The Abraham Strickler, or S.J. Bauserman Home

Location: Three miles east of Maurertown, Virginia, on Route 654.

Built: 1800


5 Nov 1805: Daniel Stover, one of the children and heirs of David Stover, dec'd., and Magdalene, his wife, sold to Jacob Huddle. Deed Book O, page 532

26 May 1813: David Stover, one of the children and heirs of David Stover, dec'd., sold to Jacob Huddle. Deed Book U, page 226

26 Mar 1845: Barbara Huddle, widow of Jacob Huddle, Abraham Hockman and Catharine, his wife, Abraham Crabill and Rebecca, his wife, Christian Forrer and Sarah, his wife, Amos Crabill and Barbara, his wife, sold to Abraham Strickler, 450 acres. Deed Book VV, page 55

13 Sep 1869: Abraham Strickler, Sr., martin Strickler, William Headly, Wm. Bauserman and Barbara Ann, his wife, John H. Bauserman and Rebecca, his wife, and Jacob Strickler sold to Abraham Strickler, Jr. Deed Book 9, page 308

11 Apr 1871: Abraham Strickler, Jr., sold to Abraham Strickler, Sr. Deed Book 10, page 247

9 Oct 1871: Abraham Strickler, Sr., sold to Wm. H. Bauserman. Deed Book 10, page 426

5 Feb 1907: Wm. H. Bauserman and Virginia, his wife, sold to Samuel J. Bauserman. Deed Book 66, page 393

5 Feb 1932: List of heirs of Samuel J. Bauserman, dec'd., are as follows: Nannie F. Bauserman, widow; Harold S. Bauserman, son; and Doris E. Bauserman, daughter. Will Book 37, page 394

4 Apr 1935: Nannie F. Bauserman and Doris E. Bagwell and Harry J. Bagwell, her husband, sold to Harold S. Bauserman and Althea, his wife. Deed Book 116, page 162

Physical Description

This is a two and one half story stone house with a log "ell" and a metal gabled roof. There is one inside stone chimney and ten windows with twelve 8x10 panes. There is a full-length porch with railings and square posts. The entrance is a heavy, six-panel, two cross door with an iron bar hinge.

There are four large rooms and the ceiling height is nine feet. There is a concealed winding stairway with two steps leading to the door which has an iron latch. The doors are either six panel, two cross, or the batten type, with iron bar hinges and outside iron locks. The walls are plastered and whitewashed. The floors are made of wide, heavy pine boards. There is one narrow plain mantel. The large one-room basement has a brick floor and a wide fireplace.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 4 2001