The Abraham Funkhouser Place (4)

Location: A few yards east of Basye, about one half mile away from, and on the east side of the road, along Stony Creek on Route 723.

Built: circa 1820


Other deeds are thought to be in Frederick County

22 Oct 1861: In plat and division of Magdaline Zehring, widow of John Zehring, deceased, her dower in lands of which her husband died, seized and possessed. Deed Book 7, page 27

12 May 1890: Mathias Zehring in his will devised to Sarah C. Funkhouser, his daughter. Deed Book 22, page 343

29 Jan 1925: Truman H. Funkhouser and Annie V., his wife, and Sarah C. Funkhouser and Philip W. Funkhouser, her husband conveyed to C.M. Shannon, trustee. Deed Book 92, page 346

29 Sep 1931: L.Z. Tate and Agnes V., his wife, conveyed to Earl Robinson, trustee (to secure payment to S.V. Robinson). Deed Book 109, page 278

16 Oct 1933: Earl Robinson, trustee, sold to R.T. Brown. Deed Book 17, page 359

Physical Description

This house is built of well-preserved logs. The front door had a wooden lock with iron bands at each end, which was made with double cross panels; some of the other doors were made in the same manner, others were plain boards.

The roof was shingled and is still (1937) in good shape; the condition of the wood work of the whole house was excellent; there was no sign of rot or worms anywhere. Several of the floor boards had been removed at some recent date which showed the excellent condition of the sills, etc. This house has the same appearance as some of the more recent semi-bungalows when viewed from the outside. The original plaster between the logs is also in good shape.

Historical Significance

This house is said to have been built by Abraham Funkhouser for his bride when he was about fifteen years old. The date of its erection was in 1815 or 1820.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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