The Bob Fry Home

Location: On Crooked Run, half a mile west of Cryder's Shed on Route 720

Built: 1854 or 1855


"The 16th day of ... 1833": Mary Romick sold to George Hammond for $250.00, a certain tract of land on Crooked Run, it being her share of the land of Michael Romick, dec'd., containing 34 acres. Deed Book NN, page 270

15 Apr 1834: John Overhaker and Barbara, his wife, late Barbara Romick, one of the children and heirs of Michael Romick, dec'd., sold to George Hammon for $250.00 current money of U.S. lot #5 which was her share of Michael Romick's land containing 22 acres. Deed Book NN, page 271

5 Jun 1834: Rachel Romick of Champaign County, Ohio, being one of the heirs of Michael Romick, dec'd., of Shenandoah County, Virginia, sold her share of land to George Hammon for $250.00, it being lot #6 containing all houses, buildings, orchardways, water courses, waters, property commodities, etc. to said premises. Deed Book OO, page 23

13 Dec 1835: Samuel Romick and Bethsaida, his wife, sold to George Hammon for $250.00 their part of the 211 acres of which Michael Romick died seized and possessed of, which is lot #4, containing 26 acres. Deed Book PP, page 114

16 Feb 1839: Mary Romick sold to George Hammon for $300.00 lot #1 of the Michael Romick div. containing 16 acres, it being part of the tract of land conveyed to Mary Romick by Jacob Sypher (sic) and Nancy his wife, Sep. 16, 1833. Deed Book RR, page 118

9 Apr 1840: Israel Romick, one of the children and heirs of Michael Romick, dec'd. sold his share to George Hammon for $325.00. Deed Book RR, page 534

28 Jan 1854: George Hammond and Lydia, his wife, sold to Jacob Hammond for $2,700.00 current money of the United States, land known as teh Romick tract, containing 177 1/4 acres more or less. Deed Book 2, page 247

28 Oct 1855: Abraham Romick and Elenor (sic) his wife, of Champaign County, Ohio, sold to George Hammon of Shenandoah County, Virginia, for $300.00, their share of the Michael Romick property known as lot #3, containing 12 acres. Deed Book PP, page 116

1 Mar 1866: Jacob Hammon and Louisa, his wife, sold to Moses Fry for $4,900.00, payable according to deed, 177 1/4 acres land know as the Romick tract. Deed Book 7, page 419

31 Jul 1900: Moses Fry willed to Robert M. Fry the southern portion of his land on which buildings are designated on plat as lot #1, Oct. 12 1899, containing 71 acres, & 13 square poles. Moses Fry died 4 Nov 1905 and Robert took possession 17 Apr 1906. Deed Book 28, page 114

4 Jan 1905: Charles Fansler sold to Robert Fry, his share of Moses Fry's land by will, five acres for $200.00. Deed Book 69, page 166

The house that stood in 1937 was built by Jacob Hammond after his purchase in January 1854, and was finished a year before the Civil War according to his descendants.

Physical Description

The Bob Fry Home is a two and one half story "ell" shaped frame structure with a metal roof and three chimneys, located on the ends and in the center. It has twenty two windows with fifteen 10x12 panes and solid slat shutters. There is a single story porch across the front and the south side of the "ell".

The house has eight large and two small rooms with twelve and eight foot ceilings. There is one stairway, with one flight to a landing then branching in two different directions. Under the kitchen is a very small, stone-walled cellar. The floors are six inch boards with square iron nails.

Historical significance

Joseph Hammon told the story of living in this house when the Yankees ransacked it, one of them finding a pair of gloves that had been given to Josephine by a boyfriend. In the tussel for the gloves, she pushed the Yankee down the stairs, but succeeded in obtaining the gloves.

Moses Fry is listed in Wayland's History of Shenandoah County as a carpenter, having helped build several churches in the community.

George Hammon was an Elder of Solomon's Church, in Forestville, being installed previous to 18 Nov 1832, and continued for some time.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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