The Abraham Neff Home

Location: Three miles south of Mt. Jackson on Shenandoah Caverns Road.

Built: circa 1800


8 Aug 1814: Christian Neff, Sr., bequeathed to his son, Abraham, all his land and plantation whereon he lived. Will Book I, page 93

5 Dec 1887: Appraisement of property of Abraham Neff (died 1885), Feb. 26, 1886. Sale of property. Will Book 22, page 66-67

Whereas Abraham Neff died intestate -- the said real estate descended to his ten children. Feb. 24, 1896 a deed of partition was made -- E.A. Neff and Mary E. Neff to hold jointly that portion designated as lots #1 and #2 (known as the homeplace).

Physical Description

This is a two and one half story, ell-shaped log house with gabled, metal roof and two inside brick chimneys. The house is planked up and down from the ground to the roof with narrow strips over seams. There are nineteen windows with twelve 8x10 panes. The one-story front porch has railing and a gate, with a hipped roof and there is a two-story back porch. The entrance is a two-panel door with four-pane transom.

There are ten large rooms with a ceiling height of nine feet below and seven feet above. There are three enclosed staircases. The cellar consists of two rooms with a dirt floor and a large fireplace. The pine doors are either two-panel or the batten type with iron latches. The walls are papered and there is a three-foot paneled wainscot. The doors have common hinges and old iron outside locks.

Historical significance

The Neff family is German of Swiss descent and were large land owners. A plat on page 5, Deed Book G shows a division of lands April 1786 of Dr. John Henry Neff, dec'd, among his sons, John, Francis, Abraham, Jacob, Christian and son-in-law, Jacob Baughman, from which appears that Dr. John Henry Neff had obtained grants from Lord Fairfax in 1750 and 1756 of about 875 acres.

In Will Book H, Feb. 5, 1812, Abraham Neff bequeathed to his nephew, Christian Neff, who was son of his brother, Christian, all the land and plantation whereon he lived. This land was willed to him by his father, John Henry Neff. This plantation is all rich farming lands and has been owned by the Neffs from the time of the earliest settlers.

Col. John Francis Neff commanded the 33rd Regiment, Stonewall Brigade, from May 1, 1862 to August 28, 1862. It is said that he was the youngest regimental commander of the Stonewall Brigade. He was killed August 28, 1862 at Second Manassas.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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