The History of Oranda School
Information and photo courtesy of Monty Loving

Oranda School

Oranda School

The oldest records of the Oranda school are from 1908-1909, but the school was in existence prior to this. Grace M. Yates was a teacher there during this time. The school was first a one room school with 36 students from around Oranda attending. Miss Yates received $30 a month for her salary. One of the familiar names on the old roll of students was Mr. Boyd Stickley, who was 11 years old at the time.

The 1912-1913 Records indicate the school had one room that was built in 1908 at a value of $800. School was held for only 6 months that year.

Other teachers serving at the Oranda school were:

1913-1914    Elizabeth Armentrout  Note: Records indicate that students only went to school 4 Ĺ months because the average student was not vaccinated.

1914-1915    Miss Mary Riddell  Miss Riddell taught for two years at Oranda. She received $30 a month in salary. In 1915, a new school was built with two rooms. Miss Riddell stated in her report that she had trouble getting textbooks and found that the pupils were not as advanced as they would have been otherwise if they had gotten some drawing or copy books.

1916-1917    Vernie M. Strosnider Snyder  

1917-1918    Martha Pifer  School was delayed in starting 3 months because of diphtheria.

1918-1919    Stella Sonner Mitchell  taught the upper grades and Addie Sonner taught the lower grades. The reports indicate that the toilets were listed as unsanitary.

1919-1920    teachers were Eva Fisher and May Neal Good.

1920-1922    Elsie Jarrett Beeler and Florence Keller. Mrs. Beeler received $75 a month salary.

1922-1923    Mary Brumback and Eva Fisher.

1923-1924    Mary Brumback, Wenonah Saum Collins and Mrs. Pearl Lake. A third room was added to the school.

1924-1925    Wenonah Saum, Mrs. Pearl Lake and Lucille Zirkle.

1925-1926, 1926-1927    Mary Brumback, Marguerite Miller and Lucille Zirkle.

1927-1929    Lucille Will Zirkle, Marguerite Miller and Mrs. Mabel Orndorff Miller.  This was Mrs. Mabelís first of 9 years she spent teaching at Oranda.

No records for 1929-1930.

1930-1931    Mrs. Mabel Miller, Marguerite Miller and Miss Frances Hoover.

1931-1932    teachers were Frances Hoover and Mrs. Mabel Orndorff Miller.

1932-1933    Mrs. Mabel Miller and Kathryn Funk McCord.

1933-1936    Mrs. Mabel Miller and Dorothy Keller. Mrs. Keller taught at Oranda 10 years.

1936-1937    Dorothy Keller and Lorena Emmart Orndorff.

1937-1939    Dorothy Keller and Mary Louise Brumback.

1939-1941    Dorothy Keller and Bernice Orndorff.

1941-1943    Dorothy Keller and Kathleen Hockman.

1943-1944    Kathleen Hockman and Madeline Bauserman. Mrs. Bauserman had 38 students in grades 1, 2, and 3.

1944-1945    Mrs. Pearl Lake, Mrs. Lesta Beeler. Mrs. Beeler taught grades 5, 6, and 7 with 23 students. The records show that this was the last year for 7th grade at Oranda.

1945-1946    records missing.

1946-1949    Clara Keller (deceased) and Mrs. Pearl Lake.

1949-1952    Mrs. Pearl Lake and Miss Tilmer Stickley. Miss Tilmer had her first teaching job at Oranda and stayed there till it closed. Note: Miss Tilmer said that one of her students Jimmy Neff, had a lot of trouble whispering.

1952-1954    Mrs. Louise Hockman, Miss Tillmer Stickley.

1954-1956    Ethyl P. Johnson, Miss Tillmer Stickley.

1956-1957    Mrs. Sophia M. Zea, Miss Tillmer Stickley.

1957-1959    Mrs. Frances Zea and Miss Tillmer Stickley were the last teachers at the Oranda school.

Photo and information courtesy Monty Loving.

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