The Abraham Smoot Home

Location: Approximately four miles west of Woodstock, Virginia on Route 604, on the north side of the road.

Built: circa 1800


26 Oct 1784: Christian Stover, son of Jacob Stover dec'd., sold to Mathias Smoot 425 acres of land, being the same land which was granted to the said Jacob Stover, dec'd. by deed from the Proprietor's Office May 29, 1761. Jacob Stover, dec'd. died intestate and the above tract of land descended to Christian Stover, he being the eldest son and heir at law. Deed Book E, page 110

Probated 8 Sep 1800: Mathias Smoot, dec'd., in his will gave to his son, Abraham, 210 acres of land, and to his son, Mathias Smoot, 215 acres of land. Made June 24, 1800. Will Book X, page 470

Feb 1860: Mathias Smoot, dec'd., in division of land assigned lot #4 with all improvements to his son, William H. Smoot. Deed Book 6, page 245

1 Feb 1882: William H. Smoot sold to Turner A. Smoot. Deed Book 34, page 110

5 Apr 1890: T.A. Smoot and Viola J. Smoot sold to Samuel J. Smoot, dwelling house, barn, etc. Deed Book 34, page 110

2 Jan 1905: M. L. Walton, Spl. Comm., sold to W.A. Sager (Chancery cause T.A. Smoot, et al, vs. S.J. Smoot's Admr. et al.) Deed Book 62, page 96

22 May 1906: E.D. Newman, Spl. Comm. sold to George L. Sager. (Chancery cause of Silas Sager vs. W.A. Sager's Administrator.) Deed Book 78, page 441

Physical Description

This two and one half story Log "ell" shaped home has a metal gabled roof and three inside brick chimneys. There are twenty two windows, some with four 15x22 panes and some with twelve 10x12 panes. There is a porch in the "ell" of the house, which is the front, with square posts.

On the interior, there are ten small rooms with eight and one half foot ceilings. There is a cellar under part of the house, with an old broken concrete floor.

Historical Significance

Part of a grant from Lord Fairfax.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 3 2001