The Calloway Home and Graveyard

Location: Three miles west of New Market, 300 yards from the old New Market dirt road.

Built: circa 1860


Dr. Calloway bought this farm from the Cabells in 1823.

Physical Description

This house is built back in the woods. It is a large frame house.

Old cabins in the yard are still standing and other old chimneys.

An old flower garden remains with great quantities of boxwood, planted years ago. The farm contains over twelve hundred acres of land.

Below this house, on the creek, was an old grist mill. There is no sign of this mill now.

Historical Significance

This was a big slave far, only one of the old slaves now living (1937) that were raised here, this is Susan Jones, she was born and raised here.

Not far from the house is the graveyard. There are no markers to the graves, but it is presumed that the Calloways are buried here. There are ten or twelve graves. Not far is the colored graveyard, all grown up.

Source: Virginia W.P.A. Historical Inventory Project, 1937

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Created October 15 2001