They were in Shenandoah-Frederick and moved with McDonalds, Crow, Wilcoxon, Swearingen, Ramey, Ashbrook and others. Their trail goes to Bullit Co., Kentucky. Thence to Howard, Mo(the personal tax records of 1845). In 1856 they joined a wagon train to the California goldfields. Not all of them were miners. Many bought land for ranching and farming.

Garry Leach

Rape’, John Jacob



Story goes he deserted the French Army during Revolutionary War and he had an uncle who owned a tavern/inn in the Shenandoah Valley area. He married the widow Eva Cathrine (Dickard)Howell Sep 4, 1785. His marriage bond was co-signed by George David in Rockingham Co, VA.   Possible he may have changed his name. Story goes he was Simone Vital in the French Army. I have copies of pages from the original log book entries. Book 1, page 151 of 1785.

Melissa Lambert


Rausch, Johann Adam


Palatinate, 1738



Johann Adam Rausch married Susannah Sehler (Schlern). They were among the early settlers in Shenandoah County, VA. About 1738 they emigrated from the Palatinate, a small county on either side of the Rhine, near Alsace-Lorraine. They remained here until their deaths in 1786 and 1796/97. They left eleven children, who most of them eventually moved out of Shenandoah County. Their decendants moved to Gallia Co., OH and Mason Co., (W)VA.


J. Les Wright

Reger, Lorenzo Dow

West VA., 1870-1890

remained near Toms Brook

lorenzo b:1837 d:1930, Married Mary Emily Callison

James H Reid


Reid, James


Removed to IL

James H Reid was born March 26, 1814 somewhere in Virginia. He married in Tazewell Co, Illinois 1837 to Sarah Ayers


 Mona Campbell


Rhiehart, Jonas

b. 1750


Try the Shenandoah Cty. Minute Book time 1778 April Court,
He was one of 5 persons sworn in as ensign in the militia. He also served on the Grand Jury Nov.1779.
He also owned land in Augusta Cty. and Walnut Township, Fairfield Cty., Ohio

All I know is that he lived in Leaksville. Was born 1750 and died 1809 was married to a Mary Who?


Cecil Gates


Rhodes, John


d. in Shen. Co.

John Rhodes marr. c1728PA to Eva Catherine Albright. He
was a Mennonite. He, his wife, and several children were killed in a massacre in August 1766. Daughters Esther and Elizabeth and some of the other children escaped. Esther married Jacob M. Coffman 1786 Shenandoah, VA. They are my ggggrandparents.

Carolyn Prescott


Richardson, Sen. Samuel

Shen. Co.


Sen Samuel Richardson married Catharine Hall from Shenandoah County, she was born Aug 9th. 1837. Their children were Dr. John Croley Richardson, Isabella Richardson, William Hervy Richardson, Marcus Calmes Richardson, and Anne Hall Richardson.


Billie Fryar

Riffey, George

Culpeper co,va. 1760—70

stayed abt 1 yr.then Roanoke

george stayed in Roanoke co. near Salem, where he died feb.19,1834 in roanoke co,

Sallie Rosa

Rippetoe, William

15 march 1748

moved to Burke Co.NC before 1780

The family is said to have come from France to avoid persecution. They setteled in Shenandoah Valley first. The Antle family was also there. Williams wife was Ruth ANTLE

Ryan Roberts

Roberts, Arthur



born 1903 Strasburg to Harry Arthur Roberts, wife unknown

Patti Elliott

Roberts, Sarah

born 1794


Father could have been Edward Roberts

Gene Roller


Roller, Johannes

Pennsylvania, 1760-1816



Arrived in Philadelphia, Pa August 11, 1750 aboard ship, Patience, from Rotterdam, Germany. Moved from Pennsylvania to Shenandoah County ca. 1760.


Mary Frerking


Roy, James W



left in 1836 to Marion county Mo


Spouse Nancy S. Keller was a Col.and a milwright


 Melissa Lambert

Roush/Rausch, Susannah & John Adam

about 1743-1786


John Adam & Susannah both died there. Most of their children, however, did move away from Shenandoah County.

Terry Smith


Russell, Alexander

b 1780



He died in Washington Co., Missouri. His father, Joseph Russell, was born in Frederick Co and died in Hawkins Co., TN


Shirley Starks


Russell, John



Died in Shenandoah Co, VA


John Russell, immigrant from Ireland to the Shenandoah Valley, VA. Married wife, Isabel and had children:
John Russell, Chatham Co. NC by 1786.
James Russell, no data; but in a row of other sons for tax.
Robert Russell, b.28 Sep 1756 (Rev. War Soldier)
Ann Russell,+ Abner Conner..Land from David Russell with family.
David Russell + Jane Slater, dau of Richard Slater. Bndsman,Zadock Conner. Family to Muskingum & Licking Co, 1815. Died..Vermillion Co, IN. (Rev. War Soldier)


Kinda C Brown

Rutherford, Jack


moved to logan WV

Born in Coal Creek, Anderson Co., TN.  Lived in Morehead, KY, Hazard Co., KY.  Moved to Logan Co., WV.  Buried Lyburg Cem.  Married Florie Elizabeth Walker.

Walt Smith


Sager, Abraham

b.1848- ; father also "Abraham"


left before 1875


Abraham V. Sager b. 12-29-1848 Dayton, VA ; d. 7-10-1938 Fairfax City, Fairfax, VA; buried in Fairfax m. 5-18-1875 Marshall, IN Hannah Marie Haines b. Elkhart IN.  One child, Paul H., was born 1894 in Maxwell IA.    A.V. Sager: Dayton, Va -> IN -> IA -> Fairfax, VA. His father: Abraham Sager, MD (doctor or vet) b. Dayton?, Rockingham,VA

Lowell Salyards

Salyards, John William C.

Born in Shenandoah Co., 08 Sept 1836

Removed through various midwest states.

John was the oldest known child of "Dr." Wesley B. and Isabelle Kessler Salyards. (Wesley was a younger brother of the much better known Prof. Joseph Monterville Salyards.) John was probably in Ohio in his childhood and teens. On 24 Mar 1858, John married Mary Jane Hadley in LaSalle Co., IL. (They divorced in 1866.) The 1870 census shows his two brothers, Milton L. and Joseph Monterville, and his sister, Charlotta T. Salyards McCauslin, all in the same area.
The Rockingham Co.,VA records shows a marriage license granted for John to marry his cousin's daughter, Laura Virginia Salyards. This may not have occurred.
On 17 Mar 1874, John married Jane/Jennie E. Webster in Ford Co., IL. He had a farm in neighboring Iroquois Co. In 1886, John was in Fairmont, MN where he had a hardware store. In 1890, John bought land in Randolph, NE for housebuilding.
In 1891, John and family were in Lake Park, IA where he died on 06 Dec 1910. He is buried there.


Harry Pontius


Samuels, Greenberry & Isaac


Berks or Montgomery Co., Pa. 1760/80?


Remove to Wood Co


Settled near Red Banks


Marcia Ambrose


Sanger, Conrad Sr.

Moved from Dauphin Co. PA to Shenandoah Co. VA in 1813.



CONRAD SANGER Sr.'s family name was originally SINGER. He legally changed his name to Sanger. His father was John Conrad Singer, born in Germany. John Singer had emigrated from Germany and received a land grant 23 April 1746 in Dauphin Co. PA. Conrad Sanger was born in Harrisburg, Dauphin Co., PA in 1755. He was married twice. His first wife was Nancy, whom he married in 1786, sister of his friend Daniel Miller and sister of Susannah Miller who was married to Michael Wine Sr. He had 5 children with Nancy, only 2 who survived. His eldest child, Catherine, died at a young age, and his third daughter, Barbara was the only surviving child of triplets. Nancy died in between 1791-1793. He married Anna Brillinger in 1794, by whom he had 11 children. On the death of his father, John Singer, Conrad inherited the family land in Dauphin Co. PA, with his brother Daniel. They lived at the home with their mother to care for her. After the death of his mother he moved to Pleasant Valley VA. He was active in the Brethren Church and died in the spring of 1822. He is buried in the family graveyard in Pleasant Valley VA.


Shirley Edillon


Schenck /Shank/Shenk, Joh. Martin

and wife Carolina Dorothea (Hertzog)



removed from York Co., PA to Shen. Co., VA by 1772


Remained in Shen. Co. (now Page Co.) where he died in 1804


Martin was born 12 Oct 1737 and baptised 23 Oct 1737 at the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church, Lancaster, PA. Sponsor was Joh. Martin Weybrecht, junior.
Martin's parents immigrated from Germany arriving 25 Sep. 1732 on the ship Loyal Judith. They resided in Lancaster, PA from 1733 to 1739 and were in York Co., PA by 1744. Martin's brother, Johannes Schenck/John Shank and his wife (Mary) Magdalena "Molly" (Hertzog/Hartzough) sister of Martin's wife, were also living in Shenandoah Co. by 1773.

Joseph Matingly


Schneider, Johann Georg (John George)/Elizabeth Pence


Rotterdam Holland (1749) then Susquehanna, PA. (1760 )


Died in Shenendoah Co./children moved to Tn



John m. Scroggins

Scrogin, Sarah Maeredith

Charles County, MD, sometime between 1783 and 1796

Died in a part of Shenandoah that became Warren

Sarah Meredith Scrogin, c1778-1804, was orphaned at an early age. According to a biography of her son, Rev. Thomas M. Allen, an early leader of the Disciples of Christ, Sarah was taken from Charles County, MD, to the "Valley of Virginia" by an uncle while still an infant.   She married William Allen in Frederick County in 1796. Sarah and William (d. 1809) are both buried in the Prospect Hill Cemetery in Front Royal. Their two children (born ca. 1797-98) moved to Fayette County, Kentucky, by ca. 1816 and married Russell siblings from the Shenandoah area.

Caral Mechling Bennett




York Co PA; late 1790s-1800



(Rev) Lewis (Ludwig) SEITZ/ SITES/ SIGHTS born 1763 Germany; died 1823, Washington (boro), Wash. Co PA; MARRIED and moved (or vica versa) ca 1788/89 in York Co or Shenendoah Valley to Anna BEERY/ "PEERY"; RESIDED: Shrewsbury twp, York Co OH by 1770s; on 1790 Rockingham Co VA pers. prop. tax list (Capt. J. Lincoln's Co #6), 1791 & 1794 as Ludwick SIGHTS, not seen on 1799 list; by 1801 was purchasing land in Fairfield Co OH, moved family betw 1802-05 to OH; RELIGIOUS AFFILIATION: White House Church (Page Co VA), Baptist & later Predestinarian minister

Carleen Wiley Lightbody


Sellards, Hezekiah


1715/30 Md. or France?


Removed to KY

Have no marriage for him, was father of Jenny Sellards married to Thomas Wiley from Ireland. They were married in what is now Bland Co. VA. Jenny was captured by indians in 1789, her brother and 4 of her children were killed also.


Jo Bohony


Shaffar, Daniel

1798 - 1816



Moved to Crawford Cty, Ind. in 1816 at age 18 with his father (unknown name). Daniel died there in 1869. Often seen spelled as Shaver/Shaffer. Married Susan Samuels in Ind in 1823 and had approx. 12 children.


Roger Sharpe


Sharp, John Daniel & Elizabeth




They would have known German pastors Peter Muhlenburg and Christian Streit...I believe they were relatives of earlier German Sharps who settled at Tom's Creek in Augusta Co.






Shearman, Adam Jr







Shade Shutters

Shutters, Solomon



Friedelsheim,Germany > York & Lancaster, PA > Frederick, MD > Rockingham & Shenandoah, VA

F.A. Smith


Sievely, Joseph


Germany thru' Rotterdam to Phila.


moved to Alleghany Co.


We have land grant ID on Joseph at Holeman's Creek around Forestville. We know he died there (will proved 1792)and widow Catherine moved to either Rockbridge or Alleghany Co.


Karan Cox


Silveus, William

Shenandoah County 1820s


Removed to near Napoleon, Ohio


William was born 2/3/1821 in Va. and died 7/16/1898 in Ohio. He married Rachel Susannah Tusing on 5/12/1842 in Shenandoah Co. Va. To them were born 11 children including Abraham born 01/14/1849. Abraham is my gggrandfather.   We believe William was raised by a couple with the last name of Barb.


Don Silvius


Silvius, Martin

b. 1834 probably in Shenandoah County



Married Mary Fawley in Warren County, 1857. Civil War Veteran of 33rd Virginia Infantry, wounded at Gettysburg, July 2, 1863. In 1885, lived near Turkey Knob, died 1904 at Mt. Clifton, buried Cedar Grove Cemetery near Mt. Jackson


Pam Dixon

Sines, Absalom

born 1805

moved to Ohio

Absalom Sines was b. 1805 Shennandoah Co Va. married Christena Hartman b. 1812 Preston Co. Va
they were married in Guernsey Co Ohio March 29, 1832


Debbie Dietz

Smith, Lewis and Leah


Removed to Seneca Co Ohio in 1864

Lewis was a teacher

Steve and Vivian Markley


Smith, Peter



Move to Champaign Co. Ohio


Married Christiana Comer 13 May, 1791 /Daughter of Martin and Mary Comer


Maribel R. Smoke


Smoke, Dennis




licking co. Ohio


Born 1796 Death 1883 Married in Oh. Spouse Elizabeth Houser Parents to best of information from Germany No name.


Jack Ott

Sommers, Johann Georg

Montgomery Co., PA; 1766


Georg Sommers had two sons named John (he had others as well), one born in Germany ca. 1737 and the younger in Montgomery Co., PA, in 1746. Both of these sons migrated to Augusta Co., VA, in 1770s. The younger John d. in 1803 in Augusta Co., the older one d. 1806. Both are buried in St. John's Cemetery near Middlebrook.



Sowers, Philip

Shenadoah Valley? 1826


Removed to IN

Philip Sowers b. around 1826 in Shenadoah Valley Va. I don't know when he moved, but married in Marion Co. Indiana 1866
to Mary Ann Elizabeth Day Irwin. They both died in Indiana

Carolyn Mobley


Sowers, Philip

Shenandoah Co. Va. b. cir.1827



Philip, we believe was born in Shen,Co.Va We do not know parents name and are still searching. Philip married May 12 1866 in Marion Co. Indiana, to Mary Ann E. Day, they had 8 children, Philip died Feb.9 1897


Terri Spencer


Spencer, James

Born in Shen. Co. abt. 1776


moved to Lee County, VA


VA>Sullivan County, TN, died and buried in Scott County, VA


Hugh Spencer


Spencer, Moses

1774-1816 Rockingham Co.


Harrison Co. {W}Va.


Moses lived until 1853 and died in Tyler Co.{W}Va. His father was perhaps Thomas and mother Elizabeth McCann. He married Susanna Weekley.

Spitler, Absolom -Sarah Bowers

Married in Shen.Valley abt.1823

Removed Turnbull Co.Ohio the to Michigan

Absolom born in Shenandoah Co. 1803? They had a large family. At least 11 children. I am decended from Abraham Spitler born 1838.

Linda Reynolds


Spitler, William Lee

5-5-1887 10-18-1961




Pam Stienbarger


Steinbarger /Stonebarger , Frederick


Germany/Pa., after 1750



Frederick married Mary ?
Children: Joseph, Dorothy(Dolly), John, Christinia, Lewis and Frederick Jr.
John and Frederick Jr. went west to Ohio. John to Champaign Co. and Frederick Jr. to Miami(now Shelby) Co. Dolly married Jacob Judy and also moved west.   Frederick died in Shenandoah Co. Va. abt. 1805.

Julie Rogers


Stephens, Edwin Samuel

ca 1879 - death 9/27/1928


Resided Seven Fountains

Edwin was born in New Market, Frederick Co., MD 06/09/1854. Died 09/27/1928 in Seven Fountains, Shen. Co., VA. Buried at St. Davids Church, Ft. Valley, Shen. Co., VA, Sibert Family Cemetery. Edwin married 1st Margaret "Maggie" Elizabeth O'NEAL Seven Fountains, Shenandoah County, VA, 02/19/1880. Ceremony performed by Rev. William Peters. Margaret was born Frederick County, VA Abt 1857. Margaret was the daughter of Timothy O'NEAL and Mary E. Neff-FUNKHOUSER. Margaret died 1894 Powells Fort, Shen. Co., VA. Buried in Slate Hill-Golladay Cemetery. Slate-Hill Golladay Cemetery is also known as Detrick Cemetery.
Edwin married (Widow) Julia Lydia Theodora Rebecca SIBERT Seven Fountains, Shenandoah County, VA, 03/17/1895. Julia was born Seven Fountains, Shenandoah County, VA 01/19/1866 and the daughter of William M. SIBERT and Rebecca Caroline CLEM. Julia died 03/13/1926 Seven Fountains, Shenandoah County, VA and buried at St. David's Church, Fort Valley, Shenandoah Co., VA, Sibert Family Cemetery.
Edwin was the son of Nathaniel STEPHENS who was possibly born in Maryland possibly Lancaster, PA. Nathaniel died Possibly Strasburg, VA. He married Elizabeth E. THOMAS Frederick County, MD, 12/13/1849. Nathaniel's occupation: Blacksmith. He resided Rockingham County, VA. He resided New Market, Frederick County, MD BEF 1854. May have attended the New Market Old Methodist Protestant Church. Note: No church building remains.
Nathaniel was the son of Samuel STEPHENS who was born 09/00/1799. Samuel died 09/31/1855 New Market, Frederick County, MD anb buried in New Market, Frederick County, MD, Methodist Protestant Church Cem. He married Nancy LUCAS 09/08/1821. Nancy was the daughter of John LUCAS and Christina WATERS. Nancy died 06/21/1881 New Market, Frederick County, MD and buried in New Market, Frederick County, MD, Methodist Protestant Church Cem.

Edna Stephenson Moss


Stephenson, Richard

origins in northern Ireland


died in home near Shepherdstown, in 1765


Richard and Honoria Crawford, were parents of Col. Hugh Stephenson. He settled on the north fork of Bullskin Creek in Berkley County in approx. 1747, in what is now WV. He had five sons, John, Hugh, Richard, James, Marquis (Mark or Marcus) and was stepfather of William and Valentine Crawford.


Vicki Tavares

Stern, James & Mary

PA circa 1790


James died in Rockingham Co. VA in March 1850 at approx. age 80. Many of his children moved to Ironton, Lawrence Co. OH. They were all involved in the pig iron business mostly as moulders.

David L Austin Slack


Stevenson, Robert and Agnis Culton




remove to SC>NC>TN



Joan Stewart Lonigro



scotland 1700-1840


To KY?

his sons were John f John f is my great-grandfather married mary helene vaught


Paul Lee Stickley


Stickley, John

1732 to 1770



Hans Stockli, known in the colony as John Stickley was born in Switzerland in 1697 and died in VA in 1770. His son, Jacob and his second wife are my ancestors. The WVU Library in Morgantown has a computerized Stickley Genealogy on a diskette from the earliest Stickley (John Stickley) to Paul Lee Stickley, a 1952 graduate of WVU.


Linda Stokesbury Brennan

Stokesberry, Robert


Ca 1814 moved to Licking Co, OH; then to Ross Co., OH ca 1822; ca 1839 widow Anna (Baughman) moved to Hamilton Co., IN

Believed to be Robert Stretchberry who married Anna Baughman 10 Feb 1812 in Shenandoah Co. Robert is probably the brother of Sarah Stretchberry/Stritchberry who married George Beyhtell, and William Strechberry who married Peggy Powel. Sarah was the daughter of John Stretchberry of Shenandoah Co.

Ruth V. McKee

Stover, Peter

Peter Stover was born in Mannheim, Baden-Wurrtemberg, Germany about 1716.  He was in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia by 1739. He is considered the founder of Strasburg, Virginia.

Peter Stover died in 1799, Strasburg, Virginia.

Peter Stover and his brother Jacob Stover were sons of Christian Stauffer who came to America from Germany, and died in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Peter married Frainey Funk, daughter of Jacob Funk.


Strawderman, Nimrod


1940's or so



this gentleman was actually from mathias, w.v. hardy county, w.v.


Don Silvius


Strosnider, Michael

b. 1765, Pennsylvania



Married Hannah Rudolph in Shenandoah County 1786. Died in Pennsylvania. Ten sons and daughters all born in Shenandoah County.

Carl De Poy




Remained in what is now page,then to Rockingham co. va

Carl William De Poy




Maryland, Pensylvina 1700s




Margaret A Green


Sullivan, Timothy D


Born County Kerry Ireland, 1835


Stayed - Horse Farm in Woodstock Virginia


Timothy D. Sullivan served in the Navy in the Civil War (in Washington D.C.), then settled in Woodstock with his wife, Ellen (maiden name Foley.) They had the following children:
Daniel Bernard Sullivan, born 1860 (my great-grandfather); Jerome Sullivan; Edward Jackson Sullivan, born Feb. 6, 1871;
Hannah Sullivan (who was reportedly blind); and Robert Sullivan









to tn

Donald Taylor



Taylor, Moses

1786 - 1800



married to a (Martha) children James Taylor b-1814
Theresa A.Taylor 1811 William Moses Taylor b-1816
Hiram A.Taylor 1818


Nell Palmer Martin


Thiehoff, Anthony Bernard


Mettinger, Westfallen, Germany 1839



Anthony Bernard Thiehoff married Caroline Kibler 2 July 1839
Edinburg,Shenandoah Co., VA moved to Hunnewell, Shelly Co., MO


Jane Lewis


Thompson, Jason

Fauquier Co

Remained in what became Warren Co.

Jason and his wife, Lucretia Elliott came from Fauquier County sometime between 1791 and 1814 since their son, John, was born in Shenandoah County in 1814.

Phylis Hawker (Thorman)



1700's MD



Wm. Thomas & Samuel Thurriman b 1745 1755 1767 VA PA Father possibly Charles Thurriman sister Priscilla m Thomas Crago
have info on sister have info on boys since migration to OH
KY Charles ? father ? supposed to have signed a petition for Statehood in VA


Lucille P. Dowell

 Tipton, John & Butler, Mary

from Baltimore County, MD 1750-1784

Moved to Washington Co, TN

Her greatgrandmother, Susannah (Susan) Tipton 1841-1912, came from Cades Cove, TN to Tipton Ford, MO. Susans father was John Jacob Tipton 1816-1881 (Cades Cove, TN) his father was Jacob T. Tipton 1792-1851 from Cades Cove, TN, his Father was Willim Tipton 1761-1849, born in Shenandoah County, son of John Tipton 1730-1813. We have a picture or two of Susannah Tipton.


Carole Trook-Hacker

Trook, Lemuel

Shenandoah Co., VA


Lemuel Trook 1847 - 1908 and Susan Peters 1853 - 1938 married in 1873 Shenandoah County and moved west to Grant County, Indiana.

Craig H. Trout


Trout, Casper and wf Anna Maria AMENT


from Loudoun County, VA, 1789


moved back to Loudoun 1795, then to Rockingham County 1807


Casper TROUT may be related to Paul and or Powell TROUT (TRAUT) also in the area at about the same time.


K. Haddad


Tucker, William

NY – c. 1750


When William was 11 years old c. 1756, Chippewa (Ojibwah) Indians from Fort Detroit in Michigan scalped William's Father, Robert, in Shenandoah Co., Va. They captured William and two brothers, took them to Fort Detroit where the Indians handed over his father's scalp for payment to the British, then went back to their village a little to the north. William was raised by the Indians and freed at age 18.
In 1773 he returned to Shenandoah Co. where he married Catherine Hazle at Stovers Town, then returned with her to Michigan. They continued to live in the fort and he worked as an interpretor and liaison between the Indians and whites.
Probably because he had to make such drastic adjustments when raised by Indians, William learned to adjust to the ever-changing political climate of the area. Southern Michigan was controlled by and part of Great Britain until 1759, France until 1783, then as several American territories. Through all this time, William learned to adjust to whoever was in control, although he always remained on the side of the Americans. Still, he tried to be friendly to all, and even warned the British major that Chief Pontiac was planning to attack Fort Detroit, a plan that was then thwarted.
In 1780, six Indian chiefs told him they would give him all the land he could walk off in one day. What he got was over 4000 and 250 years later became an air force base. The deed is in Greenfield Village, a historical collection in Dearborn, Michigan, developed by Henry Ford.

Mary Turney Miller

Turney, Peter Sr.


1787 sold his land

Peter Turney Sr was on North Branch of Shenandoah River at least by 1751. Some of his children ca 1769 began to settle on Stony Creek. Ca 1774 2 sons and 2 daughters to Washington Co VA - between Abingdon and Bristol. (3 of these later to eastern TN) 1787 last of the Turneys sold their land in Shenandoah area and moved by 1789 to Kentucky.









gap valley


Karen Cox


Tusing, Rachel Susanna


1820s Shenandoah County


removed Near Napoleon, Ohio then to Warsaw Indiana


Rachael was married to William Silveus on May 12,1842. To them were born 11 children including my gggrandfather Abraham Silveus born 14th January 1849

Darrell D Tussing


Tussing, Phillip H


Lancaster Co. Pa.


To Fairfield Co. Ohio 1803


Phillip had several brothers who stayed in Shen. Co., Nicholas Tusing and John Tusing. They came to Va around 1780
from Pa. A brother Michael lived in Hampshire and Hardy Cos.  W. Va. Phillip moved to Ohio with sons Christian, Nicholas,
George A. Tussing and several of his daughters.

Jack Ott

Utz, Conrad

Baltimore Co., MD, ca 1792


Soon after his marriage to Elisabeth BAKER in 1810, they migrated to Harrison Co., IN, then to adjoining Floyd Co., IN.

Elaine Wecker


Wade, Henry & Susan Beahm Corbin





They owned approx. 55 acres before they had to move


Marylou Brown

Walton,Edward and Deborah (Allen)

Shenandoah County, VA

Moved to Spring valley, Greene County, OH


John Watson









Webb, Oscar

Toms Brook 1880-1895

Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Married Irene Malone of Rockingham Co. VA

Joy Malone


West, William, Mary Rutherford West, James West, Catherine Byrd West Zirkle




1789 William and Mary Rutherford West removed to Greene Co, TN


William and Mary Rutherford West and 11 of their 13 children lived on the Dry Fork of Smith Creek. I have not been able to find this area even on old maps. They moved to the Gap Creek Community in Greene Co, TN in 1789. Two more children were born in TN. Williams' brother James West married Catherine Byrd d/o Andrew Byrd in 1771. They had four children. James West died in 1782 and his widow Catherine Byrd West later married George Zirkle of New Market in 1786. William West was a Rev War soldier and received land grants for service. Descendants of William and Mary Rutherford West are in IA, NC, TN, KY, TX, FL, OK, VA, MD and I'm sure in many areas I haven't located yet. I would appreciate any information on this family. A daughter Mary Polly West b. 1781 m. William Malone of Greene Co, TN in 1803. They are my ggggrandparents.
Birthdates for William and James West are abt 1742-1750. Their parents and where they came from are unknown.

Elaine Wyatt Branham


Wiett, Edward

Born in Bucks Co, PA - 1755


ultimately settled in Anderson Co, TN


According to the RW Pension application of Edward Wiett, he was born in Bucks Co, PA in 1755.
He was in Shenandoah Co when he served in the Rev Militia in abt 1780... under Darby Downy... and for one term, in tha place of Joseph Allen.  He is also in John Wayland's book.  It is believed that he went to Greenbrier Co, WV.
By 1807 he and wife Sarah Smith Wiett are in Anderson Co, TN.  He died in Roane Co, TN in abt 1842.

Richard Wilkin


Wilkin, Godfrey



was at Toma Brook, or at least the land records that we have tell us that. Mathis Wilkin acted on the Estate in pobate


Margaret Tull

Will, Sarah Catharine

b. Shenandoah Co., VA 1841

moved to Jefferson Co., TN cir 1871 and to Jackson, Madison Co., TN by 1880

Sarah Catharine WILL, daughter of George WILL and Sarah RUDDLE married in Shenandoah Co., VA to Samuel Henry NEFF. They moved to Jefferson Co., TN cir 1871 and named their first daughter born in state of TN, Alberta Virginia. Sarah was homesick for VA, so named her daughter Virginia. By 1880 the family is in 10th district of Madison County, TN. Sarah was widowed in 1887 and lived with her children until her death in 1936. She is buried Riverside Cemetery, Jackson, TN. According to family history she remained homesick for Virginia from the time she moved to TN until she died at age 95.

Gary Williams

Williams, Alexander

stafford co, va 1815 +


Married to Malinda. Can find nothing on him prior to his birth in 1815 in stafford co.

Marcia Ambrose


Wine, Michael Sr.

Born in Germany, moved from Washington Co. MD to Shenandoah Co. VA in 1782. Purchased a homestead near Forestville in 1782.


Remained in Shenandoah Co. VA. Died in Burlington, Mineral Co. WVA while visiting daughter. His wife, Susannah Miller Wine,


The Wine family were originally from Austria, emigrating to Germany, where they settled, and then to America. Originally there were educated people, of nobility, closely affiliated with the ruler of Austria. Once surnames were required in their area of Austria, they were given permission to take the name of the place they were living, Vienna, as their family name, thus it was originally Wien. The family, headed by Johann George Wien and Margaretta Wien emigrated from the Rhine River Valley near Heidelberg, Germany, sailing from Rotterdam, Holland, on the ship "Elliot", landing at Philadephia PA on 24 August 1749. They fled Germany because of great civil and religious persecutions. They went to Germantown, settling in York Co. PA. Johann wrote his name often as George Wien and George Wein. Their name was anglocized to WINE. They were members of the German Baptist Brethern, known as Tunkers or Dunkards, and were part of the Little Conewago Brethren congregation. After York Co., they moved to Lancaster Co. PA. They had 2 sons, Michael Wine and Adam Wine. Michael Wine moved to Shenandoah Co. VA, as part of the Brethren migration to Virginia, with his friends Martin Garber and Daniel Miller. He married Daniel Miller's sister, Susannah Miller and they had 12 children, 6 of whom were born in Shenandoah Co. Va.

Anne Spencer Stallman


Winegarner, Hobart



He was in Shenandoah Co. in the late 1790s.

Penelope J. Cercone


Wolf, Augustine


Woodstock, Va. 1780 - 1800's


Removed to Preston Co., WVa.


Augustine Wolf marrie Margaretha Rothenhoffer (Rodeheaver).


Dana Johnson


Wolf, Sarah

B.Frederick VA Shenandoah Co. 1782


Sarah and Jacob Lotz moved to Gallia Co. OH after 1791 but before 1809.


Sarah was the Granddaughter of Melchior Brumbach and Mary Elizabeth Fischbach of the Germanna colony.She's my GGGgrandmother.

Stacie Vader


Woods, John Thomas

birth date Jan. 12, 1794 in Shenandoah County


moved to Tennessee



kenneth keffer


Wymer, Adam





moved to virginia-1841,settled at zepp,va.- buried at sandy ridge- mt.olive,va.

Nancy Yeakel Bender


Yeakle, Christian /Susannah Rodeheifer


Christian Yeakel probably from Maryland, 1796


To Harrisonburg, VA


Christian YEAKLE and Susannah Rodeheifer (daughter of John Rodeheifer/Rodeheffer, of Shenandoah Co.,) were married in Shenandoah Co., in 1796. In early 1800's they moved to Harrisonburg, VA where Christian lived until he died before 1820. Susannah Rodeheifer moved with her children to McLean Co., Illinois about 1854 where she is buried.

Alley Blackford

Zimmer, Simon Peter

Washington Co Md, pre 1835



Simon Peter ZIMMER m. 1)Nancy PONSER, 1835 in Shen. Co. and
m. 2) Edith RIDENOUR in 1860 in Shen. Co.

Simon Peter ZIMMER was born in Washington Co., MD in 1817


GW Zimmerman


Zimmerman, John

PA in the middle 1700's



John Zimmerman came from PA and married Barbara Gochenour in Shenandoah Co. in 1786. Was on tax lists until 1798 when the family moved, unknown destination, finaly to Columbiana Co., OH




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