The Addison Munch Home

Location: Powell's Fort Valley at Dry Run, Virginia

Built: circa 1840


Daniel Munch married a daughter of John Ritenour, who heired the land, which was formerly a Fairfax Grant.

William Ritenour married a daughter of Addison Munch, who built this house, and in the division of lands, 9 Jan 1909, lot #2, upon which the house stands, was assigned to Ida Ritenour and William Ritenour, her husband.

Physical Description

This three and one half story plain weatherboarded log house is rectangular in shape with a gabled metal roof with one brick and one stone outside chimney. There are twelve windows with twelve 10x12 panes upstairs and fifteen 8x10 panes downstairs; there are no shutters.

There is a two-story high front porch with thirteen steps leading to it. It has square posts and balusters and wide overhead boards for a ceiling. The entrances are two front doors of long vertical panels.

There are six large rooms with eight and one half foot ceilings. There is one concealed stairway from the front room with a batten door with a latch. This house has a large basement once used for cooking with a large fireplace and long, plain mantel. The floor is of wide boards. The doors are two vertical panels of heavy pine with outside iron hinges and locks. The walls are paneled wainscoting, papered. The floors are of wide irregular boards.

This long house stands on a hillside facing the road, with a picket fence between it and the road. Long steps lead up to the front porch with an old style gate at the top of the steps. A large stone chimney is at one end of the house, and the roof is steep.

Historical significance

This home is near Dry Run Schoolhouse, which was a little log building in which Addison Munch taught before and during the Civil War.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created September 28 2001