The Abraham Funkhouser Home (2)

Location: From Mt. Jackson, Virginia, go out Orkney Grade to the first road north after leaving the double "S".

Built: unknown

Owner: Abraham Funkhouser

Physical Description

This two-story "ell" shaped, house has a shingle covered roof that originally had a large rock chimney, but it has since been removed and the fireplace boarded up. There are ten windows; some with twelve and some with nine 8x10 panes. There was a one-story porch at the front of the house which has also been removed; only a few pieces of the old framing remains. The front entrance door is a plain batten type door. Weatherboarding was used on part of the house up near the roof.

The interior consists of five rooms, two of which are large and three are small. The ceiling height is eight feet and the walls are finished with wide boards of natural color. There are two stairways here; one from the first to the second floor which is enclosed, and a narrow stairway leading to the small attic. Some doors in the house are made of wide pine boards, with grooved cross-pieces nailed on with iron nails. The hinges are iron and butt type. There are some iron latches, hand made, and some are made of wood reinforced with iron. One lock is a long piece of wood with holes through it. A moon-shaped piece of iron serves as a key for this lock. Floors in this house are of wide boards with square nails.

There is a corn-crib, smokehouse and spring house still standing (1937); all are made of logs and covered with shingles.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created September 29 2001