The Abraham Funkhouser Home (3)

Location: One quarter mile north of Basye, Virginia, on Stony Creek.

Built: circa 1820


Abraham Funkhouser came to America from Germany. No deeds or land grants have been found in his name.

1 Dec 1888: Abraham Funkhouser's heirs sold to Isaac B. Funkhouser the land owned by Abraham at his death for $350.00. Deed Book 3, page 209

Sarah C. Funkhouser sold her right, title and interest to H.H. Biller for $30.00 and "was only allowed to keep twelve chickens at one time on the farm, and just enough down wood for fuel." Deed Book 81, page 224

1 Jun 1928: Clara A. and J.A. Lantz' division of lands. Deed Book 101, page 402

Physical Description

This two-story log "ell" shaped house has a hipped, shingled roof. There are eight windows with twelve 6x8 panes and no shutters. There is an enclosed porch between the house and the kitchen. The entrance is a plain door with lights overhead.

There is one large room and four small rooms with eight foot ceilings. The doors have been removed, with the exception of the front door, but were plain pine four-paneled cross doors; plain iron hand made hinges and a wood lock are on the front door. The walls are daubed log and the floors are made of wide pine boards. A fireplace has been removed and the opening boarded up, therefore no chimneys exist.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created September 29 2001