Golden Gates or Artz Mill, Strasburg, Virginia

Golden Gates (aka Artz) Mill

Location: Southwest edge of Strasburg, on Route 11

Built: 1804


Anthony Spengler built and owned this mill in 1804. It them passed to his heirs, James, Matthew, Abe, Lucy and ---- Spengler, who owned the mill until about 1875, when Mr. J.M. Ramey became the owner. In March 1904, Mr. M.L. Artz bought it of J.M. Ramey.

Physical Description

This old stone mill is quite picturesque; it is built of irregular stones with outside water wheel, and batten doors. It stands on the edge of the highway, where loads can be served from the wide batten door conveniently. In the mill pit are large timbers 18x30 inches and 40 feet long, which were hewn, planed and beaded by hand.

Historical Significance

Sheridan fired this mill, but it was put out and then used for a fort for awhile. John K. Ludwig operated this mill after the Civil War. It continued as a mill until 1933 and is (1937) still in good condition to operate, although in need of repair.

The wheat was ground on a burr and conveyed to the upper floor in a five bushel barrel which can still be seen, then distributed to the hopper-boy and then to the bolting cloth.

The old wooden wheel killed Obed Bird, a Negro who was lifting the pinion out of the burr while the water was on the wheel.

The cellar or ground floor is now (1937) used as a cider press.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

Photo contributed by Jim Artz.

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