From Whence They Came

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Please do not use this guest book for anything other than listing your ancestor's previous location and where they removed to.

UPDATE: All postings made prior to March 27, 2003 are now in alphabetical order (using ancestor's name) and can be found here: From Whence They Came - Indexed in Alpha Order of Ancestors' Surnames

All queries placed on this page have been deleted from the postings. This is not a query board. It is for showing ancestral migrations.

  • 1 - Name of ancestor and spouse
  • 2 - Location of residence before entering Shenandoah County
  • 3 - If they removed, place of new residence
  • 4 - Dates of arrival and departure
  • 5 - You may also add birth dates, marriage dates
  • and any other important info but please don't write a book.

    From Whence They Came

    Shenandoah Ancestor:

    From where, what time period?:

    Did ancestor remove or remain in Shenandoah County?:


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    Updated April 12, 2006