The Allie Zirkle House

Location: One half mile northeast off Orkney Grade, Virginia, at Tan Yard

Built: circa 1779-1780


29 Apr 1854: Jacob Lutz sold to Alexander Lutz mansion house &c, it being a part of a larger tract patented to Henry Helkner in 1779 an commonly called the "Jacob Lutz Farm." Deed Book 2, page 25

Probated 12 Jan 1891: Alexander Lutz, dec'd., in his last will and testament bequeathed to his daughter, Virginia funk, and to her children that half of the home farm upon which the dwelling is situated. Made 20 May 1886. Will Book 23, page 25

31 Aug 1898: Virginia Funk, widow of Lycurgus A. Funk, Warren Alexander Funk and Otto May Fisher, wife of John S. Fisher, the only children of Virginia A. Funk, sold to Otis O. Zirkle. Deed Book 49, page 239

26 Sep 1898: Otis O. Zirkle and Malinda F., his wife, sold to James A. Zirkle. Deed Book 49, page 245

Probated 8 Jul 1912: James A. Zirkle in his last will and testament bequeathed to his son Allie. Made 6 may 1911. Will Book 31, page 23

Physical Description

This is a two and one half story "ell" shaped log house a slate roof and two stone chimneys topped with brick, one at each end of the house. The weatherboarding is plain. There are eighteen windows, some having two panes 16x18, and others fifteen panes 6x8. The shutters have stationary slats. There is a porch across the front and also on the ell. The front door has a six-pane transom.

There are eight rooms and the ceiling is 8' 10" high. The enclosed staircase has triangular steps on the turns. The cellar is walled with rock. The doors are two, four or six-panel.

The walls are papered or painted. There is also a wainscot, which, in the hall, has a middle board two feet wide. The locks and hinges are not original. The floors are of wide boards. The mantels have beaded panel trim and step designs. In the parlor the side of the fireplace trim has beaded columns.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 5 2001